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According to Repimg, Supernatural Episode 9.10 will be called “Road Trip” and is set to air on Tuesday, January 14 2014 ending the mid season hiatus.
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Episode Description:

 DEAN’S BEST CHANCE OF SAVING SAM LIES WITH CROWLEY — Dean (Jensen Ackles) is devastated after Kevin’s death and vows to find the angel that killed him, not only to free Sam (Jared Padalecki), but to seek revenge. Castiel (Misha Collins) arrives at the bunker and suggests they try to separate Sam’s brain from the angel’s so they can talk to Sam and have him expel Gadreel. However, there’s one small problem: the only person who knows how to do that is Crowley (Mark Sheppard).

Robert Singer directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (910).


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, is Kevin’s death going to stick?
JEREMY CARVER: I know it’s going to hurt. And it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Kevin. With any luck, being Supernatural, there will be a way to perhaps see him sometime down the line, but it’s with a very heavy heart that we see Kevin be murdered.

Talk to me about the decision to do this and how it propels the characters’ arcs going forward.
We were saying from the beginning of the season that Dean has made two very big decisions here. One was at the end of last season when he convinced Sam to close the gates of hell and the beginning of this season making the decision to essentially trick Sam into accepting the angel Ezekiel — who was actually the angel Gadreel. But he made these two crucial decisions that affected the boys’ mythology and to watch particularly the second one turn into a heartbreaking failure is really what’s going to be driving Dean from here on out in the season, starting with he’s going to do whatever it takes to track down this angel and eject him from Sam. And that’s going to lead him to making alliances that he never thought he’d be forced to make. But he’ll do anything, basically, to try to right what he, I guess, considers one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made.

How does Dean deal with it emotionally? They were best buddies and he was extremely broken up about it at the end.
It really does break him up — frankly, as it did us. Kevin has become a really beloved character on this show and like I said, it’s with a heavy heart that we did this but sometimes you have to go where the story goes. And Dean finds himself, I think, a bit unmoored by this with really no one but himself to blame. And as we know, Dean’s go-to is blaming himself anyway. And the fact that he’s right this time, hits him hard. And I think we’ll find him struggling with this for quite a few episodes. Now, I think things get serious, tense, sad and people get angry. But I don’t think in any shape or form that things get mired in sadness. It’s not like we’ve thrown a 600-pound weight on this. Things are kept moving and brisk. You can throw a pity party all you’d like but there’s always a monster around the corner waiting to be killed. The last thing we’re going to do is, whether he wants to or not, no one is going to get a chance to drown his sorrows. That’s where the unlikely alliances come in and people pulling Dean out of this come into play. They keep things moving and keep it interesting, compelling.

At the end of the episode, Gadreel takes off in Sam’s body. So are we going to see Sam’s body and Dean go their separate ways?
That’s a little tricky in that we have people on different paths. We’ve got Sam who’s being possessed and essentially taken over by Gadreel, an angel who’s done this horrible thing. And we’re going to reveal that Gadreel is more complex than we even may have presented him now….I think we’re going to see Gadreel put through his pieces a bit more by Metatron in terms of going down a dark path.

I think Jared has done a wonderful job playing the role and I think the real fun thing we find in episode nine that Jared hasn’t just been playing two roles, he has, in essence, been playing three. So that’s a lot of fun to see this other side come out as well. And Jensen has done a wonderful job playing against this. So that’s really what driving the mythology of the boys when we come back.

Castiel has his powers back. Tell me about what’s next for him.
You’re going to see that Castiel, now an angel, is going to find himself in this angelic frame more than ever and this might be a little bit of a case of be careful what you wish for. Now that he’s an angel again, he’s going to have to find his place in this angelic battle, and it may not be the place he imagined for himself, which is going to confront him with some choices he perhaps never thought he’d have to make. So he’s right back in the fire, as it were.

I have to ask about splitting the guys up. That’s something that’s always met with some mixed reactions. Can you talk a little bit about why that was something you wanted to do at this point and how long that will be the case?
We frankly go where the story takes us and the story is about two brothers who go hunting monsters in their Impala — no one is more aware of that than we are. So in the same way that some folks may have been complaining that Castiel was apart from the boys when he was human, I like to think he’s gone on a pretty interesting journey. So to cut right to it, the boys might be apart but they’re not apart that long. We’re invested in good story but we’re also not crazy.
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The tragic events of the fall finale will be “a crushing blow to Dean,” who makes it his mission to “do whatever it takes to track down Gadreel and eject him from Sam,” executive producer Jeremy Carver previews. That quest will lead the elder Winchester to make “less savory alliances.” Speaking of partnerships: Gadreel discovers that “getting Metatron’s ultimate approval is probably going to be a harder journey than even what we’ve seen so far.” Elsewhere, Cas, with his grace intact, finds “himself in the angelic fray more than ever and at a point of decision he never considered a few short months ago,” teases Carver. “It’s going to be a little of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for [situation].” Bonus: Look for the return of “a good handful” of “beloved” characters who come in “for all different reasons.”
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