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The name os this episode is “War of the Worlds”.


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Episode Description:

THE RACE IS ON TO FIND JACK – As Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) continue their search for Jack (Alexander Calvert), with Asmodeus (guest star Jeffrey Vincent Parise) hot on their trail, they stumble across a familiar foe. Meanwhile, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) manages to escape Michael’s (guest star Christian Keyes) grasp and finds himself an unlikely and mostly unwilling ally.

The episode directed by Richard Speight, Jr. was written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming (#1307). Original airdate 11/23/2017.



Spoiler Summary
Totally thanks to ibelieveinthelittletreetopper

  • S. E. Hinton was on set and posted pictures from shooting inside the bunker and pics with Alex, and j2 and also pictures with Mark P. at a house set.
  • Christian (Michael) filmed for only one day.
  • There will be a scene in a hell/throne room looking place (x)
  • There will be a scene at a bar (possibly the same as we see Asmodeus in 13×02)
  • Mark Pellegrino and Misha filmed a scene at a gateway to heaven, but they are not allowed in there.
  • The is a fight with angels.
  • Jensen filmed a scene running out of a bar chasing a guy on a motorcycle and shooting at him.
  • Mark Pellegrino was spotted filming (x)
  • Misha has been on set in his newer Cas trenchcoat
  • Misha mentioned at MinnCon that he will be in the next episode Richard directs. (x)
  • Source on Richard directing: (x)


(Not confirmed if it’s in this episode)

Supernatural: Misha Collins previews Castiel’s ‘deal with the devil’

So far, we know that Supernatural fans will first see Castiel in episode 3. And we know that he’ll be reunited with the Winchesters (and Jack) by episode 6. But that won’t be the only reunion awaiting Castiel in season 13.
“There’s some stuff where he’s interacting with Lucifer quite a bit,” co-showrunner Robert Singer tells EW. Whether that means Castiel is in the apocalypse world or something else altogether, the angel is going to come face-to-face with the man who (most recently) killed him. “When we find Cas and Lucifer together, he says, ‘I’m a little on edge because the last time we were together you killed me,’” Collins teases.
But once the two get past their differences — to put it lightly — the interaction will serve a crucial purpose in terms of story. In this case, it’s what Collins says is “literally a deal with the devil.” According to Collins, the two are going to work together toward a common goal. “It’s Jack-related stuff,” Collins adds.
Source: EW


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