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The name os this episode is “Patience”.


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Spoiler Summary
Totally thanks to ibelieveinthelittletreetopper
  • No Mary or Apocalypse World.
  • Sam and Dean go talk to a witness and make Jack wait in the car.
  • Sam, Dean and Jack walk up into a house with a sign for “Vallens family therapy” (probably investigating the case, not getting therapy…)
  • A scene was filmed at night in a graveyard, possibly a salt and burn, so the MotW may be a ghost or seem to be.
  • The boys filmed scenes outside the Madison Police location/correctional facility in their fed suits. Jack was present.
  • A scene was filmed where Jack brings Sam and Dean hot dogs and Dean eats messily while discussing the case.
  • Part of of the episode will take place in Dane County, WI (x) – Madison specifically (x)
  • We will see Cas is another realm that’s been discussed but never mentioned, interacting with another ‘newish” character played by a “handsome” actor (most likely Misha himself).  Misha has read scripts that have Cas elements that will be challenging.
  • Minneapolis convention occurred during filming (8/25-27)





Episode Schedule

Thu, Oct 12 13.01 - Lost and Found - Premiere
Thu, Oct 19 13.02 - Rising Son
Thu, Oct 26 13.03 - Patience
Thu, Nov 2 13.04 - The Big Empty
Thu, Nov 9 13.05 - Advanced Thanatology
Thu, Nov 16 13.06 - Tombstone

* This Schedule might change as new info come.

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