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The Title of the episode 12.12 is “Stuck in the Middle (With You)“.

Writer: Davy Perez
Director: Richard Speight Jr.


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For those Supernatural fans who are always wanting more Castiel, we’ve got good news. Season 12 is going to give you a bit more about Castiel’s (Misha Collins) past. After all, he’s an angel, so there’s a lot of history to work with.

When talking about his approach to season 12, new showrunner — but longtime writer — Andrew Dabb tells EW that coming off a story as big as God and his sister in season 11, this year is a bit more personal. “It’s about telling smaller stories that impact more of our characters,” Dabb says. “For example, this year, especially toward the middle of the season, we’re using Castiel in stand-alone episodes in a way that he hasn’t been used in a long time.”

Referencing episode 12, Dabb says, “That’s very heavily about Castiel and the journey he’s been on, some things from his past that we’re not aware of are getting brought to light.”
Source: EW


Without giving away spoilers, what can you tell us about the next Supernatural episode you wrote?

“I can say that the next episode is inspired by the kinds of films that I love particularly one director. I think when you watch the episode you’ll get right away which director that was. It’s going to be an episode I think people won’t want to miss because I have a feeling that the things that will occur will resonate. I can’t say too much about it but stuff happens. It’s a hybrid episode (stand alone and current mythology). It’s definitely impacts the season as a whole but there’s a self contained story there. Much like my last episode, there will be things that if you watched Supernatural throughout the years, you’ll know the meaning of them and if you’re new to Supernatural, you will also get the meaning and the impact that something like this could happen. It’s going to be Episode 12, one of the episodes after our mid season break. It’s one that I’m particularly proud of and I hope that the fans enjoy it.”


At SF Con this past weekend there weren’t very many spoilers for upcoming Supernatural episodes, but Misha shared some details about filming episode 12 with us that seemed promising.

Richard Speight is directing this episode and he began by telling Misha that he would be crawling off from a stretch of road and an oncoming car or truck. At first he told Misha that he’d be nowhere near the oncoming car, but as the shooting progressed, Rich changed his mind or forgot to call cut. Misha seemed to think he was being a dick (haha).

Misha said that Castiel was injured, thus the crawling away. So what I’m getting from this is that Cas is involved in a fight and it involves someone trying to run him down.

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