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According to Andreas_ri, from livejournal, the episode 7.23, Season Finale, will the called “Get Dick”.
Thanks to Lere for the info.

The Title was changed to: “Survival Of The Fittest
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The CW announced date of Supernatural Season 7 Finale.
The Season Finale – Episode 7.23 – will air on May 18th 2012 at 9pm.
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Episode Description:

SAM AND DEAN STORM SUCROCORP TO TAKE DOWN DICK ROMAN — Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) prepare for battle with Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart). Dick’s in the final phase of his plan and the Winchesters must team up with Castiel (guest star Misha Collins), Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver), Meg (guest star Rachel Miner) and Kevin (guest star Osric Chau), the prophet, to stop him. However, Dick is one of the smartest enemies they’ve ever faced so it’s a mind game to see who can keep the upper hand.

Robert Singer directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.


Sam and Dean come face to face with Dick Roman, the billionaire who’s now the host for the head Leviathan. It will be a David vs. Goliath scenario, as the brothers have to rely on one another since they have limited resources and allies this season. We’ll also see at least one Leviathan get all toothy-mouthed, and the brothers will deal with tying up personal loose ends while reflecting on Bobby’s emotional influence.
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What to Expect | The episode is titled “Survival of the Fittest,” and it will take truly the best to save mankind. In order to stop the final phase of Dick Roman’s plan, Dean and Sam team with some old and new friends, including Castiel, Meg, Bobby and newcomer Kevin the prophet. As the two sides engage in a mind game to try to outsmart each other, expect plenty of surprise twists and a cliffhanger ending that leaves two fan faves in a very unexpected place.
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I asked Gamble if she was hoping the Winchester brothers enter a potential season 8 with a clean slate, starting to rebuild their lives, etc. or if we should still expect them to be down and still at risk to lose everything, and she explained it wouldn’t quite be either option.
“The show SUPERNATURAL is about both,” Gamble said. “It’s about Sam and Dean doing these heroic things and often suffering a lot of loss in the process. And by this point in their lives, seven seasons in…they have really been impacted by what they’ve done. They can’t really stop because…there’s always another version of ‘we’ve got to save things.’ It hasn’t been an easy road for them, and I think we have a really good cliffhanger.”
Ah yes, those pesky little cliffhangers…
“It wouldn’t be SUPERNATURAL if we didn’t leave you what was happening over the hiatus,” Gamble laughed. “So we’re going to leave you on a cliffhanger.”
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Can both of you discuss your character arcs at this point in the season, up until what you’re filming now [episode 20]?
Sam, after being kind of ruined by Misha, has been seeing — or by Castiel, I guess … Freudian slip! [Laughs.]
Ackles: And Misha.
Padalecki: And Misha … No, Sam’s been seeing Lucifer and trying to get himself on track and he kind of re-confronts the reason he ended up in this place in the first place. So Sam has a big breakdown, then once again, in Winchester form, has to kind of come crawling back out. And obviously, it’s not like I get a chance to go off to rehab for 18 months and take care of myself, because Leviathans and Dick Roman are still out there. So it’s kind of straight back into the game, you know … put a brace on and get back on the field. So that’s kind of where Sam is right now, trying to get back in the game. It feels like he’s been distracted all season long by his own issues, but now that we think he’s kind of clean of them, he wants to put his full momentum forward with the task at hand.

And for Dean?
Well, recently, I think some of the episodes that have aired have kind of gotten back to an earlier formula of “Supernatural,” which has been refreshing and nice to kind of get back to those week-to-week monster hunts — though obviously, there’s a sub-lining storyline that we’re still staying true to. As far as Dean goes, obviously he’s dealing with his brother, who is not well, no matter how much of a front he puts on, and [Dean] knows that. And so you pair that with the fact that he’s just lost his second father essentially and he lost a very, very close and valued ally in the beginning of the season. He’s wobbling himself, but there is so much going on right now storyline-wise that I don’t think it’s necessarily … he’s not looking at himself. He’s just trying to make sense of everything that’s going on around him. He’s trying to be strong for his brother. He’s trying to be strong for himself in order to kind of keep moving. At a certain point, there’s going to be breaking point with him. I don’t know when that is, but I assume that it’s inevitable simply because you can’t pent that much up and not have it released at some point. It’s coming to a head and it’d be interesting to see how it breaks.

[Sera Gamble Interview]

Next week’s episode is the return of Castiel, but I hear that he comes back not knowing who he is. How does that affect the dynamic between him and Dean and Sam?
I’ve been trying to answer these questions by saying as little as possible, so be merciful! [Laughs.] The best way to say it is that Dean never thought he would see that face again. So, it’s completely shocking to him to see him and obviously everything kind of unfolds from there. We kind of have an arc in mind for all of this that will kind of take place between this and episode 23. I can’t say very much, but it’ll all make perfect sense when you see it — promise.

The last three episodes are going to feature a teenage prophet of sorts. Is that going to be a similar situation to Chuck (Rob Benedict), or a new spin on the idea?
We expound on the idea. We needed a prophet-like element in that story. As we were talking about it, we just realized that our show’s take on prophets was just really fun and cool and we wanted to introduce a character who is different from Chuck. But what prophets seem to have in common is that becoming a prophet is just the crappiest luck; you don’t choose it, it doesn’t do anything good for you. In the case of Kevin, the prophet that we will meet in episode 21 — which is being directed by Ben Edlund — he’s just a really dedicated high school student. He doesn’t want to get involved in anything. He doesn’t believe in any of this. Because of a series of events, he kind of becomes “activated” as a prophet. So now there’s hunters and there’s demons and there’s angels and all these things in this world. He’s like, “I just want to get a good score on my SATs!”

Have you already started plotting Season 8 and what kind of theme you might be looking at?
Well, we do have a cliffhanger at the end of this season. Several seeds are planted in the last few episodes, especially in episode 23, that could bear fruit in Season 8. We’ve definitely juggled a few things around. We’re hoping to hear something about a pickup, I don’t know. Is Mercury in retrograde right now? I don’t want to say anything that could jinx it. I’ve become like a believer in all religions all at once. I just line up all the talismans and start to believe in everything when we talk about that stuff. [Laughs.]
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Jared said that the Leviathan are such a major threat that he’d be happy to see them play out into next season as well. What are your plans for where their story is going?
Sera Gamble: We definitely heat up the race to figure out how to — we put it on the board as “How to shaft Dick.” [Laughs.] He’s having a lot of that kind of joke in the writer’s room. Even saying that we hope to bring things to a nice climax, everything takes on new resonance when you’re talking about killing Dick! We will have them kind of trying to do everything they can to bring this to a head moving towards episode 23. But obviously, how resolved? That is remains to be seen. We always like to give people a good cliffhanger.
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Is Dean still wholly fixated on his kamikaze quest to take down Dick Roman?
I think so, and there might be slight detours to that with Cas coming back and things around him starting to act very strange and he’s still dealing with his brother; there’s a lot of distractions. Still very focused, yes. Still wants vengeance, yes. Still angry at the world and everything around him, yes. Still numbing his feelings with the whiskey or whatever he can get his hands on … And so I think that, ultimately, it’s got to come to some sort of a climax and I think the show’s been doing very well as far as posing questions and also offering answers to storylines and to characters. And I think that’s an important formula that has made the show successful and it’d be nice to see that. I don’t know if they’re going to make a whole other year out of Leviathans, but I definitely think that there’s a lot of material there to explore. So, whether they choose to go down that route, I don’t know. I don’t get paid to make those decisions!

Sam has a lot on his plate at the moment, but obviously he’s been concerned about Dean’s drinking and his self-destructive tendencies when it comes to Dick Roman. So what are his feelings on how Dean’s coping in the last run of episodes heading into the finale?
Well, I think Sam even makes a reference to it early on when he says to Bobby something to the effect of, “At least I know where my crazy is — it’s kind of under one umbrella.” And especially since Season 4 when he kind of got hooped by Ruby and did’t listen to his brother or listen to anybody along the way, Sam’s tried to be very aware of himself and his issues. And so, I think he feels that he’s admitted to himself his issues and he wants his brother to admit the same. I think he’s worried about his brother, obviously; but he has enough on his plate. These brothers both share the ultimate same objective of kind of killing evil, hunting things. And so we’re able to kind of get back to that and put [their issues] on the back burner. But it’s definitely something stewing and keeping the storyline for Season 7 going strong. Sam’s trying to take care of himself and his brother. His brother right now is kind of trying to take care of everybody else but himself, and so we’ll see where that comes to a head towards the end of the season.
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Robert Singer:
“I will say that I think the end of the season has a satisfying end for the viewers. But like most years, we solve one problem and start another, which is really what we’re doing this year,” he says. “We were really happy with the villain this year — we thought the head Leviathan was a really great villain. He’ll get paid off by the end of the year.”

But will the world be back to normal by season’s end? Or at the very least, will fans get see the much-missed icon on wheels (the Impala) one more time before heading into hiatus? “Could be. I can’t say for sure,” Singer says with a laugh.
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This episode will feature a character called K.Tran who will also appear in Episode 7.22 and 7.23.

In the comments, DarkUFO said:

The role of K. Tran being cast is for either Male or Female. I believe the role is for that of a “teenager” who becomes some sort of profit.
Source: Spoiler-TV


Feddin11: Supernatural please! Not liking this drought.
Later this season there will be a multi-episode arc about an Asian teen who discovers he or she is some kind of prophet. He or she (really, they haven’t determined gender yet) will appear in the three of the final episodes of the season. Who wants to see Harry Shum Jr. in this role? Flex your abs in solidarity!
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Question: We haven’t heard anything in a while on the Supernatural front… got anything newsworthy to dish out? —John
Ausiello: The show is looking to cast a male or female Asian teenager to play a brilliant overachiever whose world “is suddenly turned upside-down when he/she unwittingly becomes a prophet of sorts.” The character will appear in this season’s final three episodes.
Source: TVLine


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