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Thanks to Andreas and Nisha we have the title of the Episode 7.09: Season Seven, Time For a Wedding.


The order changed, so now it’s:

“7.08 – Season 7, Time for a Wedding”

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Official Description:

HERE COMES THE GROOM. PLUS DJ QUALLS GUEST STARS — While on a hunt, Sam (Jared Padalecki) runs into someone from his past and a confrontation ensues. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth (guest star DJ Qualls), when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain.

Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin.


‘Supernatural’ wedding: The groom revealed! Which Winchester is it?

We’ve been teasing “Supernatural” fans for weeks about the impending Winchester wedding. Yes — in next week’s Nov. 11 episode, one of the Winchester boys will be preparing for a walk down the aisle with a returning female character.

Finally, The CW has given us the okay to tell you: It’s Sam (Jared Padalecki) who will be the groom next Friday night.

They’ve asked us to keep the lucky lady under wraps, but we can tell you that it’s a character we’ve seen before, and Sam isn’t marrying her as part of the job — he may be a little misguided, but he believes he’s in it for all the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Dean (Jensen Ackles) has to work a case on his own — we’re guessing Sam is preoccupied with floral arrangements and cufflink choices. Desperate, Dean has to enlist the help of Garth (guest star D.J. Qualls) — and let’s just say Dean wouldn’t choose to have Garth riding shotgun unless absolutely necessary.
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Thanks to EW, we know that episode 7.08, which is almost finished filming in Vancouver, will contain a wedding. We asked if they could share exactly who was going to be getting married, but the boys were mum on any hints. However, Jared did say, “These characters have been going through a lot. We’ve seen Dean in relationships and Sam in relationships. And now it kind of comes out of the blue, but there will be a character who gets married and it is kind of confusing to the other character, but it all spells itself out pretty quickly.” Jared said that he loves the full original title for the episode (“Season 7, Time for a Wedding”) and hopes they keep it. But when he first read about the episode he thought “Who’s getting married? And then I read it and thought ‘what?!’”
There’s a lot of talk as well that season 7 will be “gooey and messy”. Jensen joked “it makes the wedding interesting”.
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Q: So, somebody’s getting married…
Padalecki: Somebody is getting married, that’s right.
Q: What can you tell us about the episode you’re currently shooting?
Ackles: Absolutely nothing! Actually, we just got briefed on the way in here. “Don’t talk about getting married.”
Padalecki: [Laughs] Well, “Don’t say who.” The gist of it is, that these characters have been going through a lot. We’ve seen Dean in relationships. We’ve seen Sam in relationships. And now, it kind of comes out of the blue, but there is going to be a character who gets married, and it’s kind of confusing to the other character, naturally. But it all spells itself out pretty quickly.
Q: The episode title – I don’t know if they’ll stick with the full thing — is awesome. Your show has such great fun with the meta thing, do you love when you see a title like that?
Padalecki: Yeah, absolutely. I don’t know if they kept it. I hope they did, because they danced around with “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” and just “Time for a Wedding!” I just read the title first, because they sent an email with an attachment. “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding.” “Time for a wedding… who’s getting married?!” And I read it and I was like, “What?!” But I guess episode 135, I guess they’re gonna buzz out some tricks on us.
Ackles: Yeah. Endless curveballs.
Q: When we talked to the producers, they said this episode would be gooey and messy. How are you feeling about that?
Ackles: Well, it makes the wedding interesting.
Padalecki: A whole different kind of goo. [Laughs]
Source: IGN


Given the emotional scene that you guys had in the warehouse last episode, is there going to be any tension between the brothers as Dean doubts Sam’s ability to keep himself grounded in reality?
JA: I don’t think that there’s necessarily a lack of trust, I think it’s more just keeping an eye out and wanting to be there in case he does slip and fall, and trying to be the supporter that he can be without coddling him, so to speak.
JP: Also, with all the ups and downs Sam’s been through, I think he’s more concerned now with trying to get his footing again as opposed to calling Dean out, unless it’s something that’s very important … I think Sam, first things first, has to fix himself before he can fix somebody else.
JA: In this episode that we’re filming right now [Season 7, Episode 8], Dean basically is saying, “Look, you’re an adult, I know that you can take care of yourself. You don’t need me.” He’s coming to that realization, which is tough for him because he’s always looked out for his little brother. But there is a shift change in the season and Dean understands that he can’t babysit him all the time; Sam is his own man and he’s dealing with his issues, but at the same time, he’s doing a really good job of dealing with it. So Dean’s got to understand that and give credit, and he does.
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‘Supernatural’ scoop: One of the Winchesters is headed to the altar!

There’s gotta be a twist. Oh, you know there’s a twist. But until we know exactly what it is, let’s enjoy the awesomeness of this news: One of the Winchester brothers is getting married…sort of!

Executive producer Sera Gamble told EW the exciting news today, when teasing the next could-be fan-favorite episode. “It’s episode 8, which is filming now and called ‘Season 7, Time for a Wedding,’” Gamble said. “Both of the boys are involved, and one of them is the groom.

The episode, which Gamble said “has elements of meta,” will be one of the season’s “lighter, funnier episodes,” but will “not attempt to tread in ‘French Mistake’ territory.”
Source: EW


DJ Qualls Tweets:

Great 1st day on @CW_Supernatural! Cast & crew were really friendly & made me feel welcome. Looking forward to an action packed scene tom

You’re gonna love this story. @Nehasupnfan @JensenAckles__ made my feel like Id been on the show forever, took away my guest star jitters

SFO note: DJ didn’t now that that time that this person isn’t actually Jensen on Twitter. He knows now.


Just some updates…. Despite that first tweet, the order changed, so Guy Norman Bee won’t direct this episode. He just started preparing to direct the (actual) episode 7.09.

Day 1 of prep for ep. 709… Off to scout locations – Another awesome Ben Edlund script! #Supernatural #gonnabescary

Sorry for the confusion, guys…


Dean will interact heavily with guest star D.J. Qualls, when he gets “stuck in an emergency situation when he can’t be with Bobby and can’t be with Sam and needs a hunter” in another upcoming episode. Bobby (Jim Beaver) sends him a “quirky” guy named Garth, played by Qualls, who let’s just say, may prove to antagonize Dean in his own unique way.
Source: Examiner.com


‘Supernatural’ Casting Scoop: ‘Road Trip’s’ D.J. Qualls Gets on Dean’s Last Nerve

In its seventh season, “Supernatural” is going all-out when it comes to the guest stars who keep the story colorful, and this bit of casting scoop is no exception.

Zap2it has exclusively learned that D.J. Qualls — best known for his memorable role as nerdy virgin Kyle in the comedy classic “Road Trip” — will intercept the Winchesters in the season’s 8th episode, tentatively titled “Time for a Wedding.”

Qualls plays Garth, a quirky, laid-back hunter who Dean (Jensen Ackles) clashes with right off the bat.

Let’s just say that Dean definitely wouldn’t be working with him if Garth wasn’t the only hunter available, and if it wasn’t a dire emergency. Hijinks ensue, we’re sure!

Though he’ll forever be Kyle to us, Qualls is no stranger to television audiences — most recently, he starred on TNT’s “Memphis Beat” as Officer Davey Sutton.
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Guy Norman Bee is set to direct:

@SammyWsGirlSPN It may not AIR first but will be shot first so he can prep without distraction (acting!) I’m slated for 3,9 & 21 -Can’t wait

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