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The title of the Episode 7.04 will be “Defending Your Life “.

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Episode Description:

7.04 — “Defending Your Life”

DEAN IS PUT ON TRIAL FOR HIS PAST SINS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a string of gruesome murders and discover the Egyptian god Osiris (guest star Faran Tahir) is behind the deaths. The vengeful god is putting people on trial for their past mistakes and killing them if found guilty. Osiris hones in on Dean’s guilt and decides he’s the next to stand trial. Sam steps in as Dean’s lawyer, but both brothers are unprepared when Osiris calls an unexpected witness – Jo (guest star Alona Tal).

Robert Singer directed the episode written by Adam Glass. (#704).


‘Supernatural’ exclusive clip: Is Dean to blame for Jo’s death?

It’s almost Friday, “Supernatural” fans! In this week’s episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go head-to-head with the Egyptian God Osiris (guest star Faran Tahir). Osiris is the judge of the dead in the afterlife, and Sam and Dean discover that he’s not exactly being merciful these days. He’s also not just putting the dead on trial, but the living, too — and if the defendant is found guilty, he or she is brutally murdered.

Given the Winchesters’ luck, it’s no surprise that Osiris puts Dean on trial for his sins. “The judge in this case, the bad guy of the episode, isn’t really assessing Dean’s actual guilt,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells Zap2it. “He’s assessing Dean’s own perception of himself and his guilt.”

Of course, despite all of his swagger and bravado, Dean is not his own biggest fan.
“At this point in the series we’re well-acquainted with Dean’s penchant for self-flagellation about some of the things he’s done, so I think we’re rooting for him to see the good that he does,” Gamble says. “There’s seemingly no amount of persuading that will help Dean. That’s the question of the episode. If you weigh things out really clearly for him and emotionally for him, can you allow him to see that some of this stuff is not his fault?”

Sam will step in as Dean’s lawyer in the trial. “Sam just inserts himself into this trial to defend his brother,” Gamble tells us. Of course, at the beginning of the series, Sam had just aced his LSATs and was on his way too law school… a plan that, obviously, ran off course. Sam will put some of his old Stanford learnin’ to good use in this episode. “It’s fun to see,” Gamble says. “It’s a little taste of what Sam would have been in another life.”

The episode features a guest-starring appearance from the Winchesters’ old friend Jo (Alona Tal), who sacrificed her own life in a failed mission to take down Lucifer back in Season 5. In the exclusive clip below, Jo is called to the stand as Osiris grills her on Dean’s involvement in her life… and, ultimately, in her death.

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@Chico6 (Suzanne Gomez) watched 7.04 in advance and she  posted a few tweets about it.

Watching this Friday’s episode of #Supernatural & there are a lot of fun flashbacks during Dean’s trial. Fans will love.Young Jensen & Jared

Sam really loves his brother. Props to Jared on that tender moment of sticking up for his big brother. #Supernatural

Jo! No! #supernatural

“You carry all kinds of crap you don’t have to, Dean.” Jo. #Supernatural

Bring a box of tissues with you for this Friday’s #Supernatural. There is this one moment that just… sniff…

@adder574 New? I think you get to see a side of Dean you haven’t seen before. Jensen was flawless.

@jrs_storm FInally? I think we’ve already had some. What about when Dean pulls Sam back from hallucinating? But, yes, great brother scenes.


From Toronto Convention:

Jensen: Dean is trusting of Sam. I think that he also understands that Sam is dealing with a very unique situation, so he keeps an eye out, but I think that Dean does think that Sam’s heart is in the right place even though his head is messed up. And this will affect their relationship for a couple episodes, but it will be resolved, and I think Sam understands that it (the last episode’s shocker) was a necessity as opposed to a stab in the back. Dean doesn’t tell Sam right away – he lives with it for a couple episodes.
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SET VISIT REPORTS – 10/04/2011

Q: Both the brothers are going to be going through a lot this year. For Sam, it’s the wall coming down. For Dean, in episode four, going through the trial and everything is obviously going to have an effect on him. Can you talk about what we’re going to see for both their struggles?
Ackles: It’s a lot of that inner struggle that we’ve kind of been dragged along through for six years now. Dean, he’s got his issues and he’s constantly dealing with the guilt and just the lifestyle in general – the fact that he feels like he might have let his brother down, he feels like he just can’t protect people like he used to be able to. Just the weight of the world type of thing.

Padalecki: With the backdrop of these new creatures [the Leviathans].
Ackles: This new evil in the world that he feels responsible for – that he didn’t get to Cas in time to save him. So there’s just a lot of guilt, which plays into the whole trial thing.


Alas it’s not so great for Dean, who on top of being without his usual reserve of resources has “a laundry list of things he feels guilty about,” and that will play into Episode 4 when an Egyptian God puts him on trial.
“There’s the responsibility of his brother and having to watch over him, feeling like he let him down all the time,” Ackles notes. “Now there’s the whole Cas issue. He didn’t get to him in time. He wasn’t able to help him out and save him.” And the issues continue to go way, way back – “all the way to his father,” says Ackles – so “there’s just a mound of guilt that has built itself up on Dean’s shoulders and that he constantly wears around.”
Source: TVLine


Dean’s going to be on trial — what do you think is the one issue or one person he feels the guiltiest about?
Jensen Ackles: He’s got a laundry list of things he feels guilty about, which I think plays into the whole storyline and why he feels the way he does. There’s the responsibility of his brother and [Dean] having to watch over him and feeling like he let him down all the time, now there’s the whole Cas issue, that he didn’t get to him in time and he wasn’t able to help him out and to save him. It dates all the way back to his father. I think there’s a mound of guilt that has built itself up on Dean’s shoulders that he constantly carries around with him and it’s difficult, and we’re going to exploit that, basically.
JP: I think we find out, with Dean going on trial … the reason he’s going on trial is because of guilt. He’s like “Why not Sam? You’ve done enough: Demon blood and Lilith and you opened [Lucifer’s cage] …” But with the trouble that Sam’s now going through, with the Hell wall falling down, I think he understands that he’s served his time; he tried to do the right thing over and over again. He’s like, “I made a few mistakes, but as far as the teeter-totter goes I think I’ve done more good than bad, and the scales of justice are still tipped in my favor.” So, it’s now my job … it’s kind of another flip where Dean’s always been taking care of Sam and now Sam’s kind of having to say to Dean, “Listen, man — you’re doing your best, you’re doing great.”
The Season 7 synopsis said something like, “Dean struggles under the weight of a secret that threatens to tear them apart.” Does that relate to the trial, or is it something separate?
JA: That’s something separate.
Can you tease anything about it?
JA: [vehemently shakes his head] You know why? Because I don’t know. They tease me just as much as they tease you!
[Note: There is another secret that Ackles does know about that is touched upon in this week’s episode, but expect that to be resolved fairly quickly.]
Source: AOL


Dean will have a major upcoming moment in the fourth episode– the episode that Singer directed– though, during which he is put on trial by an Egyptian God. Yes, you read that right: Castiel isn’t the only God Supernatural will explore this season!

“Cyrus– an Egyptian God– he weights how heavy your heart is against a feather…It’s all about carrying guilt,” Singer previewed.
Naturally, Dean has a lot of guilt about the things he’s done, most notably the way in which his good friend Jo (Alonna Tal) died. And Jo returns for that episode, to act as a “witness” during the trial, which is chock full of emotional weight for both actors, especially when they get to the flashbacks from previous moments they shared. Long time fans will recognize them as coming out of an episode we saw Jo in earlier, though the moments are brand new. Will Dean come out of it feeling better or worse about the things he has done?
“That’s a big turning point episode for Jensen’s arc this year. Clearly the God doesn’t kill him…but it’s kind of a kick off for a good run for Jensen where he’s in a different place than he’s been in earlier seasons.”
Source: Examiner.com


We’ll start to see a focus on those issues in episode four (which Singer directed), in which Dean is put on trial by the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Osiris. “[He] weighs your heavy heart against a feather and if your heart is heavier than the feather, then he does you in,” Singer revealed. “It’s all about carrying guilt and that sort of thing, not just ‘do I feel bad?’ but ‘do I feel guilty?’ That’s kind of the big turning point episode for his arc this year … kind of a kick off for a real kind of good run for Jensen. He’s in a different place, I think, than he’s been in previous seasons.”

The episode will also see the return of Jo [Alona Tal], who is called as a witness to testify in Dean’s case. “She’s great in the episode,” Singer enthused. “We put some flashbacks in the episode, back to episodes she was in years ago, and she has matured and grown incredibly as an actress. I was just blown away by what she did.”
Source: AOL


The Trial of Dean Winchester: One big episode for Dean will involve him being put on trial by the Egyptian God, Osiris, who Singer notes, “weighs your heavy heart against a feather and if your heart is heavier than the feather, then he does you in. And it’s all about carrying guilt and that sort of thing. Not just, ‘Do I feel bad?’ But, ‘Do I feel guilty?’ And that’s kind of a big turning point episode for [Dean’s] arc this year.”

That episode will see the return of the late Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal), who is called as a witness against Dean. Singer had a ton of praise for Tal, saying, “She’s great in the episode. We put some flashbacks in the episode, back to an episode she was in years ago, and she has matured and incredibly grown as an actress. She’s just wonderful. I hadn’t really worked with her for quite sometime, and I was just blown away by what she did.”
Source: IGN


5. Thou shalt allow the other Winchester to have his own story arc. “Dean will have lots of issues this year that he’s going to have to deal with,” executive producer Bob Singer said. “We have an episode coming up and he basically is on trial with an Egyptian god, Osiris, who weighs your heavy heart against a feather, and if your heart is heavier than the feather, then he does you in. It’s all about carrying guilt and that sort of thing. It’s not just, ‘Do I feel bad?’ but ‘Do I feel guilty?’ That’s kind of a big turning point for Jensen’s arc this year.” Gamble added, “Osiris calls [Jo (Alona Tal)] as witness against Dean.”
Source: TV Guide


TV Guide Magazine.com: We hear the hunter Jo [Alona Tal] is returning, despite her death back in Season 5.
Ackles: She’s brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand. It’s a heartwarming scene between the two of them.
Source: TV Guide


Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on the set of ‘Supernatural’ in Vancouver, Canada. In the scene an unknown actress is attacked by a Demon but Jared comes to the rescue and saves the lady.
Source: Zimbio


Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki take part in a late night shoot for their TV show, Supernatural, on Saturday (August 20) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The guys filmed a scene together where an actress was attacked…then Jared came in and saved the day!
Source: Just Jared


Christine K. teased us about the shooting going on and some to happen:

Lots of #Supernatural filming going on in #Vancouver’s #Gastown next couple of days. @Olv,#yvrshoots.

First scene of the day, interior of a dark nightclub, 25 bg dressed up, loud music. #Spn

There is going to be so much #SPN action in #Gastown, car chases, gun fire & killers!

Jim Beaver shared more 3 pictures, from yesterday shooting (autopsy)

For now, Drusilla Moorhouse tweeted a picture with Jared and Jensen:

Me and the Winchester boyz on Vancouver set of #Supernatural! Jared & Jensen are sorta tall #SPN http://twitpic.com/64m5az

Christine K:
Moved to the second location, outside a hotel. J & J on route. #SPN

And J_Ozzie

Watching the crew of Supernatural set up for a scene http://yfrog.com/kihtvkqj

Christine K:
Jared and Jensen arrived. Pictures up. Pics of the Winchester Bros in a bit. #supernatural on location.

Susan Gittins
@DearHeartxoxo A car chase tonight and gunfire tomorrow. SPN already more an hour+ behind so going to be a late one tonight.

Watched a scene of J2 walking out of a hotel w more crew trying to block that a high budget feature film.

Canadagraphs posted in his blog an entry about the filming. I’ll post the show spoiler related here:
It appeared to be a scene where where Sam & Dean walk out of a hotel (earlier they were shot going in…but I didn’t get anything off that scene) and Dean walks away on Sam.
Christine K.
Jared in a suit, blk impala, scene now complete at Columbia & Powell in #Gastown. A few fans watching. #Spn

Christine K.
JARED at new location. Wearing white shirt & tie. Set is outreach center. Short dialogue scene. #spn

Todays shoot of Supernatural. U can see the back of Jensen head.

From The Vancouver Sun

Photos: Gastown gets Supernatural

The popular science fiction TV series Supernatural took over several spots in Gastown Thursday and Friday.

Dozens of pedestrians milled about the shoot outside 27 Alexander street Friday afternoon, where film magicians had converted the six storey condo building into the Mercury apartments. Then it shifted over to Columbia and Cordova, where star Jared Padalecki was seen wandering about.

His co-star Jensen Ackles weren’t around when the Sun dropped by, but Ackles’ beloved black 1967 Impala was parked on Alexander, beside a black van that read Wayne County Coroner. There were also a couple of Dearborn Police cars, so it looks like the demon-fighting Winchester brothers are in Michigan in this episode (Dearborn is a Detroit suburb).

A memo posted on the Hotel Europe said that the show was being shot at 216 Carrall (the Blarney Stone), 309 Carrall and 315 Abbott Thursday, and 27 Alexander, 101 East Cordova and 211 and 303 Columbia Friday. The shoot was to end with a vehicle chasing a pedestrian in the 300-block Carrall late Friday night.

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

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