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The Title of the episode 6.20 will be “The Man Who Would Be King”

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Episode Description:

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER BEN EDLUND WROTE AND DIRECTED THE EPISODE — astiel (Misha Collins) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) about the war in Heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies. Bobby believes Castiel is hiding something, but Dean refuses to believe it.

Ben Edlund wrote and directed the episode.


zap2it ‘Supernatural’ preview: Could Castiel and Crowley kill Sam and Dean?

Friday’s “Supernatural” episode saw the Mother of All meet her demise, and dropped a shocking bomb on us: Castiel (Misha Collins) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) are working together. This was especially surprising given the part where we all thought we’d watched Castiel roast Crowley without blinking an eye.

In this week’s May 6 episode, we’ll finally see some explanation for Castiel’s desperate actions throughout the season. He’s spent a lot of the season battling his angel brethren for control of Heaven, and that battle is about to come crashing back to earth.

Executive producer Bob Singer tells Zap2it, “We always thought that a war in heaven is best told off screen, but you’re going to see a lot of Castiel dealing with his problems coming up. The last run of episodes is very Castiel-heavy. There’s some very interesting stuff that we’re doing with him. His problem in Heaven will certainly be impacted by Sam and Dean.”

In the first clip of the upcoming episode “The Man Who Would Be King,” Castiel and Crowley’s quest to obtain the souls in Purgatory has reached a climax after Eve’s death. There’s just one thing standing in our favorite Demon’s way.

Okay, two things: Sam and Dean.

“Please. I’m begging you, Castiel. Just kill the Winchesters,” Crowley asks, and when begging doesn’t work, he threatens to do the deed himself – and to put their souls where Castiel won’t be able to retrieve them. After the Winchesters’ six seasons of mostly successful monster slaughter, Crowley doesn’t like the idea of having them on his tail, though Castiel tells him not to worry about them.

“What, like Lucifer didn’t worry?” Crowley rants. “Or Michael, or Lilith, or Alistair, or Azazel didn’t worry?”

The man makes a point.

Tune in Friday at 9 p.m. EST. Things are getting good.
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After six years of “Supernatural,” we thought we’d seen it all, but when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) killed the Mother of All in last week’s episode, we were shocked. After all, if they kill the big bad in Episode 19, what is there to do in episodes 20, 21, and 22? Sit around and pat each other on the back?

Unfortunately for the brothers Winchester, three episodes of celebratory air guitar wasn’t in the cards. In the final scene of last week’s episode, we learned that the Mother of All was the least of their worries. The angel on their shoulders, Castiel (Misha Collins), had teamed up with the King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), who they’d presumed dead.

Life’s just not fair sometimes.

This week’s episode, “The Man Who Would Be King,” was written and directed by producer Ben Edlund – it’s his “Supernatural” directing debut, though he’s been with the show since Season 2. We were having some trouble wrapping our head around Castiel-as-bad-guy, so we spoke to Ben to see if he could set the record straight on where Cas straddles that line between good and evil.

“The real driving catalyst, the reason why more bad has happened to good people on ‘Supernatural’ this year than any other year, does not come directly through the Mother of All monsters,” Edlund tells Zap2it. “She’s badass, and she does bad things, but it’s this partnership between the angel and the demon that has driven most of our conflicts. It’s all because of Crowley and Castiel.”

Who knew that our friendly neighborhood angel baby-in-a-trenchcoat was capable of such deceit and destruction?

Dean Winchester certainly didn’t. This Friday’s episode serves as a shocking wake up call to Dean, especially given the fact that he’s finally back on track with his brother, as he learns the extent of Castiel’s betrayal. The hits just keep on coming for Dean, and this time, it’s likely worse than you think.

“He won’t like it. Familial betrayal is his kryptonite, so to speak. It’s his thing. It’s the thing he hates worse than any other thing, and he has brought Cas into the family, so the math there has a clear outcome. It’s going to hurt him deeply even to discover what we understand to be the case right now, which is that Cas is capable of working with a demon. Even that is going to be so painful. It’s going to be a hard week for that good-looking bastard.”

We asked Edlund whether the writers hesitated to explore Castiel’s dark side, given his tendency to lend humor to the show. “I had my hesitations,” he admits, “because I like the fish-out-of-water, dumb jokes, and I like Cas. I like the thing on camera that Misha created that complemented this new strain of creature, this angel coming into our world and gave a body and character to it. That’s a really great thing. But one of the rules of ‘Supernatural’ is loss, and losing things. You have to love something before you can feel its loss.”

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We’ll meet a new angel named Rachel, who acts as Castiel’s lieutennant in the war, and we’ll learn exactly how much trouble Cas is really in.

This episode is right before the two episodes that will make up the night of the season finale (each is self-contained, not one two-hour long episode), so it’s no surprise that this is bound to be leading up to something big. It’ll be incredibly emotional and will raise the stakes for the last two episodes of the season. The cast was very happy about Edlund directing. Because he’s been such an integral part of the show, Misha, for example, said he was a director who knows about the entire series and can give the actors very good insight about their characters.

The episode will also be told from Castiel’s point of view and will heavily feature his character. Expect to hear about “moments from Castiel’s childhood”.
Sources: TVOverMind and Examiner.com


In Episode 20 Castiel gets his moment. Showrunner Sera Gamble describes it as a serious episode with a “significant impact.” She tells Zap2it, “It’s an episode that’s largely from Castiel’s point of view. We get pretty deep into what he’s feeling, and we illuminate his character quite a bit.”

“It was terrible!” Collins jokes. “I had to work every day! That’s not what I signed up for! It’s actually kind of tough being the heaviest character in an episode.” He promises that we’ll find out just what Castiel has been up to while he hasn’t been saving the Winchesters from their various pickles.

“It’s a big expositional episode about the whole war in heaven and Cas’s relationship with that and Cas’s whole inner story and the dilemmas that he’s faced with,” Collins says. Castiel will find himself confiding in someone — we’re not sure who, but our money’s on Dean, given their profound bond.

The episode will incorporate not only news of Castiel’s current embattled situation, but we’ll learn a lot about his back story — and even, perhaps, about his childhood, inasmuch as an angel can have a childhood.

Titled “The Man Who Would Be King,” the Castiel-centric episode will see the return of a familiar face from the hunters’ past. It’s both written and directed by executive producer Ben Edlund.

“It was nice to have the passion,” Padalecki says. “I’ll say that, and then I’ll make fun of him.” He makes teases Edlund good-naturedly. “A lot of directors will come in – not with a lack of love – but they’re like, ‘Okay everybody, you go there, you go there, I need you to hit this mark.’ And that’s what I do. I hit that mark if you need me to hit it, in five minutes or five seconds. And [Edlund], god love him, would be like ‘Jared, I want you to walk to this mark, and while you’re walking you should think about how tough it’s been. And maybe you hesitate for a second, because it’s really hard, and you love your brother,’ and I was like… ‘You can just tell me to go somewhere.'”

“You will meet an angel named Rachel who is Castiel’s trusted lieutenant,” Gamble says. “We’re sort of opening up that story a little bit. We’ll see more of Raphael and more of the civil war. What’s going on with Castiel, and what he’s thinking when he gives [the Winchesters] that look that says, ‘I really need a nap and I don’t have time to take one.'”
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“His storyline gets played out a lot more at the end of the season,” Collins confirmed. “We are going to see a little bit of the landscape in heaven. We’re not going to see any epic battles, but we are going to see Cas acquiring the ultimate heavenly weapon.”

Collins says that– even more than the boys’ help– is really his only fighting chance.
Source: Examiner.com


Castiel also has a big episode coming up in the 20th episode, “The Man Who Would Be King,” directed by Ben Edlund, who describes the episode as taking a look at Castiel’s life as a whole. It has the angel figuring out where he stands, and it leads up to what happens in the finale. In that episode, Edlund says there will be a look at “some elements of Heaven, a very kaleidoscopic place…[and] the mechanics of Heaven.”
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Question: Any scoop on the Cas-centric episode of Supernatural? —Tammy
Ausiello: Who better to tackle that question then Ben Edlund, the writer/director behind the May sweeps outing: “It’s kind of him looking over his life. And as we move toward the end of this season, Cas is going to make some very, very big, difficult choices. He takes stock of what his life is as an angel and what it’s been since the Winchesters came into it and what that’s meant to him. It’s a pretty interesting character portrait [and] it leads to a pretty interesting path. We’ll [also] see some elements of Heaven, a very kaleidoscopic place. We’ll reveal some things about the mechanics of Heaven.”
Source: TVline


What’s going to happen with Castiel (Misha Collins) and Raphael on Supernatural? — Nathan
NATALIE: We’ll let executive producer Eric Kripke lay it out for you: “The battle with Raphael and the war in heaven gets hotter and hotter. Castiel’s really backed against a corner as he’s just battling to stop the evil forces in heaven,” Kripke says. “He’s assembling as powerful an arsenal as he possibly can,” Collins adds. “He’s going to use all of those weapons to the best of his ability.” One of those weapons is Castiel’s lieutenant angel, Rachel, who viewers will soon meet.
Source: TV Guide


Ben Edlund is the writer and will make his Supernatural Directorial Debut in this episode.

The article/source:

Ben Edlund to Make His ‘Supernatural’ Directing Debut This Season

Supernatural fans, have you been dying to know what a Ben Edlund directed episode of the show would look like? If you’re nodding eagerly, then mark your calendars down for May 6th. That’s when Edlund will be making his Supernatural directing debut, a rep for the show confirms.

The episode, titled “The Man Who Would Be King,” will also be written by Edlund. No details about the plot are available yet, but judging by Edlund’s writing credits on the CW series, which include this week’s hilarious meta episode “The French Mistake” (more coming on that soon!), the possibilities are endless.

However, considering how close the episode airs to the end of the season, I’m guessing it will involve more myth than mirth. If so, it wouldn’t be the first time Edlund has expertly handled a mythology heavy episode (see season 4?s terrific “On the Head of a Pin”).

Edlund’s only other TV directing credit is Angel‘s “Smile Time,” which he also wrote. It is possibly one of the best episodes of TV ever.


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