The Season Finale will be aired on May 13, 2010. and will be called “Swan Song”.

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TV Guide Magazine has some new spoilers about the Finale and goes a little ahead, on Season 6. Read below the resume, with only new info:
Executive Producer and writer Sera Gamble says: “If our guys do win, it would come at a terrible personal cost,” she says. One more “beloved character” will die and the boys’ iconic Impala is set to play its own important part in the world’s fate. If you’re wondering what could follow such an over sized story line when Supernatural returns next fall, Gamble offers a hint. “We’ll go intimate and personal and, now that we’ve buttoned up the big destiny-versus-free will debate, explore a whole new set of questions. We’re chomping at the bit.”
: TV Guide Magazine Spoiler Scan (May 10-16). Scan with the WHOLE info  HERE.


Sera Gamble says fans will get “to know Sam and Dean better with fantastic details about the things that shaped them into heroes.”
Source: TV Guide Magazine Spoiler Scan (May 3). Scan HERE.


Adam is definitely coming back. Someone or something will use him.
Source: EW

A beloved character will be killed, according to the episode description.

Castiel takes on Michael—and the battle ends badly for Castiel.
Source: E!Online

Mark Pellegrino, who plays Lucifer confirmed that Lucifer will take his “revenge on God for betraying him by annihilating God’s primary love—people. And let’s put it this way: You should definitely expect some pretty crazy bloodletting.”
Source: TV Guide Magazine

Jim Beaver teased fans about being God’s Vessel, but also also teased about Bobby dying. It was also said that Bobby will end the season in worst shape than now. Jim’s words about the Finale: “Clean off the tops of your shoes because your jaws are going to be sitting on them”.
Source: Zap2it

Sera Gamble about the Finale (Or the 2 episodes left of the season):
“We’re leading up to the big Death Match between Lucifer and Michael, which would cause the destruction of half the planet,” she previews. “Sam and Dean, of course, are trying to throw a wrench in the works — but these are the most powerful beings they’ve ever been up against, so their odds aren’t great. Sam comes up with an incredibly risky Hail Mary to defeat Lucifer, which involves spending some very creepy, violent one-on-one time with the guy. Terrible for Sam, but pretty damn fun to watch.”
Source: Ausiello.



From the convention Jus In Bello – Rome, Italy the weekend of 02-04 April 2010:

@Feretory in the final episode there is a scene where Bobby has a single tear rolling down his cheek — Misha

Both Jared and Jensen said that the final 3 episodes of S5 tie up the a lot of loose ends in an awesome way in order to start S6. They also said we’ll love these final 3 episodes and if you’ve watched from the beginning then there is a big payoff.

During his panel, Jake Abel, (Adam in the episode “Jump The Shark”) said that he will be in the season finale.

Jensen said that Season 1 and the current season are his favorites, so he’s excited that S6 might be a sort of ‘reset’ to Season 1. In fact, Jensen told us that the writers are already sketching out Seasons 7 and 8 “just in case”.

Concerning the fight between Sam and Dean:
Both Jensen and Jared talked about how this season is going to get very dark, how Sam and Dean “have to hit rock bottom” and eventually “have it out.”



Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles confirmed during their panel at the Los Angeles Convention (March 28 2010) that the brothers have a big fight coming up. It’s probably going to happen in the Season Finale because of the following comments:

“For Sam and Dean to be like they were in Season 1? It’s like drug addiction,” Ackles says. “You have to hit rock bottom before you can get back up.”
“I think they have to have a big clash to work it all out,” Padalecki agrees. “We need to see them be apart for a while. And then we’ll just wait ’til September to see episode one!”
Is that a hint that the Season 5 finale might not end with Sam and Dean on friendly terms? Ackles fills us in on Sam and Dean’s upcoming fight scene, explaining that it’s easier to do the choreographed fights with Jared because after five years of working together, they can easily read each other’s cues.
“It’s always good to go up against Jared, especially during fight scenes,” he says. “Especially since we know each other so well. I won’t give anything away, but the other day Sam and Dean had a bit of a tussle.”
“Rock bottom!” Padalecki interrupts teasingly. Uh-oh! Don’t worry, fans, you’re not the only ones who want Sam and Dean to reconcile.
Source: Zap2it

Both guys shared that they feel that their characters have to “hit rock bottom” before they can begin to really rebuild their relationship to what it became in season one, when they were bonded by the fight to find their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Padalecki teased an upcoming “tussle” scene between the two that he sets fits the bill. Glancing over at Ackles, almost as if for approval, Padalecki added: “I think they have to have a big clash to work it all out. We need to see them be apart for a while. And then we’ll just wait ’til September to see episode one!” ”
Source: Examiner


Rob Benedict, who plays Chuck said that he’s going to be in the season finale.

Spoiler-tease from Jim Beaver, posted in his twitter:


@jumblejim people worried about Bobby’s fate on the show right now… any chance you could set minds at ease at all?


@DALDOS I wish I could but I can’t. Just read 522. The unthinkable happens. Bit shaken up here.

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