The 5.21 Episode will be called “Two Minutes to Midnight” and will be aired on May 6.

Official DescriptionEpisode Stills“O’ Death” Season Finale Promo – CW TrailerClip 01 
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Dean will make a deal with Death to get his ring and stop the Apocalypse.
Source: E!Online, Ausiello 01

Bobby will sell his soul to the demon Crowley, according to the description.

Sera Gamble about the Finale (Or the 2 episodes left of the season):
“We’re leading up to the big Death Match between Lucifer and Michael, which would cause the destruction of half the planet,” she previews. “Sam and Dean, of course, are trying to throw a wrench in the works — but these are the most powerful beings they’ve ever been up against, so their odds aren’t great. Sam comes up with an incredibly risky Hail Mary to defeat Lucifer, which involves spending some very creepy, violent one-on-one time with the guy. Terrible for Sam, but pretty damn fun to watch.”
Source: Ausiello 


Supernatural Locations has up a Behind the scenes/Set video. Watch it HERE.

A Guest Star from episode 5.21 tweets about her time on Set and very little about her role:

Leah Gibson:

“Off to the SUPERNATURAL set, to play in the darker realm with Sam and Dean… I love what I do.”

And, by her tweet it seems that the Horseman Pestilence will be back:

“warm-hearted film and TV veteran Matt Frewer. Working with him on SUPERNATURAL this week has been such a delight. “

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