The 5.07 Title will be “The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester“.

Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Sera Gamble

The filming will be between 10th September and 21st September.

It has 3 Casting Calls:

Patrick, a charismatic and charming man, an expert poker player who can easly read people. He is on love with Lia, his girlfriend.

Lia, a beautiful woman, empathetic and lonely.

Older Dean Winchester. It’s the Dean we know, just aged (70-80 years old).

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Source: Spoiler-tv

We’ve met young Dean and young Sam in past Supernatural flashbacks, but season five will include a flash-forward to 70-year-old Dean Winchester, and he’s exactly the old coot you’d expect him to be.

Actors Casting Work Book reports Kerry James playing “Older Dean” in this episode, but:
By the looks of it, it seems that Kerry James won’t be the “Old Dean”. It seems that he’s Chad Everett, who Jim Beaver said in his twitter that he spent the day with. SEE SET PICS

This will be a Bobby-Centric episode, where we will see how he is dealing with being in a wheelchair. This condition hits him hard.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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