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Episode 5.06 – I Believe The Children Are Our Future

Air Date: Thursday October 15, 2009.

Writer: Andrew Dabb and Sera Gamble

Director: TBA

08/27 – The boy Jesse will be, in fact, the Antichrist.
Chicago Tribune

8/22 – Casting Call:
11-year-old boy (10-13 to play 11), he is a smart and sad all-American kid who is wise beyond his years and way too serious for his age – and has a real independent streak. Adopted as an infant, he has no idea of his lineage, simply perplexed by his uncanny powers. A firm believer in all things kid-like, such as the Tooth Fairy and the danger of joy buzzers. He is faced with a very grown up decision. Please denote age next to your suggestions …RECURRING GUEST STAR
In her early 30s, mousy and pale, Julia looks like she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in about eleven years. Sort of meek, she becomes overtaken by a dark, dark force…GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV

08/18 – Michael Ausiello reports:
I recently received a tip that Supernatural was planning to unveil its version of the Tooth Fairy in this season’s sixth episode. Well, the following casting prattle explains why…

Jesse: An all-American boy age 11 who is wise beyond his years. He was adopted as an infant and remains perplexed by his unusual powers. He possesses a childlike innocence—he believes in the Tooth Fairy (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)! He suddenly finds himself faced with a very adult decision. Recurring role.

Sources: Wikipedia, EW.

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