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Episode 5.05 – Fallen Idol

Air Date: Thursday October 8, 2009.

Writer: Cathryn Humphris
Director: James L. Conway

08/31 – Jensen said at the Vancouver Convention that Paris Hilton will punch Dean in the face 6 times.

08/16 – The Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion will guest star in the 5.05 episode of this season.

08/06 – This episode will be shot between August 18 – August 27.

New casting call:

Officer Perry
Guest star – In his late 40s-50s, he is a likable, earnest, meat and potatoes kind of man, a by-the-book local cop who’s out of his depth. When mysterious crime scenes continue to pile up with no simple explanation, he starts to sweat and is desperate to close the case.

Paris Hilton will be in this episode.

Executive producer Eric Kripke said: “If anyone ever wanted to see a bloodthirsty Paris attack and kill somebody, this is your chance.”

He added that he was “quite frankly shocked that Paris agreed to do it.”

Writer Sera Gamble said: “We wrote the role just for her. We’re very excited that she said yes.

“She plays the role of a demonic creature that takes the form of… Paris Hilton.

“If you know our style, you know we go pretty funny and irreverent with this stuff, so expect that. The fact that she wanted to do the episode speaks volumes about her sense of humour. She’s flat-out awesome for playing along.”

08/03 – This episode will be about “Celebrity Ghosts”.  Abrahan Lincoln will blow someone brain out in an episode. Gandhi is also featured in this episode.

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