Writers: Raelle Tucker
Director: Rachel Talalay
First aired: Thursday January 11, 2007.

After Dean (Jensen Ackles) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) what their father told him before he died, a distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana without Dean. While there, Sam runs into Ava (guest star Katherine Isabelle), a psychic who confesses to Sam she sought him out to warn him of his impending death.

Dean discovers Gordon (guest star Sterling K. Brown) is after Sam and races to find his brother in time to save him.

Raelle Tucker wrote the episode directed by Rachel Talalay.





A teen, Scott Carey, is seeing a psychiatrist and relates how a year ago he learned he could electrocute things with a touch. Scott talks about the yellow-eyed man and his “plans” for him. Afterward, Scott is walking home and apparently hears someone. He reaches his car and sees a reflection of someone behind him, who stabs him while keeping Scott from touching him.

Dean is talking to Sam about what John told him before he died, that he had to “save” Sam from something… or kill him. Sam is not too thrilled at Dean keeping it secret and doesn’t want to listen to him. Dean asks for more time and Sam reluctantly grants it, and they check in to a hotel. Later Sam slips out, steals a car, and drives to an abandoned building. He goes into the room, sets off a charge, and… a woman wakes up from her dream-vision of seeing Sam killed.

Sam goes to the Roadhouse and meets with Ellen, who’s expecting him from Dean’s calls. He discovers that Jo has gone off on to her to go demon-hunting, and Ellen is okay with John’s supposed involvement in her husband’s death. Sam then asks Ash to look up other people with “special abilities.” He comes up with four people that match the profile, including Scott Carey who died a month ago in Indiana. Sam insists on going alone, asking Ellen not to call Dean.

Sam goes to Indiana and gets into Scott’s house, and finds pills prescribed by Dr. Waxler. He also finds a cut-out mural Scott made of eyes. Sam then goes to the hotel and finds a woman following him: Ava Wilson, the woman who dreamed of him. She’s been having dreams for a year and then she had a dream of Scott being stabbed. Sam figures she’s one of the psychics but Ava’s mother is still alive. Meanwhile, Dean calls Ellen and she gives him Sam’s location.

Ava doesn’t want to get involved but Sam convinces her to stick around to learn the truth. Then he has her go to see Dr. Waxler while Sam sneaks into the office and steals Waxler’s files on Scott. Later, they listen to the tape of how the yellow-eyed man needs them for his “war.” Dean pulls up outside just as someone opens fire on Sam: Gordon the vampire hunter. Dean grabs Gordon and starts hitting him, but Gordon manages to knock him out.

By the time Sam and Ava get up there, Dean is gone as well. Sam calls Dean, who Gordon has tied up. Gordon has Dean lure him in, unaware Dean slipped in a code word to let him know he’s hostage. Meanwhile, Gordon tells Dean that he’s a hunter… and Sam is now fair game.

Sam prepares to go get Dean and sends Ava home where she’ll be safe. Gordon reveals to Dean that when he was doing an exorcism, the demon mentioned something about a coming war, and the demons will use human psychics. Dean isn’t impressed even though Gordon has confirmed it through his “Roadhouse sources.” Gordon has figured Dean warned Sam but he’s rigged a tripwire on the back door set with a grenade, and a second grenade as back-up.

As Gordon plants his explosives, Dean tries to convince him Sam won’t turn evil but the hunter isn’t buying it. Meanwhile, Sam goes through the steps that Ava saw in her dream. He spots Dean inside and goes around to the back, then slips inside. The grenade goes off but Gordon waits… and then the second grenade goes off. Gordon goes to confirm the kill and finds Sam’s smoking boot. However, Sam gets the drop on him but Gordon resists and they fight it out. Gordon kicks him through a wall and prepares to stab him but Sam gets his breath back and knocks Gordon down and prepares to shoot him. Sam settles for knocking him out with the rifle butt.

Sam unties Dean and tells him to leave Gordon alive, and they head out. Gordon comes after them, guns blazing, but the police arrive thanks to Sam’s anonymous call and take the hunter into custody, finding all the guns in his car.

Dean calls Ellen and accuses her or Ash or Jo about talking about Sam and his abilities. Ellen notes that it could have been anyone at the Roadhouse. Sam calls Ava but doesn’t get an answer. Dean suggests they just head out and drop the job but Sam says there’s no way they can run away. Sam tries to call Ava again without success and suggests they drive to Peoria where she lives. They get to Ava’s house and find her fiancé dead, his throat cut. There’s sulphur on the window and Sam finds Ava’s engagement ring on the floor.




Katharine Isabelle (Ava Wilson)
Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker)
Tom McBeath (Scott’s Father)
Richard DeKlerk (Scott Carey)
Bill Mondy (Dr. George Waxler)
Levi James
Jason Benson
Monique Genderton
Chad Lindberg (Ash)









White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane
Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse
Lonesome Stranger” by Carey Bell




Sam: These are .223 Caliber, subsonic grounds, the guy must’ve put a suppressor on the rifle.
Ava: Dude, who are you?
Sam: I ah…I just I…I just watch a lot of TJ Hooker.

Ava: Okay, look I know how all this sounds. But I am not insane, and I am not on drugs! This is way, way off the map for me.

Ava: (to Sam) Okay, you know what? Screw you buddy, okay, cos I’m a secretary from Peoria and I’m not part of anything, okay? D’you see this? I am getting married in eight weeks. I am supposed to be at home, addressing invitations, which I am way behind on by the way, but instead I drove out here to save your weirdo ass, but if you just wanna stay here and die, fine. Me? I’m due back on planet Earth.

Sam: Are you okay?
Ava: Am I okay?
Sam: Yeah.
Ava: I just helped you steal some dead guy’s confidential psych files. I’m awesome!

Dean: (Dad) said that he wanted me to watch out for you, take care of you.
Sam: He told you that a million times.
Dean: This time was different. He said that I had to save you.

Ellen: After (Jo) worked that job with you boys she decided she wanted to keep on hunting. I said not under my roof. And she said fine.

Ash: And one other name, Scott Kerry.
Sam: What, you got an address?
Ash: Sort of. The Arbor Hills Cemetery in Lafayette, Indiana. Plot 486.

Ava: (to Sam) Why can’t you just leave town, please? Before you blow up!

Ava: (to shrink) I just remembered, when I was a kid I swallowed, like, 8 things of pop rocks and then drank a whole can of coke. You don’t think that that counts as a suicide attempt, do you?

Dean: (seeing Sam through motel window) Thank God you’re okay. (sees Ava with Sam) Oh, you’re better than okay. Sam, you sly dog!

Sam: I want you out of harm’s way, Ava.
Ava: What about you?
Sam: Harm’s way doesn’t really bother me.

Sam: All right, so where to next, man?
Dean: One word, Amsterdam.
Sam: Dean!
Dean: Come on, man. I hear the coffee shops don’t even serve coffee.

Ellen: Now, Dean, they say you can’t protect your loved ones forever. Well, I say screw that– what else is family for?

Gordon: What,.you think this is revenge?
Dean: Well we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days. (snickers) Which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.

Dean: Come on, man, I know Sam, okay, better than anyone. He’s got more of a conscience than I do. The guy feels guilty surfing the Internet for porn.

Gordon: Do it. Do it! Show your brother the killer you really are, Sammy.
(Sam slugs him)
Sam: It’s Sam.

Dean: Well, Gordon should be reaching for the soap for the next few years at least.

Sam: So if you really want to watch my back, I guess you’re going to have to stick around.
Dean: Bitch.
Sam: Jerk.

Dean: What’s the point of saving the world if you can’t get a little nookie once in a while, huh?

Dean: Dude, you ever take off like that again…
Sam: What? You’d kill me?
Dean: That is so not funny.

Sam: Gordon’s taken care of. (get shot at by Gordon).
Dean: You call this taken care of?! (cops pull up and arrest Gordon)
Sam: Anonymous tip.
Dean: You’re a fine, upstanding citizen, Sam.




  • At 33:13 Sam’s right shoe is smoking on the floor, as a decoy to draw Gordon out. Yet seconds later when they fight, the shoe is back on Sam’s foot.
  • Sam’s injuries were absent during the Impala ride, but then the cuts and bruises reappeared once he was inside Ava’s house.
  • When Gordon is getting arrested he drops both handguns at his side and gets on his knees with his hands up. The incoming police officer walks in front of him and then behind him and handcuffs him. A real police officer would have kicked the guns away first.
  • When Sam steals confidential material, among the material is the tape recorder that the psychiatrist used a month before on Scotty. One would think that the doctor would use a separate tape for each patient instead of a separate tape AND separate tape recorder.
  • The slip of Blue Rose Motel stationery, containing the address where Dean is being held captive, that is shown to us in Ava’s vision and then again near the end of the episode when Sam arrives to rescue Dean, are written in the same handwriting. However, the slip of stationery Sam writes on, as Gordon is giving the address to him over the phone, shows us Sam’s real penmanship, which is very different than the two other glimpses we were given of the stationery.


    • Sam: I just watch a lot of T.J. Hooker.
      Referencing the 1982-86 TV series T.J. Hooker, starring the inimitable William Shatner as Thomas Jefferson Hooker, a tough cop training raw recruits.



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