Writers: Matt Witten
Director: Kim Manners
First aired: Thursday October 5, 2006.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the brutal slayings of blond women from an apartment building and discover the demon responsible is the ghost of the first serial murderer, H. H. Holmes.

Meanwhile, defying her mother’s (guest star Samantha Ferris) wishes, Jo (guest star Alana Tal) follows the Winchesters on their hunt and ends up getting captured by the ghost and buried alive.

Matt Witten wrote the episode directed by Kim Manners


Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaIn an apartment, a woman calls her landlord to check out the wiring in her new apartment, which is causing the lights to flicker. After she hangs up, she looks up to see some black substance dripping down from the ceiling. Looking up she sees it coming through a hole in the door… and then a man stares in at her as she screams.

Dean and Sam check out Ellen and Jo fighting at the bar. The guys interrupt and while Ellen takes a call, Jo tells them that six women have vanished from the same building over the last 80 years. Jo put together the file herself but Ellen doesn’t want her investigating.

The guy drive to Philadelphia and check out the apartment, and Sam spots a bit of the black substance–ectoplasm. It’s the sign of a powerful angry spirit and they go out to find that Jo is talking to the landlord about getting the apartment. She claims Dean is her boyfriend and pays in cash for the apartment, and later explains she lied to Ellen. Ellen calls and Dean and Sam cover for her, then she comes up with a plan to check out the place. Dean takes Jo with her and tells her she’s got options, options he didn’t because his dad got him into the “business” so young. They split up and a figure reaches through a grille behind her… then disappears as she turns. Dean smells something he can’t identify, and they open the grille and Dean reaches in, finding a tuft of blonde human hair.

In another apartment in the building, a young blonde woman, Teresa Ellis, is interrupted when black goo drops on her and a crack spreads across the wall and ceiling. Then the same hand from earlier passes through the grille, grabs the woman’s ankle, and pulls her toward him.

Dean wakes up in the next morning as Jo goes over the plans. they talk about their respective fathers and Jo admits she wants to do the job to be closer to her dad. Sam comes in to report the girl disappeared and the police are outside. Jo finds a photo showing that the apartment building was built next to an old prison and they hung prisoners on the apartment building’s site. Going over the files of the men executed, they find a record of H.H. Holmes, the first serial killer with a penchant for blonde women. Holmes’ corpse was buried in concrete and they realize he had a building in Chicago filled with hidden chambers and where he’d keep some of his victims alive.

They start searching the place and only Jo is able to slip through a narrower gap between the walls. She goes down an air duct while Dean takes another route to intercept her. Black goo starts to ooze out of the walls around her and she screams as her contact with Dean is cut off. He hammers through a wall only to find her cell phone.

Ellen calls and Dean tells her what happened, and she insists on coming out on the net flight. Sam goes over the Chicago building and notices it had a basement, and there’s an old sewer system below the Philadelphia apartment. They head down to investigate.

Jo wakes up in a coffin-like chamber with scratch marks on the inside of the lid where previous residents had tried to get out. She calls out to the other woman, Teresa, and tries to reassure her. Holmes returns and yanks out a tuft of her hair.

Using metal detectors, the Winchesters find a metal door leading into the sewers. Holmes whispers into Jo’s cell then caresses her, but she briefly drives him off with her father’s knife. He comes back and reaching through the walls, starts to chloroform her, but the guys show up and drive him back with rock salt. Jo wants to get out but Dean insists they have no choice but to use her as bait. They have her sit down in the middle of a chamber and Holmes comes up behind her. As he moves in, Sam and Dean shoot down bags of salt around the edge of the room, sealing him in for good. Once they get outside, Dean “borrows” a cement mixer and seals the entrance with concrete.

Later they’re driving back… with Ellen, who’s met them. She is not amused and when they get to the bar, Dean apologizes and says Jo would have made her father proud. Ellen tells them to get out and then tells Jo that John Winchester got her husband, Jo’s father, killed when they were working together. An angry Jo storms out and tells Dean that John screwed up and got her father killed, which is why John never told his sons about Jo and Ellen. Jo tells Dean to leave and storms off.


Recurring Role:
Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)
Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle)
Guest Star:
Stephen Aberle (H. H. Holmes)
Andrea Brooks (Katie)
Lisa Marie Caruk (Teresa Ellis)
Brent Chapman (Superintendent)




Cold as Ice” by Foreigner
Surrender” by Cheap Trick
Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple (Dean’s ringtone)


Jo: (about school) I didn’t belong there! I was a freak with a knife collection!

Jo: What are you going to do? Going to chain me up in the basement?
Ellen: You know what? You’ve had worse ideas than that recently.

Dean: Young girl got kidnapped by an evil cult.
Sam: Yeah, and does this girl have a name?
Dean: Katie Holmes.
Sam: That’s funny… and for you, so *****y.

Dean: My dad started me in this when I was so young, I wish I could do something else.
Jo: You love the job!
Dean: Yeah, But I’m a little twisted.
Jo: You don’t think I’m a little twisted too?

Jo: Take it, I won’t bite.
Dean: No, but your mom might..

Jo: You ripped off a cement truck?
Dean: I’ll give it back.

Sam: So, is this as glamorous as you thought it would be?
Jo: Except for all the pee-your-pants scares, yeah.

Jo: (on the phone) Thanks, Ash, and if you breathe a word of this to Mom… that’s right. I will. With pliers.

Dean: We rarely drink before 10, anyway.

Sam: Where’d you get all that money?
Jo: Working at the Roadhouse.
Dean: Hunters don’t tip that well.
Jo: Well, they’re not that good at poker, either.

Dean: (answers the phone) Yeah.
Ellen: You lied to me. She’s there.
Dean: Ellen
Ellen: No, Ash told me everything. The man’s a genius, but he folds like a cheap suit. Now you put my damn daughter on the phone.
Dean: She’s gonna have to call you back, she taking care of… feminine business.
Ellen: Yeah, right. Where is she? Where is she?!?
Dean: Look, we’ll get her back.
Ellen: Get her back? Back from what?
Dean: The spirit we’re hunting, it took her.
Ellen: Oh my God.
Dean: She’ll be okay, I promise.
Ellen: You promise. That is not the first time I’ve heard that from a Winchester.

Jo: So you gonna buy me dinner?
Dean: What are you talking about?
Jo: It’s just if you’re gonna ride me this close, it’s only decent you buy me dinner.
Dean: Oh, that’s hilarious.


  • In this episode, Jo commented that Moyamensing Prison was built in 1835 and torn down in 1963. In truth, Moyamensing was constructed between 1832-1835, but was actually demolished in 1968.
  • In the scene where Sam and Dean are opening the door to the drainpipes and the camera is looking up at them, Dean hands Sam a rifle with his hand on the rifle. But when the camera changes to above ground Dean is holding on to the butt or handle of the rifle and Sam grabs the barrel
  • One of the photographs on the table when Sam, Jo, and Dean are discussing Holmes is actually a photograph of Elizabeth Stride, one of the women generally accepted to have been murdered by Jack the Ripper.
  • Jo and Ellen’s last name is Harvelle and the saloon is called Harvelle’s Roadhouse. The word “roadhouse” had been the only part of the sign that was legible in episodes past.
  • Jo’s middle name is Beth.

    • Dean: I think I know what we’re dealing with here. It’s the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.
      Referring to the 1984 film Ghostbusters, in which the final battle was against a giant marshmellow man.
    • Dean: Katie Holmes.
      Referencing the popular belief of Scientology which Katie Holmes and her fiance Tom Cruise practice.


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