Writer: Sera Gamble
Director: Charles Beeson
First aired: First Aired: Thursday May 8, 2008

As time runs out for Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) convinces him to head to Eerie, Pennsylvania to investigate a possible zombie case.
Instead, they discover Doc Benton (guest star Billy Drago), a real-life doctor who, in 1816, abandoned his medical practice to follow his obsession with finding the key to eternal life by drugging people and stealing their vital organs.
Meanwhile, Bobby (Jim Beaver) finds out where Bela (Lauren Cohan) is hiding, and Dean heads out to confront her, leaving Sam behind to deal with the good doctor. Dean and Bela battle it out for the last time, and Dean leaves Bela in a desperate, and possibly fatal, position.

Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Sera Gamble.


Erie, Pennsylvania

Two guys come out of a health club and split up. One opens up his trunk, unaware of a figure coming up behind him until the intruder throws him into the trunk. Later, the man staggers into the hospital, bleeding from his stomach. When a nurse gets him to move his hands, his internal organs spill out.

Sam and Dean are interrogating a demon for information on Dean’s contract, but he claims to know nothing and taunts Dean, saying the only thing that frightens him is the demon who holds the contract. Sam exorcises the demon and after they dispose of the body, Bobby calls about the dead man at the hospital: his body was covered in fingerprints of a man who died in 1981. They suspect zombies and although Dean is initially reluctant, he agrees to check it out. They visit the hospital where the head doctor notes that the victim’s organ was surgically removed. They talk to another victim who says he was jumped from behind and then woke up in a bathtub filled with ice.

Sam does some checking and determines the sutures were made with silk, which dates back to the 19th century when maggots were used to treat dead flesh. Sam reveals that their father had told them stories about a Doc Benton, who killed people and used their organs to preserve his life. John supposedly killed Benton but he’s apparently still alive. They know that he set up near bodies of water to have somewhere to dump his surgical refuse.

A jogger is out by a lake when a figure chloroforms him unconscious. The man wakes up strapped to an operating table with a jar of maggots nearby. The doctor starts operating without anesthesia and removes the jogger’s living heart.

The guys are mapping out old hunting cabins when Bobby calls in and says he’s got word on Bela from a Rufus Turner, a former hunter now living in Canaan, Vermont. Bela has contacted him to buy some things from him. Dean wants to head out immediately but Sam wants to track down Benton, figuring if he can’t die then they can figure out a way to keep Dean alive indefinitely. Dean warns that if he reneges, then Sam is forfeit. Sam refuses to go and Dean refuses to stay, so the two part ways.

Dean goes to see Rufus, offering a bottle of Scotch. They end up drinking and Dean tries to find out about Bela. Rufus knows about Dean’s deal and wonders why he’s spending his last few weeks trying to find the Colt. He notes there’s no happy ending for them, even if Dean manages to get out of the contract this time. He then directs Dean to the hotel where Bela is staying, and reveals he managed to run an ID on her based on her ears. He gives Dean the file to look through.

Sam is checking out cabins in the woods and goes into the basement of one. He finds the dead jogger, his heart removed. He also finds a living victim, her wounds covered in maggots. He starts to get her free then notices a figure walking around upstairs. Doc Benton comes down into the basement and discovers that Sam has fled with the female “patient.” Sam gets to the car as Doc Benton breaks open the window, and manages to back away and then run Benton over. As Sam drives away, Benton snaps his head back into place.

Dean ambushes Bela in her hotel room, and she claims she’s already sold the Colt. He doesn’t find it and talks about how her parents died in a car accident when Bela (originally Abby) inherited millions. Bela remembers back to when her father molested her but she boasts of killing them and admits she doesn’t care what happens to Dean. Dean notes an herb tied above the door, then prepares to shoot her but then says she isn’t worth it and leaves. As he leaves, she slips a receipt from him for his hotel room in Erie, then calls someone and says she knows where they are.

Sam calls Dean for an update and Dean admits he’s screwed. Sam says he stole Benton’s formula: there’s no black magic, it’s just science. However, Benton chloroforms Sam and takes him to his basement lair and straps him down. Benton knows who he is, having read John’s journal, and claims he’s never done anything he didn’t have to do. Now he needs new eyes and prepares to scoop out Sam’s… but Dean arrives and shoots Benton. The bullets don’t do any good and Benton shoves Dean aside. Dean stabs Benton with a knife and reveals that it’s covered with chloroform. Benton collapses and they strap him to his own table. Benton says he knows what Dean needs and Sam considers it. However, Dean refuses it and tells Sam to help him or not. Dean chloroforms Benton then locks him securely in a refrigerator and the brothers bury him… together.

Bela goes to the guys’ hotel room in Erie then shoots them in their beds. However, it’s a setup: Dean calls to say that he saw the herb, devil’s shoestring. It holds off hell hounds. Dean’s figured that Bela made a deal to get her parents killed, but now it’s the tenth anniversary and the bill is due. Bela remembers how Lilith approached her to make the deal. With three minutes left, Bela admits they asked her to kill Sam as a new part of the deal. Dean points out if she had come to her, they would have helped her. Bela says that Lilith is the demon who holds all the contracts, and she’s hoping they can kill her. Dean hangs up as the clock strikes midnight. Bela looks out the window as the hell hounds come for her.

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Recurring Stars:
Lauren Cohan (Bela Talbot)
Recurring Role:
Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)
Guest Star:
Nathaniel Marten (Jogger)
Roan Curtis (Lilith)
Tiera Skovbye (Young Bela)
Kaleena Kiff (Female Victim)
Craig Veroni
Marilyn Norry (Nurse)
Kavan Smith (Gym Club Victim)
Terence Kelly (Doctor)
Adrian Holmes (Demon)
Steven Williams (Rufus Turner)
Peter Birkenhead (Mr. Beetle)
Billy Drago (Doc Benton)




No Music in this episode


Rufus: Do I look like I’m here to help you?
Dean: I’m gonna say no.
Rufus: Then get the hell off my property.
Dean: All right, that… Hey, fair enough. I got one more question for you though. See, I got this bottle of Scotch. Is this considered good?

Rufus: There are things that you don’t know about her.
Dean: Oh and you do? Right, because you know things.
Rufus: Yep.
Dean: And let me guess, you lift her fingerprint?
Rufus: Yep.
Dean: And that got you jack.
Rufus: Yep. She burned them off. Probably years ago.
Dean: Yeah, so you’re right where we are.
Rufus: Nope. You do her ear?
Dean: Sorry?
Rufus: You do her ear?
Dean: Hey man I’ll try anything once, but I don’t know, that sounds uncomfortable.

Sam: Dean, there’s no way she still has the Colt. That was months ago, she probably sold it the second she got it.
Dean: Well, then I’ll kill her. Win-win.

Sam: According to this, Benton’s picky about where he sets up his lab. He likes a dense forest, with access to a river or stream, or some kind of fresh water.
Dean: Why?
Sam: Because that’s where he likes to dump the bile, the intestines, and the fecal matter. Lost your appetite yet?
(Dean stops chewing and looks at burger)
Dean: Oh baby, I can’t stay mad at you (resumes eating).

Demon: I’m telling the truth!
Dean: Oh, you are? Then let me make it up to you. (douses him in holy water)
Dean: Now I’m gonna ask you one more time: Who holds my contract?!
Demon: Your mother. Yeah, she showed it to me, right before I bent her over.

(to Bela)
Dean: I’ll see you in Hell.

Sam: I talked to Mr. Beetle’s doctor. Turns out his incisions were sewn up with silk.
Dean: That’s weird?
Sam: Yeah, nowadays it is, but silk used to be the suture of choice back in the early 19th-century. It was really problematic. Patients would get massive infections, the death rate was insane.
Dean: Good times.
Sam: Right. So, doctors, they had to do whatever they could to keep the infections from spreading. One way was maggots.
Dean: Dude, I’m eating.
Sam: It actually kind of worked because maggots, they eat the bad tissue and they leave good tissue. And get this. When they found our guy, his body cavity was stuffed full of maggots.
Dean: Dude, I’m eating!

Doctor: Didn’t you read my report?
Dean: Of course we did. Oh, it was riveting, a real page-turner. Just delightful.
Doctor: You done?
Dean: I think so.
Doctor: Please, go away.
Dean: Okay.
Sam: Sure.

Doctor: Can I see your badges?
Sam: Of course. Sure.
(both show badges)
Doctor: Fine. So, you’re cops and morons.
Dean: Excuse me? (stammering) No, no. We’re, we’re very smart.

Dean: Speaking of, what do you care about zombies?
Sam: What do you mean?
Dean: Well, you’ve been on soul-saving detail for months now. And we’re three weeks out and all of a sudden, you’re interested in some hot zombie action?
Sam: Hey, man, you’re the one who’s been all gung ho to hunt. I just thought I’d be doing you a favor.
Dean: Hey, no, no, no, no, no. I didn’t say I didn’t want to do it, okay. I mean, obviously, I want to hunt some zombies.
Sam: Okay, fine, whatever.

Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
Dean: “Stripper suffocates dude with thighs”?

Dean: Zombies do like the other other white meat.

Dean: You make me sick.
Bela: Likewise.

Dean: Oh, hiya, doc. Wakey, wakey, eggs and bac-y.


  • When Bela makes the pact with Lilith, Lilith’s eyes are red instead of white.
  • When the jogger wakes up strapped to the table his heart monitor, while right-side-up for the camera, is now upside-down on his wrist.
  • Dr. Benton begins to scoop out Sam’s left eye, but when Dean shoots him, his hand is at Sam’s left eye-which is now red, but is back to normal in the next shot.
  • When Sam is attacked in the hotel room, he drops his Blackberry phone. However, the wrong screen is shown on the phone. Since he was talking on the phone we should have seen a lighter screen with the caller ID. The screen shown is the one you see when you are not using the phone.
  • John’s encounter with Doc Benton that Sam tells Dean about is detailed in the 4th issue of the comic Supernatural: Origins.

    • Dean: Well we can’t exactly get those at a Kwik-E-Mart can we?
      This alludes to the fictional chain of convenience stores included in The Simpsons television series.
    • Dean: Okay, great. My man Dave Caruso will be stoked to hear it.
      A reference to CSI Miami, where David Caruso plays Horatio Caine, a crime scene investigator who would indeed be stoked to hear about evidence like that.
    • Dean: Zombie with skills. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Zombie.
      Referencing the 1993-98 TV series starring Jane Seymour as the title character, a female doctor carving out a life for herself in the Wild West of the post-Civil War era. She struggles with prejudice against her gender as well as a romance with a mountain man and the raising of three orphaned children.
    • Dean: A little Antique Roadshow surgery, some organ theft.
      Referencing the PBS series where appraisers travel the country, assessing individuals’ collections and providing advice.
    • Dean: Ah, what is this, Sid and Nancy?
      Referencing the movie Sid & Nancy (1986), which chronicles the life of Sex Pistols punker Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, and the tragic ending to their relationship.


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