Writers: Cathryn Humphris 
Director: Mike Rohl  
First aired: First Aired: Thursday November 1st, 2007

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders that resemble fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel.

Meanwhile, Sam summons the Crossroad Demon (guest star Sandra McCoy) and threatens to kill her with the newly rebuilt Colt unless she releases Dean from his deal.

Mike Rohl directed the episode written by Cathryn Humphris.






Recap by smallville-29

Bedtime Stories

Intro “Then” featuring clips from “Wendigo” “Hollywood Babylon” “Bloodlust” “All Hell Breaks Loose pt 1,2” “What Is And What Should Never Be” , And a recap of “Sin City”….. “Now” Threes a full moon over a small town were 3 construction workers are looking at the job there going to have to do the next day.. Apparently they bought the wrong type of wood… They hear a “swooshing” sound like wind and go to check it out, Nothings there.. So one of them decides to go get in the truck, On his way there he is attacked and something pulls him away.. The 2other guys hide and see blood shot out from where there friend just was, He’s dead… A wolf like sound is coming from near one of the 2 remaining guys… and he is attacked by a “wolf like” creature.

“Supernatural Opening Titles”

Sam and Dean are driving down a rode and they hit a puddle and splash water on a frog… Sam is telling Dean that they have the colt and they should go after the demon.. Dean says “All your pitching me right now is “ifs” and “maybes” and that’s not good enough cause if we screw with this deal you die.” “And if we don’t screw with it you die” Sam replies… Dean tells him to let it go. Sam doesn’t want to but they start to talk about there next case. After reading about it they both think it’s a werewolf. The last full moon is in 2days.

They interview the guy who was attacked but lived, Dean tells him Sam’s a sketch artist and there with the sheriffs department.
They ask how he survived.. He says he doesn’t know, that he was hiding and this thing found him… Ran at him then stopped, and left.
He starts telling Sam what he looks like, and Sam starts to sketch it…. Dean ask questions that are “werewolf” like, But the guy doesn’t know too much… We also find out the other construction workers were his brothers.. And Sam says he “can’t imagine anything worse” then losing a brother… He also says the guy looked like “Wiley Coyote”. They finish and Sam shows him the sketch which is stick figure like.. Dean is laughing at the sketch outside, Dean found out they were missing some of there guts and that’s not a werwolf’s MO.

A couple iS walking through the woods lost, When they stumble upon a old house, A old lady with a Cain comes and meets them.. She says there along way off track and that they can come in to rest for a minute if they want to, To guys all for it, but the girl isn’t.. They head in and start to eat some pie. They get ready to go and the guy goes down, and the girl starts losing her vision, The old lady grabs a knife and walks over to them on the floor and starts to swing at them… The guys dead, threes a little girl outside watching.

Commercial #1

Were at the hospital.. Dean and Sam come to the room of the girl who was drugged by the old lady.. Doctor tell Sam and Dean that the “whole towns going insane”… they go in and ask “Mrs. Watson” how she got away, She said she didn’t eat as much as her husband (Ken) so she got up and pushed the old lady into the stove and ran… She asks if they found a little girl, She thought she was outside the window.. Dean and Sam don’t know about her.. So she starts describing her..”Dark Hair, Real pale skin, Around 8years old”

Dean and Sam get to the old Lady’s house, No sulfur, a lot of EMF though… Dean has no clue whats going on, But Sam think it’s something to do with fairy tales “a guy and a girl hiking through the woods then some old lady tries to eat them.. that’s Hansel and Gretel. Then we got the 3bros arguing about how to build houses attacked by the big bad wolf” Dean ask about the happy endings but Sam tells him that not back in the day, The grim brothers stuff was not always Disney. They think that the little girl was at the construction site so they go to look into it… Walking out of the library Dean has nothing. Sam thinks it might be this old fairy tale were in a unconscious state people could be controlled by spirits, Dean doesn’t buy it then he sees a frog that’s huge, He says it might be a fairy tale but he’s not kissing a frog… Then they see a pumpkin and mouse and Sam talks about Cinderella. Dean ask “Dude could you be more gay?……… Don’t answer that” They go into the house with the pumpkin out front, They start looking around till they hear someone.. It’s a girl calling out for help talking about how her step mom went crazy.. Dean goes to look for her and he sees the little girl. He starts to follow her.. then all the sudden shes behind him… She starts to shake and then shes gone, Threes a red apple right were she just was.

Commercial #2

Deans holding the apple trying to figure out whats going on when Sam walks up and tells him that “Cinderella” is OK, Dean says “little girl, red apple” and Sam thinks it’s snow white… And it fits with the whole deep sleep, spirits controlling theory… They go to the hospital and they find out there are no little comatose girls in the hospital… There is a older girl who happens to be the doctors daughter…. We then start watching the doc read his daughter a fairy tale that starts to come to life as he reads it. (the little girl is watching) A old lady is getting in her car when a guy walks up and starts to help her.. He then throws her in the car, beats her, and drives off. Sam and Dean go up to the room and find him reading her the fairy tale, He stops to say hi and they say sorry about his daughter… They find out that she swallowed bleach when she was a little kid and that her mom found her (it was her step mom) and that’s why shes been there since she was 8, cause of the poisoning. The doctor says that his wife passed away last year and that the daughter is all he has left.
Dean and Sam agree that the girls snow white, that the step mom poised her and that after years of suffering from what her mom did years ago that her spirit is so angry that when the dad reads her fairy tales that end bad she uses them.. They can’t figure out how though, along with how will they burn the body in a hospital. Just then they see the old lady who got beat up in her car go by them on a stretcher, It sounds like a wolf victim to them and they figure out the last story the doc was reading was “little red riding hood”… They start asking question, and they ask about her granddaughter… They get a address and Dean goes to stop the wolf, and Sam’s staying to try and find away to stop the little girl. (who’s names “Cally”) Girl in red sweatshirt gets out of school and goes over and gets in her grandmas car.. The doors lock, Shes stuck and the wolfs driving.

Commercial #3

Sam goes to the doctor and tell him that Cally was poisoned, and that the step mom did it. Doc doesn’t believe it.. He goes in to Cally’s room and closes the door, Sam follows him and tells him that Cally is still there cause shes a spirit, Doctor starts to believe it and says to Sam “so you’ve seen her too?”… Dean bust open the door and sees the little girl who says shes OK, But then screams! Dean gets attacked and starts to fight the werewolf. Sam and the Doctor are talking, He’s seen her a few times and he starts to buy the whole spirit thing, But he wont believe the fact that his wife poisoned Cally… Dean’s getting owned and the little girl appears next to him.. Then the doctor starts talking to Cally and she leaves Dean and shows up in the hospital and the doctor ask about the poisoning and she nods, He tells her sorry but that she can’t keep hurting people. She flat lines….And dies. Dean gets on top of the werewolf and pulls a knife when the guy under him tells him to stop, Dean figures Sam got to the doctor and stops fighting…

Commercial #4

Sam and Dean are talking to the doctor, Telling him he did a good job, He says he should have let go a long time ago… Dean looks at Sam and tells him that’s good advice… Sam asks Dean “Is that what you want me to do? Just let you go”.. Dean walks away…..In the middle of the night Dean is sleeping and Sam sneaks out… He drives to a cross roads and puts a box in the ground then starts to wait… The crossroads demon appears and he aims the colt at her… She notices that it’s not the original colt and that it must by Ruby. Sam says he wants to make a offer.. She lets Dean off and he wont shot her, and Everyone lives. She says no, And starts to talk about how good life would be w/o Dean to worry about. Sam tells her to shut up and tells her to take his deal.. She says the deal can’t be broken because she is just a “sales women” and she has a boss and he holds the contract. Sam ask who he is but she “can’t” tell him.
Sam thinks about it for a second and then shoots her in the head with the colt, Shes dead

The End

Does Dean get to shot anyone anymore? Sam is starting to act more like Dean and will stop at nothing to save his brother, Which means it looks like the hunt for the contract owner is just starting.. In a “Halloween” like Supernatural episode the storyline stayed strong with once again a good mix of scary/funny… In the end though it’s all just a bunch of “Bedtime Stories”….

Review by Gaelic

3.05: Bedtime Stories

There it is. I’ve been waiting for this… that feeling of my breath being trapped at the base of my throat, my hand on my chest set there of its own accord, my eyes glued to the TV… this was the episode that finally brought that back for me. I didn’t even realize the thrill was missing until I felt it again because I’ve loved each episode this season for very different reasons.

The fight at the beginning was perfectly pitched. Siblings fights always seem to escalate quickly into moments of tense yelling when what you’re saying aren’t the words in your head but you can’t get past yourself quickly enough to say what you mean, you simply react to what your sibling said. Sam’s desperation to try something — anything — to get Dean out of the deal was superbly matched by Dean’s desperation to make Sam stop. Just let it go. Because if he’s wrong, if he screws it up in any way, Sam dies and that. is. not. acceptable..

Sam’s “you’re not Dad” was awesome. Totally made Dean pause, but he brought it back around with exactly what I would have (and have in the past) said with an “I’m the oldest” comment. Sometimes you have to play the age card as a desperate ploy to get them to behave. Or at lease delude yourself into thinking you’ve maintained the upper hand for a moment. Dean’s attempt to focus Sam with a “tell me about the psycho killer” had just enough tremble in his voice to show how mad/upset he still was…. how afraid he still was about the idea that Sam could/would do something stupid to save him. And die.

Bit my lip after that emotionally charged conversation.

Oh, but I totally forgot about the Three Little Pigs. The new rhythm of the show — starting with the recap so that if you’re new to the show you get what happened before so you know what you’re walking in on — then moving into a gruesome death is getting slightly routine, but no less entertaining. Knowing that the premise of the story was Fairy Tales from different previews and the Directors Cut, when the three, um, portly men were arguing about building materials, I actually laughed and said “three little pigs”… so, I was ready for the “wolf”… but still jumped a bit.

The hikers being killed by psycho grandma was chilling. Her voice creeped me out. And to have to be that poor woman watching her husband getting carved up. Blech. But I was thrown a bit when we saw the girl out of the window because I was totally going with the Hansel and Gretel vibe… Snow White wasn’t in that story… Grandma getting beat up and then dying because of the Big Bad Wolf was the worst, I think. Little Red Riding Hood looked suitably scared. Cinderella was creepy because I kept expecting the psycho step mother to jump Dean when he was following the little girl.

The overall premise of the story, though, made me really sad. I don’t know that I would have been as affected by Dr. Garrison’s plight had I not been a parent, but the idea of holding on to your only child who had been in a coma for so many years and having to let her go… I teared up for him when Cally flat-lined. Especially because he had to deal with the knowledge that his wife, whom he’d loved, had essentially killed his daughter. Poor guy.

Okay, now, our boys.

Sam: Recent interviews have insinuated that YED may have not been lying when he said that Sammy didn’t come back 100% Sam. But I’m not sure exactly where they’re going with that. I don’t see him turning into some cold-blooded Demon killer. I see him losing the hard line of right and wrong he’s carried for two seasons. And honestly? Returning from the dead or not, I think their lives could have done that to him eventually anyway. And right now, his brother is going to die, and as he said to Kyle, it’s “the worst thing he could imagine” (heart. melts.). He doesn’t want Dean to die — not just not die for him but not die period. He wants Dean around as much as Dean had wanted him around.

His empathy for Dr. Garrison shown through until the minute he knew he couldn’t wait anymore. I think Season 1 or 2 Sam wouldn’t have barged through that hospital room door after it was shut in his face and he wouldn’t have clamped on to the phone to stop Garrison from calling the police. Sam was all business and he needed to get it done. He knew what he had to do, and sympathy for the situation didn’t mean he was going to stop.

When Garrison said that he had to let Cally go, and Dean told Sam that was good advise, I felt Sam’s heart break. His “is that what you want me to do… you want me to let you go” just tore at me. Pausing in the doorway to watch Dean sleep, I saw him solidify his resolve that no matter what Dean said, he had to try this thing. He’d never summoned a Crossroads Demon before, so I was nervous for him. I know, weird, huh? Wasn’t too terribly impressed with the girlfriend at first, but after she started moving around she seemed to relax a bit. I had a pit in my stomach, though, when she said she had a boss who held Dean’s contract. That’s gonna take some work… and seriously going to play out this season. I wonder if Sam will tell Dean about this little escapade at some point. Doubt it will be for awhile, though, because big brother will be seriously pissed that he summoned a CRD simply because what could possibly have happened — forget what he found out. So, that’s one more secret Sam might be holding come next time…

And Sam shooting her? I felt nothing. I felt like it was something Dean might’ve done early Season 2. I felt like I did when Dean killed the vamp with that saw thingy in Bloodlust.. Good. She’s evil. I’m glad she’s dead. One less to worry about. Too bad she was possessing a human, though… I guess what I should have felt was “uh oh, this is getting to be easier for Sam…” but… I didn’t. I think his coldness is going to be necessary to balance Dean’s immanently increasing unease with death and dying.

Sam’s cute moments had to be his knowledge of fairy tales and the “well… it could be… or… yeah, I got nothin'” comment as they left the hospital the first time.

OH! And Detective’s Page and Plant?! Be. Still. My. Led. Zeppelin. Lovin’. Heart. I clapped at that.

Dean: Wow, did he gut me in this one. His layers are sllllooowwwwllllyyy peeling back :auses a moment to think about Dean peeling layers:: and it’s so great to watch because it stirs up actual emotions. EMOTIONS while watching TV. His fear at Sam’s need to save him was palpable and so obviously squelched in the face of the hunt. For what they thought was a werewolf. Not. Big brother teasing was back in full swing – and it was so great to see them sharing screen time so much in this episode. And can I just tangent quickly and say how much I love to watch that boy walk? *sigh*

The side-long glance he shot Sam at Kyle’s bedside when Sam admitted that he couldn’t imagine anything worse was heartbreaking. He was thinking the same thing… you could see it on his face. Humoring Sam with the fairy tale angle humored me — especially when he was the one that had to do 6 hours of research in the library. His look and the “could you be more gay? Wait, don’t answer that” was pure Dean. I was nervous for him when he followed the little girl, and glad that Mr. Fairy Tales was able to set him right about the whole apple thing. Love his “you got fair tales, I got movies” line. I love that Dean has movies. Hee.

Best line had to be when he said he was going to stop the big bad wolf, admitting that was the weirdest thing he’s ever said. And MAN did he get whumped. That was some serious body-slamming in Grandma’s house. I winced for him more than a few times. I wish that he’d looked a bit worse for the wear afterwards, though at least there was some blood this time, because the big bad wolf was a big bad guy. Love to watch Dean fight. Even when he is getting his ass handed to him. :auses to think of Dean’s ass::

But the moment that had me leaning toward the TV, clutching my pillow, hand at my throat was the “not bad advise” moment. The look he gave Sam when Sam asked if that’s what he wanted — for Sam to let him go — carried an entire paragraph of doubt and certainty in it. Then…. he just walks away. Why? Because what can he say to that? Does he say “hell, no, I don’t want you to let me go because I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to me and I’m scared to death but I don’t know how to admit it and not only that, there are friggin’ demons after your ‘crown’ and how can I protect you when I’m gone but I don’t know what else to do because I made this deal and I’ll be damned, literally, before I let you get yourself killed — or worse — trying to save me from myself?” Does he say “yes, you have to let me go because I love you too much to lose you and I’m so scared that that’s what’s going to happen if you hang on to me any tighter?”

Does he admit his hypocrisy because he knows that he could never do what he’s asking Sam to do? Or does he trust that his brother is stronger than him, as he’s always believed him to be, and stay silent and walk away because he thinks (incorrectly) that it’s the only way to protect him?

Some of the things the Crossroads Demon said had me quirking my eyebrow — about Dean being needy and Sam having to clean up his messes… Sam’s repetitive “shut up” bolstered my spirits… but still. Casey said that other demons thought Dean’s deal made him weak… the CRD said that Dean was needy. I find that so interesting because I saw this deal as the ultimate sacrifice — giving your life to save another. Yet…. I was angry with John right along with Dean for doing the same thing. And now Dean’s asking Sam to let him go, because, I think, Dean feels that it’s the best for Sam. At least he feels that right now… I think that’s going to change as our story continues…

I still think that Dean’s sacrificing his life for Sam’s was a selfless act, but the by-product of being around for a year is twisting it. Creating personal introspection on both of their parts to make them wonder if they are worth what has happened for them. Sacrifice may not be as selfless as I first thought…

Oh, and last but not least — CRD knew of Ruby. Hmmm…. the plot thickens. Curiouser and curiouser. I think that we’re on a pretty amazing ride right now… and this storyline is going to keep surprising us. Well, those of us that don’t read the spoilers… hee.

Okay, that’s all for now. Sorry for the ramble. Can’t wait to re-watch. I need to see those eyes slice to the side again… the way those lashes sweep… ::mouth goes dry::





Derek Lowe (EMT)
Mary Black (Grandmother)
Victoria Duffield (Granddaughter)
Tracy Spiridakos
Libby Osler
Peter Jenkins
Patrick Gilmore (Ken Watson)
Sandra McCoy (Crossroad Demon)
Maxine Miller (Old Woman)
Malcolm Scott
Michael Robert Coleman (Jack Baycon)
Chris Cochrane
Ava Rebecca Hughes (Callie (8 years old))
Aron Eastwood (Wolf-Man)
Kimberley Warnat (Julie)
Christopher Cousins (Dr. Garrison)










No Music in this episode.




Dean: I thought all those things ended with everyone living happily ever after.
Sam: No, no, not the originals. See, the Grimm Brothers stuff was kind of like the folklore of its day, full of sex, violence, cannabalism. Now, it got sanitized over the years and turned into Disney flicks and bedtime stories.
Dean: So you think the murders are what, a re-enactment? That’s a little crazy.
Sam: Crazy as what? Every day of our lives?
Dean: Touche.

Sam: Then we got the three brothers, arguing over how to build houses, attacked by the big, bad wolf.
Dean: Three little pigs.
Sam: Yup.
Dean: Actually, those guys were a little chubby.

Dean: See you around, Doc.
Dr. Garrison: I sure hope not.

Crossroad Demon: Aren’t you tired of cleaning up Dean’s messes? Of dealing with that broken psyche of his? Aren’t you tired of being bossed around like a snot-nosed little brother? You’re stronger than Dean. You’re better than him.
Sam: Watch your mouth.
Crossroad Demon: Admit it. You’re here, going through the motions, but truth is, you’ll be a tiny bit relieved when he’s gone.
Sam: Shut up.
Crossroad Demon: No more desperate, sloppy, needy Dean. You can finally be free.

Sam: I’ve got a theory. Sort of.
Dean: Hit me.
Sam: Well, thinking about fairy tales.
Dean: Oh, that’s… that’s nice. You think about fairy tales often?

Sam: (staring at frog on the road) Yeah, you’re right, that’s completely normal.
Dean: All right, maybe it is fairy tales. Totally messed-up fairy tales. I’ll tell you one thing, there’s no way I’m kissing a damned frog.

Sam: (gesturing to pumpkin on porch) Hey, check that out.
Dean: Yeah? It’s close to Halloween.
Sam: You remember Cinderella? The pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that become horses?
Dean: Dude! Could you be more gay? Don’t answer that.

Dr. Garrison: You’re not a cop, are you?
Sam: No.
Dr. Garrison: Then who are you?
Sam: Someone who knows a little bit about this kind of thing.

Crossroad Demon: What can I do for you, Sam?
Sam: You can beg for your life.
Crossroad Demon: We were having such a nice conversation. Then you had to go and ruin the mood.
Sam: If I were you, I’d drop the wisecracks and start acting scared.
Crossroad Demon: It’s not my style. That’s not the original Colt. Where’d you get it? Ruby. Had to be. She is such a pain in my ass. She’ll get what’s coming to her. You can count on it.

Sam: Who’s your boss? Who holds the contract?
Crossroad Demon: He’s not as cuddly as me, I can tell you that.
Sam: Who is it?
Crossroad Demon: I can’t tell you. I’m sorry, Sam, but there’s no way out of this one. Not this time.

Sam: Every deal can be broken.
Crossroad Demon: Not this one.

Dean: You know what he said. Some good advice.
Sam: Is that what you want me to do, Dean? Just let you go?

Dean: You find a way to stop Callie, all right.
Sam: What about you?
Dean: I’m gonna go stop the big bad wolf. Which is the weirdest thing I’ve ever said.

Sam: I think it’s Snow White.
Dean: Snow White? Ah, I saw that movie. Oh, porn version anyway.

Kyle: Are you guys the sketch artists?
Dean: What? Uh, yeah, of course…that’s us! (points to Sam) You should see what this guy can do with a pen… Amazing….

Kyle: The guy, he killed my brothers. How would you feel?
Sam: Can’t imagine anything worse.

Dean: All your pitching me right now is “ifs” and “maybes” and that’s not good enough cause if we screw with this deal you die.




  • Sandra McCoy appears in this episode as a guest star. She was Jared Padalecki’s long-time girlfriend. They were still together at that time.



  • Crossroads Demon: Doth protest too much if you ask me.
    This is an allusion to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, act 3, scene 2. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Commonly misquoted with the methinks at the beginning.
  • Dean: I’m Detective Plant. This is Detective Page.
    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were the guitarist and lead vocalist of Led Zeppelin, respectively.




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