Writers: Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver
Director: Charles Beeson
First aired: First Aired: Thursday October 25, 2007

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers.

Dean discovers demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby (Katie Cassidy) helps Bobby (Jim Beaver) rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news.

Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Robert Singer & Jeremy Carver.


Recap by smallville-29

Sin City
Intro “Then” featuring clips from “What Is And What Should Never Be”, “All Hell Break Loose pt 1 and 2”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Kids Are Alright”, And a recap of “Dead Mans Blood”….. “Now” A nun is walking down the center of a church and all the candles go out behind here, She is putting some books away when the priest comes out from behind her and gives her a scare. He offers to walk her out to her car and they both start walking up the entry aisle when “Andy” (not the Andy from before) Starts to talk to them from the balcony… “Gods not with us… At least not anymore” he says. The pastor asks whats wrong but Andy continues to just talk to himself and then pulls out a gun and shots himself in the face.

“Supernatural Opening Titles”

Bobby is working on making bullets for the cult, Dean and Sam are looking for a story to chase.. Sam finds the guy who blew his face off and wants to go, But Dean wants to find something near Malibu… Bobby says he can get the cult shot soon, But to kill Demons he needs more time. The boys head off to Elizabeth Ville Ohio.

Dean and Sam are faking as insurance agents as the question the priest, They find out Andy used to go to church until 2months ago, Also this used to be a town you were proud off but things changed. The priest also knew of a few other “weird” death victims.. All started when the devils gate was opened.

Sam and Dean go into there hotel room, Dean looks up and sees a mirror above the bed and chuckles as if laughing at good memories, Dean sees a old Friend of his outside “Richie” who has his lady friend with him, He claims it’s his sister… Then when he pays her on the way out the door he says “Step Sister”, Dean invites him in and we learn that Richie was hanging with Dean during the time Sam was at university, Also Richie is a hunter, who has been to the crime scenes and hasn’t found anything, Dean continues asking him questions and we learn that one guy came in a little while ago and kinda turned the town upside down.

Sam and Dean go to the pub that this guy owns, They enter the pub and everyone’s partying (dancing, shots, etc) and Richie meets up with them there…. Dean goes to investigate the bar tender (who is a female) Richie goes to do a few things and Sam just follows Dean, Dean makes a few comments about the bar tender and then realizes that the priest is sitting right in front of him. Dean apologies and asks the priest what hes doing, The priest responds “going to were my flock is” he makes a few comments about seeing people on Sunday and leaves… Dean continues to the bar tender, Flirts and then she goes to get him his drink, Sam asks “You drink hurricanes?” “I do now” Says Dean.

Guy named “Rich” walks out and says hi to his friend “Chuck”, Chuck ask if he feels all right and he says “I’m not feeling myself today” Rich then pulls out a gun and shots Chuck, Before he can kill himself Dean tackle him and Rich
says that Chuck slept with his wife.
Cops show up, Dean and Sam are trying to figure out whats going on, Cops wanna photo for the paper and Sam and Dean agree that they need to go, They can’t find Richie.

Richie and the bar tender get to her place and head in.. She says “her parents left it to her”, The place is kinda freaky.. She lights some candles and she knows Richie is a hunter, She blinks… Demon. They start to fight but she just snaps his neck.

Commercial #1

Dean can’t get a hold of Richie, He’s worried and says he has to go find him, Sam wants to follow the head pub guy…”Trotter” They both head off…

Bobby is trying to get the colt to fire straight when Ruby shows up, “Cute piece” she says, “It wont kill a demon” She tells him, then blinks and Bobby realizes shes a demon and he aims at her, She dares him to shot her and he does…. She says “it hurts a little” and then she offers to help fix the gun.

Sam is tailing Trotter when Dean calls and almost gets Sam caught, There meeting at the bar in 20mins… Casey (the bar tender) makes a joke at him and he replies “It’s cause i have a thing for the bar tender” She wants to leave now with him. They head off… Manager notices them leaving.

Sam waits for Trotter to leave and then goes into his office, He get cought and they put a gun to his head.. He throws holy water on them and nothing happens.. Sam realizes there not demons, Says sorry and leaves.

Dean gets to Casey’s house and he also thinks its creepy they start to kiss and she tells him to get comfortable.. He says that Richie was a friend of his.. He tracked his GPS and knows Richie is dead he also put a devils trap on the roof…. Casey is trapped. She pushes the walls behind Dean together and there both blocked in.

Commercial #2

She is stuck in the circle and Deans stuck outside of it, He wants to exercise her but his book is in the rubble and he can’t remember the words.. She makes jokes at him telling him that “Sam is the brains of the outfit” and Dean realizes that they are known buy most demons because of the devils gate… She tells him that she has friends coming and Dean has Sam.. “So lets see who gets here first”

Sam looking for Dean at the bar asks the manager if he has seen Dean, Sam has to pay him… He learns that he left with Casey… He pays the manager more and gets the address. Deans still trying to get out, Deans learns that Casey told Trotter to make the bar, etc… And that she is somewhat civil for a demon.

Sam at Casey’s place, Looking around finds nothing except sulfur… Casey asks Dean if he believes in God… he says “He would like too” she talks about why would a God allow so much killing, etc.. Sam didn’t find dean at that address, Calls Bobby and tells him whats going on. Sam sees the priest at the pub and goes and sits by him, Sam wants to talk. Casey is still talking to Dean, She says her “God is Lucifer” and Dean says you mean a “Devil?” they start talking and Dean says “Lucifer is real?” and she says that she hasn’t seen him but there are story’s. She goes on about earths flaws, And Dean says “Demons are evil” she replies with “And humans are such a lovable bunch? **** Chaney?” “He one of yours” Dean asks… “Not yet but he’s got a spot down sitars”… He asks what hells like, She knows about the deal… She says a lot of demons are ticked at him and that it will be bad.

Sam is asking about Casey, The priest says that she grew up in the church.. Sam tells him that Her and Dean left together and he went to the apartment and they weren’t there… Sam thinks there in trouble and asks if threes anyplace Casey would go.. The priest knows off a place.. They get up to go and the priest blinks… He is a demon too and Sam doesn’t know it.

Commercial #3

Casey says that Dean it “likable” and she liked the deal he made for Sam, Dean says it takes off the extra worry knowing your going to die in a year… Sam and the priest on there way and the priest is telling Sam he could do great things. He asks about Dean and then calls Sam “his bothers keeper”.. Casey is laying on the floor and Dean is starring at her, She makes a comment about Lust and what they should do since there trapped.. Dean ask about the gate.. he says “it opened and now what? threes no plan?” She says the Yellow Eyed Demons name is “Isaso” and that he had the plan. Sam was going to lead the army but when they killed Isaso the plan was ruined and now everyone is just trying to take over. Most are gunning for Sam…. She says “for the record i was ready to follow Sam”…. Sam and the priest show up and start to look around, Dean and Casey hear them… Dean yells up a drain and sees Sam.. He tells him to watch out. Sam pulls a gun out and wants to makes sure the priest is OK… Priest shows Sam he is a demon and then Bobby shows up and shots at the demon, He missed. Demon throws Bobby and Sam out of the way and makes his way into the house. Sam goes in after… Demon makes his way in and pushes Dean out of the way.. He then breaks the devils trap and kisses Casey…. Dean gets up and they tell him “they’ve been to hell and back, literally”.. Priest starts to strangle Dean and Casey convinces him to stop… Sam shots him with the cult. He is dead. Sam shots Casey with the cult and Dean tries to stop him…. Too late… Shes dead.

Commercial #4

Dean and Bobby getting ready to go, Debating if the battle is a losing one, Dean wanted to try and save the real people the demons were possessing and tells Bobby that the kills “were cold” he says “back in Wyoming, there was this moment, yellow eyes said something to me.. that maybe when Sam came back from wherever, came back differently, you think threes something wrong with my bother?” Bobby tells him “Demons lie, I’m sure he’s OK”

Sam packing and Ruby shows up to congratulate him, She tells him he killed two demons today, He says he killed two people… They continue to talk and he calls her a “cold bi**h” and she reminds him that she can help Dean. He debates her help and picks up the colt aiming it at her chest, She asks him “so whats it going to be?” he pulls the gun back…. She tells him he has to do things that go against his gentle nature… But she will be there to help.

The End

In Sin City Dean managed to stay out of bed, But he did end up almost dieing but got inside a the mind of a demon he thought was OK… Sam continues to grow closer and closer to that side of him that he is afraid off… Another strong season 3 episode from Supernatural.

Review by Gaelic

3.04: Sin City

There are some episodes that entertain me, some that make me tingle, some that make me think, and some that just wow me. This one was both entertaining and thought provoking. We got a glimpse into Dean — not only his fears for himself and Sam, but also his past, his connections to people outside of his family. Okay, once again, stream of consciousness after one viewing. You’ve been warned.

One thing that has always intrigued me was how sheltered the boys seemed to me. Almost as if they didn’t know how many hunters were in the world. And Dean’s seeing Richie again kinda helped fill in some of the gaps in my understanding of how well they knew the hunter world before the Roadhouse.

Richie was another example of an excellent OC. Hated to see him die… and the way he died… Gah. I actually drew back at that. Nasty. The bartender and priest were fairly obvious to me as demons, but still well-played. But let me back up a bit. Start at the beginning. I am looking forward to a different opening at some point. I kinda ignore the previouslys for the most part right now. I get that they have to lay the groundwork for the events of the episode, but I look forward to the random classic rock that they got us hooked on for the previouslys.

Guy killing himself in the choir loft, sadly, had little effect on me this time. But, that nun had a set of lungs on her, didn’t she? What a screamer.

The hints we got about the Colt, about Sam, and about what is waiting for Dean were all nicely placed breadcrumbs that are just leading us through this season. I loved watching the boys at Bobby’s – looking like they had a home base. I loved Bobby’s “you run into anything, you call me” command as they walked out. They both actually looked like boys there for a moment. And the thing with Bobby? When they call him, they know he’ll answer. He’ll answer, and he’ll come. They never had that reassurance with John. Which just makes me sad.

At first I thought Sam seemed a tad over-eager about the Colt being done soon, which lifted a brow, until Dean asked Bobby if it would be done that afternoon. But I couldn’t really tell if he was doing that to kind of… cover up for Sam’s eagerness, make it feel more natural… or if he were just genuinely asking.

The whole episode I felt Sam’s tension. The hooker called him on it (uncomfortable Sam is so cute!), but he was tense the whole time — and you could kinda see Dean bouncing off of that tension. Careful of it in his own way. Their roles were even kinda reversed when they were questioning the Padre. Sam was hard-hitting, and Dean was taking notes. I like how they’re once again off-balance. How they’re trying to feel each other and themselves out because once again, they’re in a whole knew situation. Last year, Dad was dead. This year, Sam had died and Dean is “dying”… Dean was tailspinning at the beginning of S2 in a active, violent way… and I think the same is true this season, he’s just doing it inside. Sam’s more obviously acting out, uncomfortable in his own skin.

Sam: Okay, tension aside, Sam watches him some hockey with the way he took out Trotter’s muscle man with the shirt and the kidney punches. That was awesome — and then he flipped that gun out of Trotter’s hands! Nice! However, he totally hooked me when he realized he was dealing with humans and not demons and stuttered and stumbled from the room with his “have a nice day.” The expression on his face when he left — adorable.

The priest’s insinuations about Sam being “at the front of the pack” while they were in the car, and being his “brother’s keeper”… strangely creepy in a way foreshadowy way…

Sam didn’t hear Casey’s story about the demon army and his leading it, and I think that’s important. I wonder if Dean will reveal what Casey told him to his brother — or if we’ll have secrets on both sides. Dean was right to be concerned; Sam did look cold when he shot those demons. And I don’t think it was because they were hurting his brother. That was a part of it, sure, but I think it was because they were demons. Someone once told me that its the thing we hate the most inside of us that makes us hate another, we just don’t always recognize that. Not that Sam is a demon, but I think there’s always been something different inside of him, and what he went through when Dean brought him back with the deal — or when the Hell Gate was opened — may have awakened that. And he’s fighting it.

Because Ruby is right — what has to be done goes against his nature. He was sick about killing two humans, true. But I wonder if his mood at the end was more because he knew he could kill humans to get rid of demons — and he’s never been able to do that before, ever… Dean has, but he hasn’t — than the fact that he had. He found out that it was almost… easy. And that scared the hell out of him.

Dean: I loved him in this episode. From the chuckle at the mirrored ceiling, to bantering with Richie, to his tete-a-tete with Casey. His face, his eyes, his mood, the way he carried himself, it all spoke to me of a man slowly (veeerrryyy slowly) coming to terms with himself, and not sure if he was up to the responsibility of what that meant. Oh, also — did you catch the vibrating bed/quarter slot that he found? The grin? Priceless. His eagerness to do “research” in the city was very Dean (and thank GOD for CCR… I missed the classic rock!).

Tackling the gunman, nice. Always with the movement, our guy. But his real magic turned on the moment he said “by the way, Richie was a friend of mine”… the fact that he wouldn’t eat (“you do realize that there’s red meat within a foot of you”) because he was worried melted my heart and put me on alert. So when he said he tracked Richie’s cell phone, I gasped. I knew he was going to trap Casey. I just didn’t realize he’d get himself stuck in there with her… but what better way to set up that conversation.

Dean trying to Latinate without the book was hilarious. His face when he got stuck — Ha! Poor guy. And his “everybody?” question when Casey said that Sam was the brains of the outfit? Adorable. After the chapter we just wrote for Bloody Sunday, I found Casey’s speech about the wickedness of humanity rather fitting. And it was good to get the scoop on Sam being pegged as the leader of the army; only since he didn’t accept the role, there is now chaos with demons fighting for power and many of them gunning for Sam. The look on Dean’s face when he heard that — I mean talk about heavy. What could that mean? To create order, Sam will have to lead the demons? How’s THAT gonna work? No way they’re letting that happen… right? And how will Dean be able to protect Sam from those demons after him when he’s in Hell?! You could see it all hitting him when Casey asked if he were scared and he casually said “Nah” while his shoulders tightened and his breath stalled.

The conversation about demons having faith in Lucifer was almost as enlightening as Dean’s slightly wistful expression when he admitted that he’d like to believe in God. That about broke my heart. That he wanted to believe that there might be a good higher power out there… some chance that he could still be saved. Saved literally, saved figuratively… just… saved. Someone — or something — telling him, you did good. You did the right thing. All this fighting? It meant something. When Casey told him “why do you think we want to come here” when he asked what Hell was like… the look on his face gutted me. Meg said it before when she possessed Sam — that Hell was, well… hell. I think Casey echoing it here kinda turned Dean’s gut to ice.

That was as close as he has yet to come to admitting he’s scared shitless about this deal. And then a demon actually begs for his life… actually tries to get her lover to not kill him. Wow. Because he’s likable? Well, yeah, there is that. But still. Wow. And his real fear about Sam being okay — I like how he asked that… it wasn’t is he wrong and bad and should I be afraid of him, it was… is Sam okay? Is there something wrong with him? Can I fix it? Can I keep him safe? I gotta say I love Dean and Bobby’s relationship. Dean connects to Bobby in a way he was never allowed to with John. I don’t see it as replacing John — you don’t just “replace” a parent, especially one with as commanding a presence as John. But he is allowed to be vulnerable a bit around Bobby. And that’s fantastic. I loved the quaver in his voice, the pull of his eyebrows, the way he couldn’t look right at Bobby as he asked.

The weight is settling lower on his shoulders.

Observations: Is it me, or did the Colt only hit something when Sam shot it? It looked like Bobby couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn when he fired, and we know he’s a good shot… I mean, I know Dean used it on YED (or, as we found out Azeazle… however you spell that), but since it was remade, it looks like Sam is the only one that actually made it work. Hmmm. Ruby is good and sassy, but she’s starting to make my teeth grate with the way she’s dangling Dean’s salvation like a carrot in front of Sam. Using him. Being his “fallen angel” on his shoulder. I narrowed my eyes more than once at her.

I know that someone on this writing team knows what’s going on for the rest of this season — the actors apparently don’t, as we learned from Jensen’s interview — and I think that they are teasing out this arc so nicely. Keeping us biting our lips and scratching our heads and talking amongst ourselves about the possibilities and the whys and the whatfors… all the while watching these boys captivate our living-rooms for an hour (or more, depending on how many times you rewatch) a week. Bravo.


Recurring Role:
Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)
Katie Cassidy (Ruby)
Guest Star:
Martin A. Papazian (Richie)
Sasha Barrese (Casey)
Elisa King
Matthew Harrison
Todd Curran
Gregory Bennett
Dean Paul Gibson (Bartender)
Gavin Buhr (Bodyguard)
Don S. Davis (Trotter)
Richard Keats (Andy)
Robert Curtis Brown (Father Gil)
Julia Anderson (Prostitute)




Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Mooment of the Episode: Played while Dean and Sam are arriving at the bar, a girl wants Dean to join her car and then the boys meet Richie again.

Fool for Your Loving by Whitesnake

Bad Seed by Brimstone Howl

Nikki by Sasquatch

Did You See It by Mother Superior


Casey: Guess you should have paid more attention in Latin class.
Dean: I don’t know what you’re smiling about, you’re not going anywhere.
Casey: And apparently neither are you.
Dean: Yeah but I got somebody coming for me and uh… he did pay attention in class.
Casey: Oh right–Sam. Everyone say’s he’s the brains of the outfit.
Dean: Everyone?

Sam: (on Dean not eating the hamburger in front of him) You do realize there is red meat within striking distance, right?

Dean: (referring to Richie) No way he gets a girl like that. I mean, look at her. You could fit that ass on a nickel.

Richie: Wow, this is, er, charming. You sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in a bedroom, or my motel room? I mean, not for nothing, but you know… I got oils.
Casey: But I have toys.
Richie: Yeah, no, toys trump oils.

Dean: (about the Colt): So if we wanna go check out these omens in Ohio, think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?
Bobby: Well, it won’t kill demons by then, but I can promise it’ll kill you.

Sam: No offense, but what are you doing here, Father?
Father Gil: Like it or not, you go where your flock is.
Casey: Plus the clergy drinks for free.

Dean: (trying an exorcism from memory) Spiritus emundi, undalara, persona tote… (trails off, lost)
Casey: Nice try but I think you just ordered a pizza.

Bartender: What’s wrong with you? Think I’m gonna give you a coworker’s address just so you can go over there and get your freaky peeping tom rocks off? (Sam hands him money) Corner of Piermont and Clinton. Have fun.

Dean: Azazel?
Casey: What, you think his friends just called him Yellow-Eyes? He had a name.

Sam: For some reason, you’re fighting on our side. Why is that, again?
Ruby: Go screw yourself, that’s why. I don’t have to justify my actions to you, Sam.

Dean: There’s got to be a demon or two in South Beach.
Sam: Sorry, Hef, maybe next time.

Dean: All you demons have such smart mouths.
Casey: It’s a gift.

Casey: You Winchester boys are famous. Not Lohan famous, but you know.

Casey: Why Dean. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that’s lust in your eyes. Well, it would be one way to spend the time. But I don’t think you’d respect me in the morning.
Dean: That’s okay: I mean hey, I barely respect you now.

Ruby: Go ahead, if that makes you happy. It’s not gonna do much for Dean, though. (Pause) So, what’s it gonna be? (SAM lowers the Colt).
That’s my boy. This won’t be easy, Sam. You’re gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours. There’ll be collateral damage…but, it has to be done.
Sam:Well, I don’t have to like it.
Ruby: No. You wouldn’t be Sam if you did. On the bright side, I’ll be there with you – that little fallen angel on your shoulder.

Dean: Think something’s wrong with my brother?
Bobby: Nah. Demons lie. I’m sure Sam’s okay.
Dean: (doubtfully) Yeah.

Casey: So you see? Is my kind really really all that different than yours?
Dean: Well, except that, uh, demons are evil.
Casey: And humans are such a lovable bunch. **** Cheney.
Dean: He’s one of yours?
Casey: Not yet. Let’s just say he’s got a parking spot reserved for him downstairs.

Dean: A demon with a heart. Wow.

Casey: (to Dean) Just this year, you people racked up a body count that amazed even us. Now it’s our turn. And this time, we’re doing it right.

Casey: Why don’t you relax?
Dean: Why don’t you kiss my ass?
Casey: Why, Dean, you’re a poet. I had no idea.

Dean: Oh, I forgot to mention Richie was a friend of mine, once I realized I could track the GPS in his mobile I wanted to give him a proper burial, better than lying in some skank’s basement.

Dean: What are you laughing at, *****? You’re still trapped.
Casey: So are you… *****.

Bobby: What do you want?
Ruby: Peace on earth, a new shirt…

Sam: You drink hurricanes?
Dean: I do now.

Trotter: What kind of psycho are you?
Sam: (embarrassed) Oh,god. Uh, I’m sorry. I think this was just a minor misunderstanding.? Yeah, okay.How ’bout I just leave, cause… (Removes bullets from gun) Uou know, I’ll take these. (Places gun down) I’ll, uh, I’ll leave this for,uh… You,uh… Have a nice day?

Sam: Um, you remember the guy I was with last night? We sat right here.
Barman: The big hero who jumped on Reggie.
Sam: Yeah, yeah. The — the big hero. Right.


  • The Yellow-Eyed Demon’s name is revealed to be Azazel.


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