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Writers: Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
First aired: Friday February 18 2011.

DEAN RUSHES HOME TO CHECK ON LISA — Ben (guest star Nicolas Elia) calls Dean (Jensen Ackles) and tells him Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) is in trouble. Dean leaves Sam (Jared Padalecki) to investigate a case alone and rushes home to rescue Lisa, however, he’s not prepared for what meets him at the door. Meanwhile, Sam discovers the men that were murdered were all a part of a cruel practical joke played on a female co-worker who went missing.

Jeannot Szwarc directed the episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder.




While Dean is called home to help Lisa, Sam investigates the case of a missing woman and discovers she was the butt of a cruel practical joke played on her by her co-workers.

Full Recap

Dean tries to wake up Sam. After a few tense moments, Sam comes out of his coma.

Great Falls Junior College, Paterson, New Jersey

A janitor, Steve, is working in the biology lab, unaware that the anatomy dummy behind him is watching him. The man hears a noise and turns, failing to realize the dummy has left its hook. He then looks down and sees blood on the floor, and discovers that a cut is opening up in his head. As the temperature drops and the lights flicker, the janitor turns and sees a discarded tray of scalpels. He panics and runs to the door, only to come face to face with the dummy. He backs away, screaming, and then falls to the floor with a scalpel in his throat.

Dean is grabbing something to eat and checks on Sam, who is still recovering from his experience. He explains that he felt like he was unconscious for a week, but insists that he’s fine. Dean realizes that he relived some of his time in Hell, and says that from now on, Sam can’t explore his past. Sam hesitates and then agrees, and Dean says that they need to get his mind off of it by taking on a job. He shows him an article about the janitor’s murder in a locked business and they figure they can check it out.

The brothers arrive at the lab and examine the anatomy dummy. Dean smells sulphur but Sam notes that they’re in a science lab. Before they can check things out, Dean gets a call from Lisa and ignores it. He refuses to discuss it with Sam, and they pick up EMF readings. They check the security footage and discover that it blurred out during the time of the murder. Next, the Winchesters go to the janitor’s girlfriend and Sam talks to her while Dean ignores another message from Lisa. Sam confirms that the janitor was a model citizen, while Dean determines that there’s no connection between the supernatural and the site the lab is built on. They have to admit they’ve got nothing to go on.

At the Salzman & Son garment factory three towns over, a night watchman named Dave checks a room full of mannequins. He hears something and assumes a friend is playing tricks on him. The watchman turns around and finds himself face-to-face with a mannequin. The temperature drops and a cut opens up on his forehead. He turns and finds another mannequin blocking his path. It raises a pair of scissors and comes after him, and the other mannequin impales him with a metal rod.

The brothers arrive at the factory the next day and confirm there are EMF readings coming from the mannequin parts. Sam figures it’s tied to the anatomy dummy at the lab and that a ghost is possessing the dummy and the mannequin. However, Dean wonders how the two deaths are connected, and they start doing research. It turns out that a seamstress named Rose Brown went missing a year ago. She was last seen at the factory, and she was survived by her sister Isabel. As they leave to talk to Isabel, Dean gets another call from Lisa. Sam tells him to answer it and Dean reluctantly does so. It’s Ben, who says that something is wrong with Lisa. He explains that his mother won’t come to the phone and she’s locked herself in her bedroom. Ben asks Dean to help him, and Dean says he’ll call back in five minutes. As the brothers leave, Sam insists that he can handle the case and Dean needs to deal with his past. Dean reluctantly gives in and drives off in the Impala.

Sam visits Isabel, who describes Rose as kind and giving. However, she notes that people gave Rose a hard time because she was shy, and she spent a lot of her time defending her. Isabel shows Sam some photos, including one of the factory Christmas party. It turns out the janitor was at the party, and he quit a year ago after Rose’s disappearance. Sam calls Dean to update him, and they wonder how Rose’s ghost went from the college to the factory. He talks to workers at the factory, and ends up talking to Jonny. Jonny is clearly worried, and claims that he doesn’t know Rose. He finally admits that he recognizes her, but insists that he doesn’t know anything. Sam gives him his card and says to call him if he remembers anything.

Dean arrives at Lisa’s house and discovers that she’s dressed to go out on a date. They realize that Ben set the entire thing up, and dean comes in for a beer. He asks her who she’s dating, and Lisa admits she’s going out with Matt, a doctor. They start arguing, and Dean tells her to ask him for something, anything. Lisa says that what she wants, Dean can’t give her. She wonders what Dean wants from her and Ben, but he doesn’t have an answer.

That night, Jonny is at the factory and calling a friend to say that he’s freaking out. As he hangs up, Jonny realizes that his head is bleeding. The temperature drops and he turns around to find himself facing a mannequin. Sam arrives and gets him into a room, and barricades it with salt lines. He explains that Jonny was the most suspicious suspect of all time, and that Rose has returned as a ghost. Sam tells Jonny to tell him what they did to Rose, and Jonny explains that they played a stupid joke. They made Rose think she had a secret admirer, and then lured her to an apartment. When she arrived there, she discovered the pranksters had dressed up a mannequin, and then came out to laugh. When she tried to leave, Steve the janitor grabbed her, she tripped, and cut open her skull hitting a table edge. Steve insisted that they needed to hide the body and bury it in the woods, rather than risk an involuntary manslaughter charge. Sam finds out where the body is buried and tells Jonny to stay there while he deals with it.

Dean goes to Ben’s room, and the boy wants Dean to apologize and come back. He wonders if Dean hates Lisa or him, and Dean assures him that he didn’t do anything. Dean admits that he can’t be with Lisa because his job turns him into someone that can’t be around them. He tells Ben that he’s not someone the boy wants to be, and if Dean stays away then he has a shot at having a choice in his lives. Ben doesn’t buy it, and insists that Dean is walking out on his family.

Sam destroys Rose’s bones and then calls Jonny and tells him that it’s over, and he has a second chance to not be a jackass.

As Dean drives away, he remembers his time with Lisa.

Jonny goes to his apartment above a bar and tells a mannequin, Jenny, that he loves her and it’s time for them to move on. The mannequin comes to life, much to his surprise.

The next day, Sam goes to Jonny’s apartment and confirms that Jonny is dead and Rose is tied to something else. He calls to tell Dean that the ghost is still active, and goes to the Brown house to see if something else of Rose’s survived. He notices Isabel’s chemistry books and she explains that she goes to Great Falls. Sam realizes that she was at the chem lab and the factory, and she was at the bar the previous night when Jonny died. He asks her what she’s wearing of Rose’s, and Isabel explains that Rose donated a kidney for her when she was sixteen.

That night, Sam takes Isabel to meet Dean, and they try to figure out what to do. Dean suggests they call Dr. Robert, but Sam says they need to go to Louisiana to get some hoodoo. Isabel overhears them talking and comes to confront them, and the Impala starts up on its own. Rose drives the car at Dean, and he lures it into a storefront where it crashes. A piece of crash hits Isabel, impaling her. Rose’s ghost appears and apologizes to her sister, and then disappears as Isabel dies.

Later, Sam and Dean take the Impala to Bobby’s auto yard to make repairs. As they work, Dean wonders what they’ve accomplished, since they got Isabel killed while he ended up with a woman who hates him. Sam admits it was a loss, but figures that at least he’s clear of Satan. He thanks Dean for what he did and says he would have done the same for his brother.


Review by Gaelic

6.14 – Mannequin 3: The Reckoning – Gaelicspirit review

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Review by Azrael

Okey boys and girls, might not be the same now it is a dude doing it, but it’s review time, let us explore what the Supernatural world brought to us this Friday, shall we?

To start with, I’d like to add a note, whoever wrote this episode was tripping on very bad things, which resulted in the most unnerving episode on the series so far (At least in my opinion)!! But he nailed it in what I think were the two most important moments in the whole season, so let’s go!

Skipping the “Then” part, which focused mainly on Lisa/Dean and the end of the last episode, we start right where we left off last Friday, Sam is knocked out cold on the ground, and Dean seems to be lost on what to do, you gotta love the way he worries about his little brother, the way he is shouting “Sammy!”, you can feel on his voice the fear he feels for his own brother, and you can see on his eyes that he is worried sick for not being able to do anything right there..

But then, right when you think the worst could happen.. BAM! Sam wakes up and he is fine, but not before you see the fire going out on his eyes!! And what is the first thing protective Dean says? “You’re with me?” – “Let’s get the hell out of here!”

Now we cut to a Chem lab! (Or something like it), there is a creepy science mannequin hanging from a hook, the kind which has al organs that you can pop out and back in, has one eye lid half closed, and don’t seem to have any eye lid at all on the other eye, it just creeped the bejesus out of me, since Chucky, I have a thing with innate objects that I just can’t get over

There is a janitor going around cleaning the room, and at some point, he hears a noise!! The camera cuts back to the hook, and OMG the mannequin is gone!! The janitor does not realize something is going on, and resumes what he is doing, but then… He stops cold on his track, and realize something is dripping on the floor, and it seems awful like blood, when the camera pans back to his head, we can see a gash growing on one side of his forehead, at this point I was like “ew ew ew, here comes a scary-jump-a-mile-high moment”! Lights start flicking like crazy, and then go off!

The janitor turns around, he sees a tray with all kinds of scalpels scattered on the floor, and the camera shows the hook shaking from one side to the other, making that creepy rusty metal noise! He runs towards the exit, when he stole a glance back I was like “Okey, when he looks forward again, my heart is definitely skipping a beat!”, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t mistaken, when he turns his head back.. BAM! the creepy Mannequin is actually LOOKING at him, with a psychotic grin on his face, and a mean-looking semblant, we hear a defying scream, and blood goes everywhere on the pilot board! The camera focus on the janitor, now dead with a spaltel on his neck and lying on a pool of blood, and the mannequin is back to his place. BAM! Supernatural entry credits!

So we go back to the brothers, on a stop somewhere, Sam seems to be handling a bad headache, and Dean, protective as always, pushes everything possible to his bro, medicine, food, drinks, whatever will make him feel okey. Dean and Sam start talking about how long Sam was passed out, and although he was only out for two to three minutes, Sammy claims that it felt like a whole week! Dean starts lecturing his brother again about the wall, and Sam doesn’t like the idea of ignoring what he has done in this past year (Okey, at this point I was agreeing with Dean, I was like “Dude!!! Past is past, stop feeling guilty for the things you did when you didn’t have your soul, there is no turning back, learn how to let go of the guilt, and focus on what lies ahead, or you can die for good!)

I think it’s safe to say that Sam clearly remembered if not everything, part of what happened to him in hell, but he didn’t feel like sharing with Dean at the time.. and this made me grumpy, this boys have been through a lot over the years, and although they KNOW they rely on each other, and that they go through things a lot easier when they have each other’s support, they still seem to find it better not to bother one another with this little (or not so little) and definitely important things.

Science lab scene.. hmmmmm, I gotta say I really love Jensen’s knack for physical comedy, he just delivers it in a great way!! Gotta say I started getting an uneasy feeling when Dean was playing with the plastic heart and the camera started closing-up at the Mannequin’s face.. *shudders*

Phone ringing.. and it’s Lisa! Dean seems pretty surprised about it, he rejects the call, and again one of the boys show stubbornness to discuss the things that matters. Sam brings out the EMF, and boy is that thing humming, and he seems to realize it got something to do with the science doll.

Cuts to a scene where Dean is inside the Impala while Sam was up talking to the janitor’s girlfriend, and he gets a text message from Lisa.. we don’t actually know if he read it or not, cuz the camera cuts out of the car, and when Sam gets back, it’s just case talking.

The factory scene creeped the hell out of me, but it was funny too, we get a whole scoop on how insanely crazy thos mannequins are, Jackie Chan never saw it coming, had a big gash on his forehead too, and I laughed out loud when he got impaled, not that I’m a heartless guy, but the Mannequin acted funny!

So the guys look into the factory, and that’s when they are 100% that the dolls/mannequins might be behind that, again, Jensen delivers a great deal of physical comedy, gotta love it!

The boys find out one of the factory personnel went missing, a girl named Rose Brown! Then Dean wages down that it’s an avengeful spirit.. Right then, he gets a call from Lisa, with a little nudge from Sam, he finally gets the call, and surprise! Is Ben, he says something is wrong with mommy, and oh no! Dean has a hard time splitting from his brother, but at the end they go their own ways for a short time, we didn’t know then,but this would be extremely important at the end!

Sam is left to investigate the case alone, which I think was a great way the writers chose to show that Sammy is back, treating everyone nicely, going around gathering info, yes!!! Our Sam is definitely normal again, working by his own kind-nature (That didn’t come out the way it was supposed to ). While questioning Rose’s sister, Sam finally gets more background on her, and stumbles across a picture from the factory employees, which surprise! Has the two guys we’ve seen getting killed!

While questioning the factory employees, Here is Johnny!! the dude who acts weird, and from the first moment the camera closed on him, I knew something was up, he was nervous, he was anxious, and ofc our Sammy caught that scent!

Dean time!! Remember when I said this episode had what I think were the 2 most important moments in the whole season? here is one… He reaches Lisa’s house, he rings the doorbell, and who answers it? … Lisa!! With a yummy black dress denoting her curvy lines.. oh my G..

Sorry for that, but it’s what you get when you have a guy doing the honors! Anywho, we already get a sense that something is going on, Lisa is dressed up fine, make-up on, she’s looking gorgeous, but oh.. she does not seem happy on seeing Dean, neither does she greet him the way we would expect.. “Dean, what you’re doing here?” , after realizing Ben set them up, Lisa almost reluctantly allows Dean inside..

Well, I’m sorry if anyone disagrees with me here, but I actually back Lisa 100%, she can’t be depending on Dean for her entire life, he can’t just show up at her door everytime at random times, when she is finally trying to forget him, she can’t be worried sick all the time when the phone rings, afraid that Sam is calling her to say Dean is dead… It just doesn’t work out for a hunter to have a family, I hate to see Dean being heartbroken, but he was born under a bad sign, his destiny is to be hunting, to be with his brother, not to have a wife and a kid, and live what they call an “apple-pie” life.

I like the way the writers did this, I was afraid I was going to be hating Lisa from this point on, but she actually used all the right arguments to convince at least me, that this was necessary, it was the right thing to be done, poor Dean

Back to the factory, Johnny is worriedly talking to someone on the phone about the feds, he definitely knows something! And the Mannequins are onto him, a gash starts appearing on his head too! When the dolls seem like they are going to kill him, it’s Sammy to the rescue! He moves Johnny to a safe room, salts everything, and demands to know what happened! We learn that Johnny and the other 2 murdered co-workers played a prank on Rose, one who ended bad, she died when hitting her head on a table, explaining the gash that appears on everybody’s forehead.. Sam gets the location where the body was buried, and sets off to burn the remains

Back to Dean, he enters Ben’s room, and I just loved the father-son moment, with Dean explaining all that has being going on, and that Ben should never feel guilty for him and Lisa splitting up, it’s just the way HE lives. In a heartbreaking moment, Ben accuses Dean of running off his family, the one that accepted him no matter what, and always backed him even when he acted like a dick..

You can tell Dean wasn’t ready to hear that from Ben, his face seemed like he wanted to cry, he obviously loves the kid so much I know this would turn out to be important on the last scene of the episode, but I really hope Ben will come to forgive Dean, I think he is the only father-figure Ben will ever look up to, no matter what! After that, we have a scene of Sam burning the remains of Rose, apparently finishing the haunt, he calls Johnny to let him know it’s over..

We are brought back to Dean, in his Impala, listening to music and flash-backing to all the happy, and maybe even sad, moments he had with Lisa and Ben.. if you got teary at this point, hey its okey! I’m a guy and I felt emotional for the dude, I got my own personal experience and could relate, but even those who haven’t can imagine what is like having a family broke into pieces!

Here is Johnny again!! He is at an irish pub, he goes up to his room, he seems to be talking to someone, saying all is over, that they will be okey.. but when the camera starts panning to who (or should I say what?!) he was talking to… WTH?!?!?! it’s a plastic doll, weirdo, sicko, perverted freak!! I thought that did it for me, but the little bit of hair I have (thanks mom) shot up when the doll’s head turned to look to Johnny, and I bet Johnny let it go right there, someone hand the guy new pants!!

Sam scoops the place, talks to Dean, and goes to visit Rose’s sister, after a brief talk, he realizes the sister is the reason behind the murders, she MUST be walking around with something that belonged to Rose, a lock with hair, a ring, who knows?! BLIMEY! She has one of Rose’s kidneys!!!

I was so so so so happy this happened with soulful Sam, should this have happened a few months back, Sam would have degutted the girl right there… you go Sammy!!

The brothers take Rose’s sister for a ride, and they stop at some huge parking place to talk about what to do next, they might have to find a voodoo solution and throw some mojo on the girl;

Right then, the Impala comes to life by its own, and how many times have I said I love Jensen’s acting? He tried to talk the ghost out of the car, it was hilarious, the whole thing..

“This is not a sex doll” – Honestly Dean? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, it is..
“You leave my baby alone, she got nothing to do with this!!!” –

God, Jensen even runs funny, and the faces he does while running are priceless!

“I’m so sorry baby!!” *jumps out of the way*

I feel compelled to say I consider the end of this haunting a little bit of a downside, the girl just out of nowhere had a shard of glass pierced thru her kidney, but o well!

Now, to the second important moment I talked about, the brotherly moment, gotta love it, after a lot of talking, Sam delivers it “I always got your back” (or something close to that), it was a perfect coup d’grâce (is it spelled like that?), we got the Winchesters back, finally, after hmmmmmmmm, close to 2 and a half years!!

You rock, Sammy!!

A few things I’d like to point out:

1 – Sam, ohhhhhh Sam, finally! The writers definitely showed that he is back for good, working on a case practically for his own, rescuing people, always think about the best and safest way to deal with problems, and delivering the best “mushy” moment of the season so far. Though I must say he needs to learn how to let go from guilt, that is nothing he can do about the past.

2 – Dean.. well, I feel so sorry for him, it was a huge blow he suffered after talking to Lisa and Ben, they might not be his family by blood, but were his family nonetheless, I sincerely hope that Ben will forgive Dean eventually, I always get this feeling that Dean sometimes forgets that Ben is not HIS son, and that is just lovely!

3 – After all Dean suffered, I was so happy with Sam at the end, he let his big bro knows that everything he needs is right there by his side, they are blood, they are co-dependent, they are the only safe-port one another need while they do what they do.

4 – The writers were awesome on the key moments of the episode, like I said, I was afraid I was going to be hating Lisa for eternity, but I actually don’t, I agree with every single thing she said.


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Dean: Well, lucky for you, I’m a doctor. I’ve got joe, grub, and… (gives Sam pills)
Sam: What are they?
Dean: Effective.

Sam: Dean, I might have done… God knows what. And you want me to just forget about it?
Dean: You shove it down, and you let it come out in spurts of violence and alcoholism.
Sam: That sounds healthy.
Dean: Well, it works for me.

Sam: Great. Where to?
Dean: Paterson, New Jersey. Hey, maybe we’ll have a Snooki sighting.
Sam: What’s a “snooki”?
Dean: That’s a good question.

Dean: (holding plastic heart) Be my Valentine?
Sam: Dude, we’re working. Put it back.
Dean: Have a heart!

Dean: So what’d you find out from the mop jockey’s girlfriend?
Sam: Nothing. Just how great he was. Went to church. Donated to charity. Rubbed her feet during Glee.
Dean: I just threw up in my mouth.
Sam: Sorry.

Sam: Wait. That anatomy dummy you were molesting at the lab.
Dean: Excuse me?
Sam: What if that’s what this is about?
Dean: What exactly are you accusing me of?

Lisa: I know what I want. But I can’t have it, not how you live. My phone rings, I think: tiny chance it’s you? Big chance it’s Sam calling to tell me you’re dead.
Dean: Lis –
Lisa: No, don’t. Don’t apologize for anything. It’s just, I get to this place where I’m okay and you show up at our door. You keep doing that – every time I think I’m never going to see you again. I’m trying to get over you. What are you trying to do? What do you want from us, Dean?

Sam: That was a ghost trying to kill you for being a dick.
Johnny: What?!
Sam: You know what? You’re lucky you were the most suspicious interview of all time. I figured something like this would happen.

Dean: Look, one day–you’ll get this when you’re older.
Ben: Don’t talk to me like I’m 6.
Dean: Okay, fine. It’s like this, then. Just cause you love someone doesn’t mean you should stick around and screw up their life. So I can’t be here.
Ben: You think something will follow you home?
Dean: No. No, I don’t. But I think my job turns me into someone who can’t sit at your dinner table. And if I stayed, you’d end up just like me.
Ben: Why do you say it like you’re so… bad?
Dean: Trust me, I’m not someone you want to aim to be.

Dean: I’m sorry, Ben, but this way you got a shot at living whatever life you want. You know, pick one, pick five. Because with me, there’s just the one road.
Ben: You’re a liar, Dean.
Dean: Excuse me?
Ben: You say family’s so important, but, but what do you call people who care for you, who love you even when you’re a dick? You know, you’re walking out on your family, right?

Dean: So is that the girl with the haunted kidney?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Huh, just when you think you’ve seen it all.



Episode Ratings:
– 2.26 million viewers

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Dean offers Sam the anatomy dummy’s heart, saying “Be my Valentine?” He did this with a human heart while they were in the morgue during 5.14 My Bloody Valentine.


Referencing the two-movie franchise, starting with Mannequin in 1989 and followed by Mannequin: On the Move in 1991. In each, a woman is cursed to become a mannequin and can only be restored to normal life by the power of true love.

Dean: Hey, maybe we’ll have a Snooki sighting.
Referencing the MTV series Jersey Shore, and its star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. The show chronicles the adventures of Snooki and her seven New Jersey roommates, the Guidos and Guidettes, as they spend their time together.

Dean: Thanks, Dr. Laura, that’s very insightful.
Referencing Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a radio talk show host that gives out personal advice to her listens and has gained controversy due to her right-wing views. She briefly had a TV series from 2000-2001.

Dean: And none of this “it’s just a flesh wound” crap.
“It’s just a flesh wound” is a line from the 1975 movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Black Knight refuses to let Arthur pass and so they must do battle. When Arthur succeeds in cutting off his arm, the Black Knight insists that the amputation is a flesh wound and that he will still be victorious. The battle progresses until the Black Knight is left without any limbs, and he insists that he’ll bite Arthur’s knees off as Arthur passes him, unscathed.

Dean: Big Brother’s watching.
Referencing the novel 1984 by George Orwell, which introduced the concept of a “Big Brother” government agency that monitors the populace through near-omnipresent security cameras.

Sam: Rubbed her feet during Glee.
Referencing the Fox series premiering in 2009, about a high school glee club coach who attempts to keep the schools’ club running despite the opposition of the cheerleading coach. Each episode features several musical numbers, and also deals with the problems and romantic entanglements of the students.

Dean: Bigger than Kermit, they use an iPad.
Referencing one of the lead characters from The Muppet Show. Created by Jim Henson in 1955, Kermit is a puppet of a talking frog.

Dean: Like Chucky?
Referencing the movie villain first seen in Child’s Play (1988). A killer manages to place his soul into a child’s red-haired toy doll, and goes on a killing sprees as he tries to regain his human body. As of the time this episode premiered, the character went on to star in four sequels.

Dean: But riddle me this, Bat-Boy.
Referencing the 1960s Batman series, where the Riddler (primarily Frank Gorshin would often taunt Batman by saying “Riddle me this” and making some derogatory comment about Batman, and then issuing a riddle challenge.

Dean: I don’t like the way Kim Cattrall’s looking at me.
Referencing Kim Cattrall, who starred as the living mannequin in the first Mannequin movie (see above).

Dean: We’ve been Parent Trapped.
Referencing the 1961 Disney movie and subsequent remakes. The plot of each one is that twins secretly to bring their divorced parents back together and demonstrate that they still love each other and should be together.

Dean: Plants could never kill a zombie.
Referencing the 2010 video game created by PopCap games where a homeowner uses plants to defend his home against an invasion of zombies.

Dean: What are you suggesting – we cut it out of her?
Sam: And then what, leave her in a tub of ice with a phone strapped to her hand?

Sam is referring to a famous urban legend about the harvesting of kidneys. In the legend, someone has their drink spiked, and when they wake up they are in a tub of ice, with a phone strapped to their hand, and a note to call 911. When the do the operator asks them if there is a tube coming out of their back. When the victim confirms that there is, the operator sends paramedics, who find that the victims kidneys have been removed.
This legend is also the punchline to the famous Charlie the Unicorn video.
Sam and Dean previously dealt with a supernatural organ thief, Doc Benton, who treated his victims in a similar manner.

Dean: Well, given she got carjacked by Poltergeist, could be worse.
Referencing the 1982 horror movie Poltergeist, in which a malicious “poltergeist” haunts a house with a little girl.



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