Writers: Eric Kripke
Director: Kim Manners
First aired: Tuesday February 21, 2006

While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) run into Meg (guest star Nicki Aycox), who is thrilled to see Sam again. The brothers soon discover Meg is behind the murders and attempt to catch her. Unfortunately, Meg is one step ahead of them and unleashes shadow spirits on the brothers to ambush them. Sam and Dean realize the trap isn’t for them, but for their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The episode was written by Eric Kripke and directed by Kim Manners.




The mystery
A woman walks through the dark streets of Chicago. She hears mysterious voices and sees an ominous shadow behind her. She runs to her apartment, fumbles with her keys, and finally makes it inside unharmed. She bolts her door, turns on her alarm and relaxes. Mistake. A shadow detaches itself from the wall and attacks her. Blood flies everywhere.

The guys disguise themselves as alarm repairmen to investigate. The landlady tells them no windows were broken, the door was still chained, and the alarm was set – the only thing out of place was the dead woman, who was in several pieces. It looked like a wild animal had attacked. Dean maps out the blood spatters on the floor and comes up with a strange symbol. Neither of the guys recognize it. They retreat to a bar to ponder. Dean pumps the bartender for information – he doesn’t find out anything, but he does get her number. Sam gets distracted – he sees Meg, the woman he met while hitchhiking in Indiana. She’s thrilled to see him. Dean angles for an introduction, and is shocked when Meg lays into him for dragging Sam around the country like luggage. He skulks off. Meg gives Sam her number.

Dean is livid – you *****ed about me to some chick? Sam tells him that’s not important – it seems mighty convenient that he ran into Meg here, and coincidences don’t just happen to them. He tells Dean to figure out what the symbol is while Sam keeps an eye on Meg. Dean checks Meg’s background, and she seems to be who she says she is. He figures out the symbol is used to call a Zoroastrian demon called a daeva. Sam follows Meg to an abandoned warehouse. He sneaks upstairs after her and spies her chanting over an altar and talking into her cup of blood. When she leaves, he checks it out. It’s got the Zoroastrian symbol on it. Meg’s been summoning their demons.

The end?
Sam tells Dean Meg was taking orders from something, and it’s coming to the warehouse. Dean discovered both of the victims of these daeva were form Lawrence, Kansas – their hometown. They leave a message for Papa Winchester, telling him they might have a lead on what killed their mom. Sam is exuberant – if they get this thing, it’ll be over, right? He can go back to his old self. Dean is incredulous – it’ll never be over. There will always be something to hunt. Can’t Sam come back to the family, make it like it was? No, Sam replies – I won’t live this life forever.

The trap
The guys sneak up on Meg, but she’s waiting for them with the daeva. The shadows tear into the guys. When they wake up, they’re bound. It was all a trap! Yes, Meg says, but not for them – for their father. The boys are his weakness, and he’ll come running to rescue them. While they’re waiting, why don’t she and Sam get better acquainted? Sam agrees to let her do her worst. Dean takes the opportunity to start sawing through his bonds, but Meg hears him. She throws away his knife. Where you cozying up to me just to distract me from Dean? She asks. Nope, to distract you from the fact I have my own knife. Sam breaks free and knocks Meg down. He overturns the altar. The daeva rush at a terrified Meg and throw her out the window.

The trap, part 2
The guys limp back to their hotel room, where a shadowy figure is waiting for them. It’s Papa Winchester. Dean rushes to hug him, but Sam hangs back. Papa Winchester tells them the demon knows he’s getting close. Sam wants to fight at his side, but Papa doesn’t want to see them get hurt. Sam and Papa mend the differences and finally embrace. Then the shadows attack. The shadows torture the guys until Sam gets an idea – he lights a flare, flooding the room in blinding light. The shadows retreat, and the guys escape. Sam wants their dad to come with them but Dean says he has to go – they almost got him killed. He’s stronger without them around. Sam resists, but Papa Winchester bows to that logic. They take off in different directions. Meg watches them go.


Guest Stars


Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as John Winchester | gallery

Nicki Aycox
as Meg Mastes | gallery

Lorena Gale
as Landlady | gallery

Melanie Papalia
as Meredith Mcdonell | gallery

Nimet Kanji
as The Bartender | gallery











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Pictures of Me” by Vue
You Got Your Hooks In Me” by Little Charlie and the Nightcats



Dean: Hey, Sam, don’t take this the wrong way, but your girlfriend is a bitch.

Sam: You killed those two people for nothing.
Meg: Baby, I’d kill a lot more for a lot less.

Sam: Yeah, this is… my brother Dean.
Meg: Oh, this is Dean.
Dean: (smiles) So you’ve heard of me.
Meg: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you. Nice… the way you treat your brother like luggage.
Dean: (late to react) Sorry?

Sam: I thought I’d never see you again.
Meg: Well, I’m glad you were wrong.
(Dean does a fake cough, trying to get attention)
Meg: Dude, cover your mouth.

Meg: Sam! Is that you? Oh my god! (smiles and goes and hugs him) What are you doing here?
Sam: I’m just in town visiting friends.
Meg: (looks around) Where are they?
Sam: Well… they’re not here right now.

Sam: All right, Dean. This is the place.
Dean: You know, I’ve gotta say Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork. What was that play that you did? What was it, uh – our Town. Yeah, you were good, it was cute.

Dean: What are you gonna do?
Sam: I’m gonna watch Meg.
Dean: (laughing) Yeah, you are.
Sam: I just wanna see what’s what. Better safe than sorry.
Dean: All right, you little pervert.

Dean: So Sammy’s got a thing for the bad girl.

Sam: I’m just saying, there’s something about this girl I can’t quite put my finger on.
Dean: But I bet you’d like to. Maybe she’s not a suspect, maybe…maybe you’ve got a thing for her. Maybe you’re thinking a little too much with your upstairs brain.

John: I got there just in time to see the girl take the swan dive. (pause) She was the bad guy, right?
Sam and Dean: (in unison) Yes, sir.

(bound up by Meg)
Sam: Wanna have fun? Go ahead. I’m a little tied up right now.

Sam: I thought you were going to California.
Meg: I did. I came, I saw, I conquered.

Sam: How’d you figure that out?
Dean: Give me some credit, man. You don’t have a corner on paper chasing around here.
Sam: Oh yeah? Name the last book you read.
Dean: Ah, I called dad’s friend, Caleb. He told me, all right?

Sam: So, you talk to the cops?
Dean: Uh, yeah. I spoke to Amy a, uh, charming and perky officer of the law.
Sam: Yeah, and what did you find out?
Dean: Well, she’s a Sagittarius. She loves tequila, I mean…whew. Oh, and she’s got this little tattoo…

Dean: (to Sam) Now, look, why don’t you go knock on her door and invite her to a poetry reading, or whatever it is you do, huh?

(over the phone)
Sam: Hi.
Dean: Let me guess – you’re lurking outside that poor girl’s apartment, aren’t you?
Sam: No!…Yes…
Dean: You got a funny way of showing your affection.

Landlady: You guys said you’re with the alarm company?
Dean: That’s right.
Landlady: Well, no offense, but your alarm’s about as useful as boobs on a man.
Dean: That’s why we’re here.

Dean: I’m just saying these outfits cost hard-earned money.
Sam: Whose?
Dean: Ours. You think credit card fraud is easy?

Dean: I talked to the bartender.
Sam: Did you get anything…besides her number?
Dean: Dude, I’m a professional. I’m offended that you would think that (smiles and chuckles as he displays a napkin with her phone number)…All righty!
Sam: You mind doing a little thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?

Dean: So to recap, the only successful intel we’ve scored so far is the bartender’s number.

Sam: I think there’s something weird going on here.
Dean: Yeah – she wasn’t even into me!

Sam: Go to Hell!
Meg: Baby, I’m already there.

Dean: Hey, Sam…?
Sam: Hmmm?
Dean: Next time you want to get laid…find a girl that’s not so buckets of crazy.

Dean: Why don’t you go up and deliver a private strip-o-gram?
Sam: Bite me.
Dean: Oh no, Bite her. Just don’t leave any teeth marks… (Sam hangs up) Sam?



At the end when the Winchesters exit the apartment Sam say they don’t have much time because as soon as the flare goes out the shadow-demons will come back. How come they have time to stand and talk to each other for several minutes without being attacked?

During the various scenes with the Devas, both brothers are seriously injured – and we’re not just talking the normal bumps and bruises, but deep and significant cuts and gouges across their faces and other parts of their bodies. The amount of blood spilled is way below what injuries of this kind would cause. Nor do these extremely significant gouges feature again.

When Sam and Dean are in the bar and Dean is talking to the bar girl, the picture cuts to Sam coming in. When it cuts back to Dean, the picture goes half a second back from where it actually ended.

John drives a 1986 GMC Sierra Grande, registration number CSG 8R3.


Before Zoroastrianism the Devas were actually benevolent spirits, as they are in the theology of Hinduism. It was only after the introduction of Zoroastrianism that the theology was reversed and they became malevolent.

Meg: Oh, and I met what’s-his-name, something Michael Murray – at a bar.
Referring to Chad Michael Murray, with whom Jared Padalecki was a rival love interest for Rory Gilmore’s affections on Gilmore Girls. They also worked together on House of Wax .

Dean: I feel like a high school drama dork.
This is a reference to the two stars. Jared had taken drama lessons since he was twelve and Jensen took drama as his arts elective in high school, which led to him starring in a play and being noticed by an LA manager.



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