Writers: Raelle TuckerSera Gamble
Director: Philip Sgriccia
First aired: Tuesday February 07, 2006

Sam (Jared Padalecki) has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide. Sam convinces Dean (Jensen Ackles) that they must investigate the case, but the two are puzzled when they fail to find anything that indicates that the death was supernatural in nature. That is, until they find out that Max (Brendan Fletcher), the reclusive son of the first victim, has been using his recently acquired power of telekinesis to kill the family members that once abused him. Sam also discovers Max’s mother was killed by the same fiery demon that took his own mom.

The episode was written by Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker and directed by Phil Sgriccia.




The mystery
A man drives into his garage. Suddenly, the garage door shuts, and his car doors lock. The engine spews exhaust. He tries to break out of the car, but he’s overcome. And then Sam wakes up, panting. He insists that he and Dean try to save the man, even though Dean thinks it’s just a regular nightmare. Sam impersonates a cop and calls in the license plate. When they get there, it’s too late. Jim Miller, the man from his dream, is dead.

Bless me, Father…
The guys want to scope out the house, but the family is too bereaved to talk to total strangers. But total strangers who are also hot priests? They can come in. Roger, Jim’s brother, is contemptuous toward them, but Alice, his wife, welcomes them in. Dean tries to get the scoop on the house while Sam questions Max, Jim’s son, who found the body. Neither brother finds anything freaky about the house. Back at the hotel, Sam has another blinding vision – Roger, being menaced in his apartment by a murky figure. The guys rush to his apartment, but Roger doesn’t want to talk to them. They try to run up the fire escape in the back, but Roger sticks his head out the window, and it hurtles down on him like a guillotine. He’s beheaded – just like in Sam’s vision.

Family matters
Something seems to be preying on the Miller family – maybe a curse? Max tells them his family used to live next door to his uncle, so they saw each other all the time. Was it a happy childhood? Max gets shifty-eyed, but says yes, they were normal and happy. The guys don’t buy it. They go back to Max’s old neighborhood, where a neighbor tells them Max’s father and uncle used to beat him mercilessly – and his stepmother just stood by and watched. Stepmother? Apparently, his birth mother died in a car crash. Sam gets another head-crushing vision – this time he sees Max confronting Alice about the beatings. He telekinetically drives a knife through her eye, pinning her to the wall.

To the rescue
Sam and Dean rush to the Miller’s house. Dean is all for taking out Max, but Sam wants to talk to him. Dean takes a gun just in case. They burst in just as Max is starting to lift the knife, then try to persuade him to come outside with them. Max initially agrees, but then he sees Dean’s gun. He telekinetically locks them in the house, then steals the gun and throws Alice around. Sam tells him he’s been having visions about him, and that he’s here to help. Max lets Dean take Alice upstairs and agrees to talk to Sam.

The talk
Max confesses to killing is dad – it was the only way he could stop things. He needed to do it so he wouldn’t be afraid anymore. Then he reveals that his dad said his mom burned up on the ceiling of his nursery – he was nuts, right? Sam tries to tell Max that what happened to his mom was real, and that they must have been chosen for something. They can find answers, Sam says, but he has to let them all go. Max refuses – if he kills Alice, the nightmares will be over! Sam tries to stop him, but Max telekinetically throws him in a closet and blocks the door with furniture. Max goes upstairs and flings Dean across the room. The gun floats toward Alice. Dean steps in front of it – “If you want to kill her, you’ve got to go through me first.” “OK,” Max replies – and blows Dean’s brains out.

Sam howls – the shooting was another one of his visions, but it will come true if he doesn’t get out. Apparently the shock of seeing his brother killed was enough to awaken his own telekinetic powers, as the furniture moves on its own. He burst in just before Max pulls the trigger and tries to reason with Max again. Shooting Alice won’t fix anything! You’re right, Max says – and instead shoots himself.

What if…
Sam feels responsible –if only he’d said something different! Dean tells him not to torture himself – they couldn’t have helped him unless they’d gotten there 20 years earlier. Sam admits that they’re lucky they had their dad – hunting demons turns out to be the healthiest response to a spontaneously combusting mother. Sam wonders if this demon was after him and Max somehow, but Dean dismisses it – it’s not about Sam, it’s just about the demon. Then Sam admits he moved the furniture with his mind. Isn’t Dean worried he could turn crazy like Max? No, Dean replies – you’ve got me, and nothing will happen to you as long as I’m around.


Guest Stars


Brendan Fletcher
as Max Miller | gallery

Beth Broderick
as Alice Miller | gallery

Fred Keating
as Neighbor Man | gallery

Avery Raskin
as Roger Miller | gallery

Dalias Blake
as Policeman | gallery

Susinn McFarlen
as Neighbor Lady | gallery

Cameron McDonald
as Jim Miller | gallery









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 Sam: Aren’t you worried, man? Aren’t you worried that I could turn into Max or something?
Dean: Nope. No way. You know why?
Sam: No, why?
Dean: Because you’ve got one advantage that Max didn’t have.
Sam: Dad? Because Dad’s not here, Dean.
Dean: No, me. As long as I’m around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

Sam: We’re not gonna kill Max.
Dean: Then what? Hand him over to the cops and say, “Lock him up, Officer. He kills with the power of his mind.”

Sam: When Max locked me in that closet, that big cabinet against the door, I moved it.
Dean: You have a little bit more upper body strength than I give you credit for!

Sam: Well, I’ll tell you one thing. We’re lucky we had Dad.
Dean: I never thought I’d hear you say that.

Dean: I know what we need to do about your premonitions. I know where we have to go.
Sam: Where?
Dean: Vegas. (Sam ‘harrumphs’ and walks out) What? Come on man! Craps table? We’d clean up!

Sam: Well, don’t look at me like that.
Dean: I’m not looking at you like anything…but I do gotta say you look like crap.
Sam: Nice…thanks.

Sam: You can’t tell me this doesn’t freak you out.
(long pause)
Dean: This doesn’t freak me out.

Sam: Well, I know one thing I have in common with these people.
Dean: What’s that?
Sam: Both our families are cursed.
Dean: Our family’s not cursed…we’ve just had our dark spots.
Sam: (chuckles) Our dark spots are pretty dark.
Dean: You’re…dark.

Max: All these people kept coming with, like casserole. I finally had to tell them all to go away. Because nothing says “sorry” like a tuna casserole.




At 35:20 as Dean falls to the floor, just before he is out of the shot, you can tell he falls toward Mrs. Miller. Yet when the shot changes to his dead body on the floor, his body is facing away from her.

At 34:21 when the door to the room opens, Dean lowers his right hand. Yet when the shot changes, to the front of him, his hand is back at Mrs. Miller’s head and he lowers it again.

There is a scene when Sam and Dean arrive at the Millers’ house where they are talking to each other with their backs angled towards the camera. We can clearly see a man (a cop?) in a hat walk past them, yet when the camera angle changes, we see the man walk past them again. Later in the scene, the same man walks past them in the opposite direction, yet once again when the camera angle changes, the same man repeats his steps.

When Mrs Miller pours out coffee for Sam, she pours it into a green cup with a leaf on the side. When the camera angle changes, the cup that Sam receives from her is white and a completely different shape. The green coffee cup is later seen in Dean’s hands.

When Sam was having a vision about Max killing his step-mother, you see her chopping celery with a knife. After she chops it up, she wipes some of the chopped celery off the knife. You see that there is still some left on the knife. But seconds later, when Max first starts to move it, you can clearly see there is nothing of the knife.


When Dean & Sam are dressed as priests, Dean introduces them as Father Simmons and Father Frehley. Gene Simmons and Paul “Ace” Frehley were two of the founding members of the rock band KISS.


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