Writers: Richard Hatem
Director: Guy Norman Bee
First aired: Tuesday November 22, 2005

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that when the hospital was open, the patients held a revolt against the cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by the head doctor. While the brothers search the premises for four lost college students, the tortured spirits cause them to go insane, turning Dean against Sam.

The episode was written by Richard Hatem and directed by Guy Bee.



The mystery
Abandoned Roosevelt Asylum is a magnet for thrill-seeking kids – if you spend the night there, you go insane! A couple of cops go in to roust the trespassers. They cops split up (No! Don’t split up!) and one finds the kids. The other finds… something else. He goes home and kills his wife, then himself.

Family dynamics
Sam is pissed – why hasn’t their dad called? Why does no one know where he is? Is he dead? Maybe they should call the feds. They’re interrupted by Dean’s cell phone – it’s a text message of coordinates, just like dad used to send. Dean thinks that’s great – it means Dad’s fine and they’ve got a job to do. Sam isn’t satisfied. Later, Dean poses as a reporter and quizzes the dead cop’s partner aggressively. Sam storms in and throws Dean out of the bar – thus gaining the cop’s trust and getting the scoop on the asylum. The guys check out the asylum in the daytime. They don’t find any ghosts (which tend to come out at night), but they do find evidence that it was a freaky place. Are ghosts possessing people, or are spirits driving people insane? Who knows, but what’s driving Sam insane is that their dad isn’t here. Are they ever going to talk about it? Nope, says Dean – we’re just going to follow orders.

Mental health
Sam goes to the shrink – who happens to be the son of the asylum’s director. He tries to pump the doctor for information. The doctor says he’ll share what he knows, but only if Sam talks to him about his feelings first. For instance – how does he get along with his brother? Apparently Sam had a lot to talk about, but he gets the information – a riot rocked the asylum in the 60s. Lots of people were killed, and several bodies we never found – including the director’s. That’s a recipe for a haunting.

The haunting
Gavin and Kat, more thrill-seeking kids, go into the asylum at night. Mistake – a spooky ghost girl kisses Gavin, then tries to whisper something in his ear. The kids freak and split up. Sam and Dean check the place out, and see evidence of spirits everywhere. One approaches Sam, and Dean shoots it. Sam is confused – she didn’t try to hurt him. Why not? The guys find Kat, who tells them about Gavin. They split up (doh!) to search for him. Sam finds Gavin, and hears about the spirits trying to communicate with him. Dean and Kat go looking in another part of the hospital, and Kat gets locked in another room. Sam tells her to face the ghost and listen what he has to say. It’s a room number – 137.

Split up!
Sam tries to take Kat and Gavin out of the hospital while Dean investigates the room. Sam isn’t happy that Kat thinks Dean is his boss – and is even less happy when he realizes they can’t get out of the hospital. His phone rings – it’s Dean, saying he’s trapped in the basement. Sam goes to rescue him. But Dean is in room 137, where he finds the doctor’s journal. It details all sorts of nasty procedures, including “rage therapy” that went very wrong. The ghost of the doctor finds Sam in the basement and zaps him.

Brotherly … love?
Dean goes down to the basement after Sam, and finds him seemingly unharmed. He knows that doctor’s secret testing room was down here somewhere, and that the body is probably here too. Sam gets pissed when Dean finds the door, and shoots him with rock salt. It won’t kill him, but it’ll hurt like hell. Sam proceeds to vent years’ worth of aggression –Why is Dean always ordering him around! Why can’t Dean think for himself! Why does he always follow their father’s orders! How desperate is he for their dad’s approval! Dean hands him a pistol – Sam really hates him, he should shoot him with real bullets. Sam shoots – but the pistol isn’t loaded. Dean knocks him out, then looks for the doctor’s body. He finds it, and douses it with lighter fluid. The doctor jumps him and tries to zap him as well, but Dean throws his lighter on the body. Vanquishing the doctor’s spirit.

The aftermath
Sam apologizes to Dean – he didn’t mean anything he said! Dean is skeptical but has no desire to talk about it. Back at the hotel, the phone rings. Sam answers, then sits upright is bed. “Dad?”

Guest Stars


Brooke Nevin
as Katherine | gallery

Nicholas D’Agosto
as Gavin | gallery

James Purcell
as James Ellicott | gallery

Norman Armour
as Sanford Ellicott | gallery

Peter Benson
as Officer Walter Kelly | gallery

Nicole LaPlaca
as Spirit | gallery

Nancy Bell
Unkwon | gallery

Tom Pickett
as Officer Daniel Gunderson | gallery

Karly Warkentin
as Officer Walter Kelly’s Wife | gallery

Richard Dietl
Unkwon | gallery

Leif Bridgman
Unkown | gallery

Roy Campsall
Unkwon | gallery

John Gray
Unkown | gallery



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Dean: Alright, so either Kelly had some deep-seated crazy waitin’ to bust out or something else did it to him.

(Sam shoved Dean, who leaves)
Off-Duty Cop: You didn’t have to do that.
Sam: Yeah of course I did. That guy’s a serious jerk.

Dean: (talking about his dad) You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda.

Dean: The log book said he had some sort of hidden procedure room down here somewhere, where he’d work on his patients so I mean, if I was a patient, I’d drag his ass down here and do some work on him myself.

Sam: Dean, when are you gonna talk about it?
Dean: Talk about what?
Sam: About the fact that dad’s not here.
Dean: Oh..uh, let’s see…never.

Dean: Look, you wanna kill me? Here, take this, it’ll make it easier for you.
(Sam tries to fire the gun)
Dean: You didn’t seriously think i’d give you a loaded gun, did you? (knocks him unconscious) Sorry, Sammy

Dean: (after finding Ellicot’s body) Aw, that’s just gross

Dean: What are ya gonna do, Sam? The gun is filled with rock salt. It’s not gonna kill me.
(Sam shoots Dean)
Sam: No, but it’ll hurt like hell.

Sam: I told you I looked everywhere. I didn’t find a hidden room.
Dean: Well, that’s why they call it hidden.

Dean: (after being shot at, heads to the basement to look for Sam) Basement, huh? Alright. Watch yourselves. And watch out for me.

Kat: Gavin. Gavin.
Dean: Hey, I gotta question for ya. You seen a lot of horror movies, yeah?
Kat: Yeah, I guess so.
Dean: Do me a favor, next time you see one, pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted, don’t go in.

Dean: Sam, put the gun down.
Sam: (when he is crazy) Is that an order?
Dean: No, it’s more of a friendly request.

Kat: Hey Gavin?
Gavin: Yeah?
Kat: If we make it out of here alive, we are so breaking up

Dean: The only thing that makes me more nervous than a pissed-off spirit…is the pissed-off spirit of a psycho-killer.

Dean: It’s a text message – it’s co-ordinates.
Sam: You think Dad was texting us?
Dean: He’s given us co-ordinates before.
Sam: The man can barely work a toaster, Dean.

Sam: Spirits can appear at certain hours of the day.
Dean: Yeah, the freaks come out at night.

Dean: Ghosts are attracted to that whole ESP thing you got goin’ on.
Sam: I told you, it’s not ESP, I just have strange vibes sometimes

Dean: Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel.

Dean: Hey Sam, who do you think is a hotter psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?

Katherine: So how do you guys know about all this ghost stuff?
Sam: It’s kind of our job.
Katherine: Why would anyone want a job like that?
Sam: I had a crappy guidance counselor

Dean: You shoved me kinda hard in there, buddy boy?
Sam: I had to sell it, didn’t I?

Gavin: She kissed me.
Sam: Erm, but she didn’t hurt you physically?
Gavin: Dude, she kissed me! I’m scarred for life!

Sam: What Dad “wants” doesn’t matter!
Dean: You see that? That attitude there? That’s why I always got the extra cookie.

(Sam has woken up after Dean has burned Ellcott’s bones)
Dean: You’re not gonna try to kill me, are you?
Sam: No.
Dean: Good. ‘Cause that would be awkward.

Sam: You shut your mouth!
(talking to Dean with a gun pointed at him)



Dean’s lighter went out of order once but some minutes later it was on again.

When Dean is shot down by Sam, white daub on his face is appearing and disappearing while switching cameras. Also there is one bigger piece of daub on his right shoulder which appears and disappears the same way.

Why are there remains from the apparition of Dr. Sanford Ellicott when his earthly body is burning? In the earlier episode “Hook Man”, the apparition disappeared entirely when his silver hook/cross was burned.

When Dean is lecturing Kat, he says “You seen a lot of horror movies, yeah?… Do me a favor, next time you see one, pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted, don’t go in.” Yet only seconds earlier he suggested that they split up to search for Gavin – a sure sign in a horror movie that someone is about to come to harm.

When Dean burns the doctor’s body with the cigarette lighter, he throws the cigarette lighter towards the doctor’s dead body, but the cigarette lighter turns off as soon as Dean let go of the lighter.

Jensen and Jared had Tom Welling hiding in the back seat of their car during “Asylum.” Tom was filming Smallville near the Supernatural location work.

The Roosevelt Asylum is a real asylum that is supposed to be haunted and abandoned, and quarantined due to violent spirit activity.


Magazine: Men’s Health
Sam is reading this magazine in the Creekview medical centre waiting room. On the front cover is actor Sean William Scott, who like Jensen Ackles guest starred in the TV series Sweet Valley High.

Nigel Tufnel
Dean’s alias is the name of the lead singer for Spinal Tap, played by Christopher Guest.

Dean: All work and no play makes Dr. Ellicott a very dull boy.
In The Shining, Jack (played by Jack Nicholson) turns psycho when caretaking at a Hotel over the winter. Jack was writing a novel on his spare time, but instead of a story, “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy” was repeated over and over.

Dean: I love the guy but he writes like friggin’ Yoda.
This is alluding to Yoda in the Star Wars movies who always spoke English in a round about way. It is known as Yoda-Speak, or Yodish.

Dean: Don’t ask don’t tell.
“Don’t ask don’t tell” is the US military’s policy on sexual orientation, starting during World War I and continuing to the present day.


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