Writers: Eric Kripke
Director: Ken Girotti
First aired: Tuesday November 15, 2005

After Sam (Jared Padalecki) has several haunting dreams, he persuades a reluctant Dean (Jensen Ackles) to return with him to their childhood home for the first time. They find much more to battle with than painful memories when the house’s current occupants, a single mother with two young children, experience terrifying supernatural phenomena, just as in Sam’s nightmares. The boys track down an eccentric local psychic, Missouri Mosley (guest star Loretta Devine, “Waiting to Exhale,” “Crash”), who is mentioned in their father’s journal, and together the three fight to rid the house of powerful spirits. But before they can stop what’s happening now, they have to face what happened when they lived there – including their mother’s horrible death. Amazing twists and revelations await Sam and Dean on their most personal mission yet.

The episode was written by Eric Kripke and directed by Ken Girotti.



The mystery
Jenny and her kids Sari and Richie move into what seems like a very nice home. But there are strange scratching sounds coming from the floorboards, and Sari is convinced something nasty is in her closet. Guess what? She’s right. A fire-wreathed figure pushes aside the chair blocking the door and walks out into the room. While investigating the noises, the mom finds a box of photos – of Sam, Dean and the family. She picked the wrong house for a fresh start.

Sam has a nightmare about Jenny screaming for help at the window of his old house. When they get to the house, Dean is apprehensive about going in. Sam tells Jenny that they used to live here, could they look around? Jenny confesses that the house has its problems – flickering lights, weird noises, a sink that backs up – and Sari asks about the monster in the closet. The guys lie that there’s nothing there. Later, Jenny calls a plumber to deal with the blocked-up garbage disposal. While a creepy cymbal-playing monkey looks on malevolently, the plumber sticks his hand into the unplugged disposal – which turns on and chews up his hand, spewing blood.

The guys are semi-hysterical — Dean’s freaked that Sam’s visions are coming true, and Sam wonders if the thing in the house is the same thing that killed their mom. Their dad never really shared what he thought, so they’ve got to figure out what happened back then – talk to people who were there at the time. Dean sneaks off and leaves a choked-up message for their dad – “I’m with Sam, and we’re in Lawrence, and there’s something in our old house.… I don’t know what to do.…Please. I need your help, Dad.”

The guys find out their dad saw a palm reader after the fire. They figure out said psychic was Missouri Mosley, and they go to visit. She knows who they are and reads Sam’s thoughts about Jess’ death and their father’s disappearance – as well as Dean’s intention to put his feet on her coffee table. Their dad took her to the house after the fire, and she sensed something evil. But nothing has happened since – why would something be back in the house? Sam says it feels like something is starting.

House trauma
Jenny leaves Richie in his playpen as she goes to investigate the house noises. While she’s gone, an unseen force opens up the playpen, trips the child safety lock on the fridge, lures Richie inside and shuts the door. Jenny finally finds him when she sees milk leaking from the fridge door. The guys and Missouri drop by, and Missouri tells Jenny she knows something’s wrong with the house. Up in Sari’s room – the old nursery – Missouri can sense two spirits, but neither one is the thing that killed their mom. Instead, one is a poltergeist that was lured in by the aura of evil that still clings to the house. She can’t figure out what the other one is. To get rid of the poltergeist, they’ll have to put some protective charms in the walls, and be careful about it – the poltergeist won’t be happy about it.

The ghostbusters go to work on the house, and the poltergeist fights back, hitting Missouri with furniture, trying to stab Dean with kitchen implements, and strangling Sam with an electrical cord. Dean saves Sam and places his charm, and the spirit is banished. Missouri says everything is safe now, but Sam isn’t convinced. He’s right. While he and Dean lurk outside in the car, Jenny’s bed starts jumping and the fiery figure walks out of Sari’s closet. The guys see Jenny reenact Sam’s dream. They break in. Dean rescues Jenny while Sam goes for the kids. When Sam gets to the bottom of the stairs, he sends the kids out – and is dragged back into the house. The door slams.

An unseen force flings Sam around the kitchen and pins him to the wall. The fiery figure enters. Dean chops down the door with an axe and comes to the rescue. When he aims a gun at the fiery figure, Sam stops him – it’s their mom. She smiles at the brothers, then apologizes to Dean. For what? He asks. She doesn’t answer. She turns. “You, get out of my house,” she says, once again bursting into flames. “And let go of my son.”

The aftermath
Missouri checks the house again, and tells them there are no spirits anymore – not even their mom. She attacked the poltergeist, destroying it and herself in the process. Sam is heartbroken. Missouri tells them she’ll see them again. John Winchester waits at Missouri’s house. She’s surprised that his son didn’t sense him, and chastises him for not going to them. He tells her he wants to, but he can’t – not until he knows the truth.

Guest Stars


Jeffrey Dean Morgan
as John Winchester | gallery

Samantha Smith
as Mary Winchester | gallery

Kristin Richardson
as Jenny | gallery

Loretta Devine
as Missouri | gallery

Don Thompson
as Mr. Guenther | gallery

Jerry Rector
as Joe the Plumber | gallery
Haili Page
as Sairie | gallery
Jamie Schwanebeck
as Ritchie | gallery



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No music in this episode.



Dean: All right. I’ve been cruisin’ some websites and I think I found some candidates for our next gig. A fishing trawler found off the coast of Cali, its crew vanished. And, uh, we got some cattle mutilations in west Texas. Hey! Am I boring you with this hunting-evil stuff?
Sam: No, I’m listening. Keep going.
Dean: And here, a Sacromento man shot himself in the head. Three times. Any of these things blowin’ up your skirt, pal?

Missouri: Sam, oh honey. I’m sorry about your girlfriend. And your father…he’s missing.
Sam: How’d you know all that?
Missouri: Well, you were just thinking it, just now.
Dean: Where is he? Is he okay?
Missouri: I don’t know.
Dean: Don’t know? Your supposed to be a psychic, right?
Missouri: Boy, you see me sawing some boney tramp in half! You think I’m a magician. I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room but I can’t pull facts out of thin air.

Missouri: Don’t worry about a thing, your wife’s crazy about you. (client leaves) Whoo, poor *******. His woman is cold-banging the gardener.
Dean: Why didn’t you tell him?
Missouri: People don’t come here for the truth, they come for good news.

Dean: Just slow down would ya. I mean first you tell me that you’ve got the Shining, and then you tell me that I’ve got to go back home, especially when…
Sam: When what?
Dean: When I swore to myself that I would never go back there

Dean: (to his Dad’s voicemail) Dad, I know I’ve left messages before. I don’t even know if you get ’em. But I’m with Sam and we’re in Lawrence and there’s something in our old house. I don’t know if it’s the thing that killed Mom or not…but…(tears up) I don’t know what to do. So whatever you’re doing, if you could get here…please. I need your help, Dad.

Dean: Listen, Jenny, it’s important, Ow!
(Missouri hits him on the back of the head)
Missouri: Give the poor girl a break, can’t you see she’s upset. (to Jenny) forgive this boy – he means well, he’s just not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Missouri: You sensed it was here, didn’t you? Even when I couldn’t.
Sam: What’s happening to me?
Missouri: I know I should have all the answers but…I don’t know.

Missouri: Don’t worry – Dean’s going to clean up this mess. Well what are you waiting for, boy. Grab the mop. (Dean glares silently) And don’t cuss at me!

Missouri: Is that an EMF?
Dean: Yeah.
Missouri: Amateur.

Missouri: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I’m going to whack you with a spoon.
Dean: I didn’t do anything.
Missouri: You were thinking about it.

Sarry: I wasn’t dreaming. It came to my bedroom and it was on fire!

Dean: Where’s Sam? (frightened)
Sarry: He’s inside….something got him!
(the door shuts leaving Sam inside)

Missouri: You two have grown up handsome. (looks at Dean) And you were a goofy looking kid, too



When Joe (the plumber) takes his hand out of the sink hole, the faucet is facing toward the left of the sink. The shot when he puts his hand back in, the faucet facing toward the center of the sink. The next shot while his arm is back in the sink hole, the faucet is back toward the left.

Just after the young boy gets into the fridge, there is a shot of the safety latch securing the door to the fridge closed. But in the next and final shot of the scene, the fridge stands with the safety latch obviously open as the scene fades to black.

When Dean is running to the house with the ax, there is a visible shadow of the camera and the cameraman on the grass.

When Dean and Sam are talking, just before Dean makes the call to dad, Sam is sitting on the trunk lid and Dean is standing facing the other way. Sam, then, looks at Dean as if he is standing beside him. The way they are both positioned there is no way Sam would be looking at his brother when he is looking in that direction. Dean would really be on the other side of him. So, you can tell those are two different versions of the same scene.

In the promotionals for this episode, this episode was billed as “The Journey Home.”

First appearance of Dean’s and Sam’s dad. (without counting the “past” when they escaped the house.)

Loretta Devine, (who guest-stars in “Home”) jokes about Jared and Jensen: “Those guys are just so bad. You never know what they’re going to do, and you can’t keep your eyes on both of them at once!”


Scene: Dean chops down a door and his face is framed in the hole.
This is a visual reference to the 1980 horror film, The Shining. One of its most famous scenes is Jack Nicholson’s face in the door he chopped up with an axe.

Dean: I mean first you tell me that you’ve got The Shining. This is an allusion to the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance. Dean is comparing Sam to the character of Danny Torrance, who had a gift of clairvoyance and telepathy. The film was based on the 1977 book by Stephen King of the same title, though the screenplay changed the story in several ways.

Dean: Any of this blowing up your skirt?
While looking for their next job at the beginning of the episode, Dean says this to Sam when he realizes Sam isn’t paying attention. It is likely a reference to Marilyn Monroe, who is famous for her scene in which her dress is being blown up by a vent she is standing on.

Dean: Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubinstein thing…
This is in reference to the 1982 movie Poltergeist, in which Zelda Rubinstein played the part of the clairvoyant named Tangina Barrons.


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