Writer: Raelle Tucker, Sera Gamble
Kim Manners
First aired: Tuesday September 27, 2005

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a series of mysterious drownings written off as suicides. They discover the spirit is an angry little boy with the power to travel through water who is taking revenge on certain town inhabitants for a dark secret buried long ago. Dean forms a bond with a young boy who seems to have the power of premonition.

Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker wrote the episode directed by Kim Manners.



The mystery
A championship swimmer is practicing her laps in the lake. She seems to hear something – then is pulled under by an unseen force. Her body is never found. Add her to the list drowning victims claimed by Lake Manitoc over the last 35 years.

The hunt
The guys pose as agents with the US Wildlife Service and pump Will Carlton, the dead girl’s brother, for information. He says he thought he saw something grab her, but he was pretty far away. When the guys go to the sheriff, he pooh-poohs the idea of something in the lake drowning the girl. They dragged the lake and used sonar, but found nothing. He also tells them that the dam broke and lake is draining. Soon it – and the town – will be gone. They’re interrupted by Andrea, the sheriff’s daughter, and her son Lucas. Lucas is pathologically withdrawn. Dean tries hitting on Andrea while she walks them to a hotel, but Andrea shoots him down. Sam is amused.

The victims
Sam doesn’t think they’re up against a Nessie-type creature – no one’s ever reported anything in that lake, and monsters tend to get spotted. They discover one of the drowning victims was Andrea’s husband, Lucas’ father. Lucas was on a floating dock when his dad drowned, and he hasn’t spoken since.

The witness
Dean tries to bond with Lucas in the park, but Lucas seems more interested in playing with his army men and drawing pictures of whirlpools, houses and bicycles. He gives Dean a drawing of a house. That house turns out to be the Carlton abode, where Will is preparing dinner for his dad, who is nearly catatonic with grief. The sink fills with brown lake water. When Will tries to figure out what stopped up the sink, something drowns him.

The danger
Using another one of Lucas’ drawings of a house, they track down an elderly lady whose son Peter disappeared 35 years ago while riding his bike. They see a picture of the young Bill Carlton with Peter, and figure he may have killed the boy. Apparently Bill has realized Peter’s spirit is to blame for all the deaths in his family. He takes a boat out, and the guys see it ram into some invisible force. Bill disappears.

The guys run into Andrea and Lucas at the sheriff’s office again. Lucas is tremendously upset. The sheriff tells the guys he knows they’re not wildlife officers, and tells them to get out of town. Sam agrees – after all, the spirit of Peter must be satisfied now that Bill Carlton is dead. Dean isn’t so sure – he wants to see if Lucas is ok. Good thing – Andrea decides to take a bath, which is a very bad idea. She’s dragged under the water. The guys arrive in time to save her.

The murder
Andrea thinks she’s going crazy – she heard a voice say “come play with me!” Dean finds an boy scout troop picture, which includes the sheriff, Bill and Peter. Lucas leads them out to a spot in the woods. The boys dig up Peter’s bicycle. The sheriff finds them, and they confront him –he and Bill killed Peter, and now Peter’s is making sure his killers feel the same pain his mom felt. Andrea comes out and is horrified when the sheriff confesses – they were just kids, fooling around, but it got out of hand and they accidentally drowned Peter! Dean wants to take care of the spirit by digging up the body, burning it and covering it with salt. No luck – the kids dropped his body in the lake.

Ghost busting
Something lures Lucas from the house up to the lake. A hand grabs him and drags him under. The sheriff sees Peter’s gray face staring at him. The guys jump in after him. The sheriff wades in as well, begging Peter’s spirit to take him and spare Lucas. Peter obliges, dragging the sheriff down. Dean saves Lucas from the water.

The aftermath
Andrea and Lucas find the guys as they prepare to leave town. Lucas made them sandwiches – something he tells them himself. Dean teaches him heavy-metal catchphrases. Andrea kisses Dean goodbye, and Dean looks smitten. But they head out anyway, off to slay the next monster.

Guest Stars


Amy Acker
as Andrea Barr | gallery

Daniel Hugh Kelly
as Sheriff Jake Devins | gallery

Bruce Dawson
as Bill Calton | gallery

Amber Borycki
as Sophie Calton | gallery

Nico McEown
as Lucas Barr | gallery

Keira Kabatow
as Waitress | gallery
Bethoe Shirkoff
Unknown | gallery
D. Harlan Cutshall
Unknown | gallery

Troy Clare
Unknown | gallery

Aaron Rota
Unknown | gallery



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What A Way To Go” by Black Toast
Round And Round” by Ratt
Too Daze Gone” by Billy Squier
Movin’ On” by Bad Company



Dean: So… cute kid.
Andrea: Thanks.
Dean: Kids are the best, huh?

(to Lucas)
Dean: You’re scared. It’s okay, I understand. See, when I was your age, I saw something real bad happen to my mom, and I was scared, too. I didn’t feel like talking, just like you. But see, my mom—I know she wanted me to be brave. I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave. And maybe… your dad wants you to be brave, too.

Sam: People don’t just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them.

Dean: (Lucas) So crayons are more of your thing. That’s cool. Chicks dig artists.

Dean: You know, Sam, we are allowed to have fun once in a while. (points to an attractive waitress) That’s fun.

Dean: All right if you’re goin’ to be talking now, this is a very important phrase, so I want you to repeat it back to me one more time.
Lucas: Zeppelin Rules!
Dean: That’s right, up high.

Sam: (referring to Lucus’ picture) See this church? I bet there is less than a thousand of those around here.
Dean: (sarcastically) Oh, college boy thinks he’s so smart.

Sheriff Devins: Or we have a couple of options here. I can arrest you for impersonating government officials and hold you as material witnesses to Bill Carlton’s disappearance. Or we can chalk this all up to a bad day, you get into your car, you put this town in your rearview mirror, and you don’t ever darken my doorstep again.
Sam: Door #2 sounds good.
Sheriff Devins: That’s the one I’d pick.

Dean: (to Sam) Oh god, we’re not going to have to hug or anything, are we?

Sam: “Kids are the best?” You don’t even like kids.
Dean: I love kids.
Sam: Name three children that you even know.
(long pause)
Sam: Forget it.
Dean: I’m thinking!

Dean: I just don’t want to leave this town until I know that the kid is okay.
Sam: Who are you? And what have you done with my brother?

Andrea: (to Dean) Must be hard, with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pick-up line.



  • There is no “Lake Manitoc” in Wisconsin.
  • At 5:11 a boom-mic pops in at the top center while Will gives his line.
  • At the start of the episode, Dean mentions that several other people have drowned in the lake. Who are the other people? The spirit was going after that two families relatives.
  • In the scene where Will drowns you can clearly see that before the water starts coming up that the plug isn’t plugging up the sink. He had no reason to reach into the water to unplug it when it was never plugged up to begin with.
  • The scene where the son is drowning in the sink, the plug attached to a chain is in the water. The cameras switch back and forth here and you can clearly see the chain and plug change positions from in the water to out. In fact, the plug is sitting on the bench before the son even is shown pulling it out of the sink.
  • According to The Official Supernatural Magazine, this episode is one of Jensen’s favorites to date, because it’s the first one to really explore Dean’s character.
  • The lake cabin is also used as the hunting cabin in the horror movie, Devour, which Jensen Ackles starred in.
  • Music: “What A Way To Go” by Black Toast, “Round And Round” by Ratt, “Too Daze Gone” by Billy Squier, and “Movin’ On” by Bad Company.
  • Allusions

  • Title
    Dead In The Water is the name of a song by Hawthorne Heights.
  • Opening Scene
    The opening scene in this episode looks exactly like the one in the 1975 movie, Jaws.
  • Andrea: Tell your friend the whole Jerry Maguire thing isn’t going to work on me.
    Referencing the movie Jerry Maquire, and the title character trying to befriend a woman’s son to get close to her.
  • Dean: I’m Agent Ford, this is Agent Hamill.
    Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill played the two male leads in Star Wars: Episodes IV-VI. In an interview, Jared Padalecki paralleled his character (Sam) to Luke Skywalker (played by Hamill) and Jensen Ackles’ character (Dean) to the cool, confident, and brooding Han Solo (played by Ford).

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