Writers: Ben Edlund
Director: Robert Singer  
First aired: Thursday October 16, 2008.

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) investigate several murders at Oktoberfest. The first victim was found with bite marks on her neck, much like a vampire would leave, while the second victim has wounds that look like a werewolf attack.

After a mummy rises from his crypt, Dean determines that a shape-shifter demon is terrorizing the town as iconic monsters from the old Hollywood movies.

Robert Singer directed the episode written by Ben Edlund.





Recap by Smallvile-29

4.05 – Monster Movie

Intro, It’s black and white, the titles start the show just like back in the old days, it’s really well done too! Now, It’s a dark night, the moon is out and here is the Impala. Sam and Dean are heading towards Pennsylvania. Someone has died, neck was nod on and a witness swears they saw a vampire. There taking a break from the big scheme of things and tackling a single case.

“Monster Movie” (No “SUPERNATURAL” intro)
It’s “October Fest” in a small town, Sam and Dean go to visit the sheriff, Dean gets them both huge pretzels on the way. His name is Detrick, and Sam and Dean are posing as FBI agents. They are in the morgue and he pulls out a female body with two marks on her neck that look like vampire marks, Dean didn’t expect to see them and it thrown off by it. There was a witness, Ed Bruer. Sam and Dean are in the local bar, Dean is hitting on the two waitress, “Jaymie” is one of there names. They ask about Ed Bruer, she shows them to the corner both were a man is sitting alone. “I told the cops everything i saw.” He thinks he saw a vampire, while cutting through the park on his way home he saw a man biting a Lady’s neck, he was a vampire because he looked like a vampire. Fangs, cape, and the accent. Sam and Dean are confused. Waitresses are talking, one likes the napkin and sets it down. Sam and Dean are talking about what it could be, there just not sure. Dean is pumped for October Fest, he orders a beer and hits on Jaymie, he gets shut down. He Tell’s Sam that since he came back from hell without any scares or anything that he must still be a virgin. He wants to lose it. Sam goes back to there room to get some sleep. Dean continues to hit on Jaymie, and apparently the other girls name is Lucy, her and Lucy have plans so she can’t go out with Dean. We see a couple in a car kissing, it’s foggy and the moon is out. He is giving her cheap pick up lines and we see the shadow of a hairy arm, it is coming closer and closer to the car. It reaches through the window and pulls the man out.

Commercial #1

Sam and Dean are talking to the girl from the car, “And it just tore Rick into little pieces.” she says, “It was a werewolf.” The boys are even more confused now. They go to the morgue and check Ricks body. Apparently it is pretty broken up by the looks we see on thee faces. The bite marks are down to the bone, but the heart is still there so it couldn’t be a wolf. The sheriff shows up and the hairs they found on the body were K-9. Wolf hairs. There back at the bar thinking about what it could be. Jaymie drops by the beers and says that with the other body showing up it looks like there saying and that shes off at 12. Now were outside of a Museum, security guard is talking to the owner about a delivery that showed up. It’s an Egyptian sarcophagus, no shipping info, nothing. The top of it starts to come off and a cloth hand reaches out. A mummy rises out and the security guard screams and shoots it but nothing happens. It chokes him. Sam and Dean are there looking into it. The sarcophagus was from a prop house and inside of it was dry ice for smoke. Dean is late to go get Jaymie so he leaves. She is waiting and starts to walk home, when she gets around the corner a man with a cape and an accent starts to chase her, saying he has watched her from a far, all the things Dracula would say. He starts to walk up and she maces him. Dean shows up and punches him, then Dean gets thrown up against the wall. He tells Jaymie to run, the thing calls the girl Lena. Dean rips off his ear and the thing runs, jumps over a wall and drives away on a moped. Dean couldn’t make it over the wall.

Commercial #2

Sam meets up with Dean and Jaymie at the bar. Dean shows him the ear, it’s a shapshifter. He also pulled off a button from the same prop shop. She says “so the x-files are real?” Dean replies, “No, the x-files was a tv show, this is real.” Sam says that the shapshifter must be a movie lover, that Nina was a character from the Dracula movie, and he had called Dean something from it too. He must like Jaymie, they think it might be Ed Bruer. He works at an old movie theater, Sam goes to look for him. Jaymie is asking about monsters being real and Deans telling her yes. She figures out he’s not FBI and she tells him that she thinks it must suck that they go around on there own dime and do it for the good of people, Dean says that “the last few years, I started thinking that way – had a near death experience – my life is different and I realized I help people – like a mission from God.” she asks if he’s a monk or celibate and he says he hopes not. They start to make out when Lucy comes in, shes getting beer and they invite her to have a drink. Sam is approaching Ed who is playing the Organ/Keyboard at the theater, very “Phantom of the Opera” like. He puts a gun to his face, and starts to pull on his ear. Nothing happens, he’s not he shapshifter. Lucy, Jaymie and Dean are drinking and Jaymie is pretty out of it. Pretty soon Dean starts seeing double and he looks over at Lucy and punches her in the face. “It’s you isn’t it?” he looks down at her and kicks her, shes the shapshifter. He falls over before he can take her out.

Commercial #3

Dean is locked up on a board with straps, he also is wearing lederhosen. He can’t believe it. The shapeshifter walks in as Dracula and starts talking about why he was using Lucy as a cover. He is using the accent and Dean is laughing at it, he is still talking about his bride. He punches Dean after Dean makes a few comments. He says in his story the monster wins and the monster gets the girl and the hero dies by electrocution. He walks over to pull a switch on Dean, Dean can’t get out. He reaches and the doorbell rings. While staying in character he answers it and it’s pizza, he uses a coupon to get it. The delivery boy is less then amazed. Sam is at the bar and he sees the broken bottle on the floor and the napkin that has been licked, he remembers Lucy. Jaymie is laying on a bed and the shapshifter comes in and asks her to put on a white gown, she wants to know where Dean is. He wants her to wear the gown and they can have pizza. She says she doesn’t want to play, “I just want to go home.” she says. She finally puts on the gown as Sam is breaking into the house. He pulls out his gun, Jaymie is know wearing the gown and the shapshifter says he’s sorry for scaring her. He says that he was born different and that his dad called him monster, and tried to beat him to death with a shovel, people always attacked him and called him names. Then when he found the movies, “the great monsters.” they were strong and feared and he wanted to be like them. Jaymie says that he is lonely. She reminds him he killed people, he hears a noise and she yells “Dean?” then he hits her onto the bed and she is knocked out. Sam finds Dean and calls him “Hansel” because of what he is wearing, they both go up stairs, and the double metal doors are all normal one way opening. They walk in and the shapshifter throws Sam, calling him Van Helsing, Sam loses the gun and the shapshifter throws Dean.  They both look at the gun and then he opens his mouth and runs at him when Jaymie picks up the gun and shoots him. The shapshifter says “it was beauty that killed the beast, no Nina, do not weep, perhaps this is how the movie should end.” Just like that he dies.

Commercial #4

Jaymie and Dean are kissing, she thanks him. Sam is waiting for Dean, and before they leave she thanks them both for saving her life. “It feels good to be back on the job doesn’t it?” says Dean. He says that the shifter had a point and that if life were a movie it would be simple. Dean says he knows what movie his life would be and Sam says “Porky’s 2.” Dean looks at him and says “lucky guess.”

The End

You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail. – Proverbs 19:21

Review by Gaelic

 I love this show!!

SO… this review is going to be a bit less rambley than my usual. I am visiting the parents and was able to “watch” the episode under what I would call duress.
Much of the first half was overshadowed with comments from the peanut gallery around the state of today’s TV and how there is nothing wholesome on anymore.

*Gaelic slips into a coma of protectiveness*

The possibility of my seeing this epi unmolested, so to speak, won’t be until… um… well… let’s see… I get home Monday night, so…

Anyway, I did have impressions and thoughts, so I thought I’d at least attempt to share that and keep up with this blog. I hope I haven’t let anyone down.

The Ramble

I love how much fun they have with this show. I knew from last week’s previews that it would be in black and white and be a bit of an homage to the classic monster movies, but when we had the WB logo and the Supernatural name with the old school credits on the clouds, I could only grin in delight.

I love this show.

From a purely base-instinct perspective, the boys looked freakin’ AWESOME in black and white. I love Dean’s green eyes, don’t get me wrong, but there was something rather fabulous about the way the shadows and light caught their jaw lines and cheek bones.

I missed a bit of the opening conversation in the car, so I had to kinda piece together why/how they were heading to Pennsylvania and Oktoberfest in the first place, but I did hear Dean’s comment that it was “about time the Winchesters returned to hunting monsters.”

WORD to that, my hero. I think this “lighter” episode was just perfectly timed after the four heavies of the opening. And we needed to see the boys smiling again. Really smiling.

The suits? Heh. Was it me, or did they look a bit like… Jehovah’s Witnesses? Even the style of the suits they were wearing seemed, well, rather old-school.

I missed much of the conversation with the dead girl in the morgue, but did see two things: the bite marks and Sam’s irritated semi-b*tch-face when he said that it didn’t work out for the dead girl, either. Aw, Sammy. Where would we be without your righteousness? And I mean that seriously. I’ll get to that musing in a moment.

Okay, thankfully, I was able to follow the whole “beer wench” conversation, which I LOVED. First, for the fact that Jamie the Bar Maid responded to beer wench, then with the random lipstick napking thing (which I was like… that has to mean something; it’s too random to just be a “thing” that waitress did), to Dean’s jesting that Sam was Christian Scientist. Heh.

But the best part? Was Dean’s reveal that he came back with no scars. No bullet wounds, no knife marks, not even a crooked finger or two from the breaks. Interesting! So… we get more info about his return, yeah? Happy! But… sad in a way, because I liked the thought of (since we never really got to see them) his scars. I liked the idea that he carried with him a “roadmap” of his life as a hunter and all the sh*t he’s been through to survive.

But, like any of us, he doesn’t really like to see those scars. So coming back “clean” has made him truly happy. That and *ahem* being rehymenated.

*chokes on laughter*

That was fantastic — the look on his face as he said it, the slightly disgusted “you did not seriously just say that” look from Sam. And, the idea that he can, in a way, start again.

I saw a comment from a board that I frequent about how Dean always gets the girl and Sam never does. Or something to that effect. I guess my thoughts on that matter are that Dean may get checked out once an episode–but he’s also doing some checking of his own. When you get eyed, often times, you look back and weigh the likelihood of appeal. And, with the exception of Cassie and maybe Layla (which wasn’t really a hook-up, hook-up), Dean’s conquests have been, essentially, physical and meaningless.

His ‘dream’ about Lisa and the blanket and having a kid… that was, I believe, a true desire. But not something he ever really gets. Or, on some level, believes he can have or deserves.

Now, Sam, on the other hand, his encounters have all had some significant emotional connection. Jess goes without saying, but Sarah–he saved her life, and there were sparks flying between those two in a big way. Always kinda wish they’d bring her back. Madison? Holy hell he felt attached to her. It wasn’t just physical for him. It meant something. Ava, Lori… they all kinda had a different level of connection for him.

So while Sam may not always get the girl–when he does get her, it’s a slower build, a deeper connection, a real encounter. Dean hasn’t really had that all that much, if at all. I think it’s just their character’s ways. One uses ‘intimacy’ (sex, conversation, kisses, flirting) as a shield against the truth, a way to release tension, and a verification of his humanity. The other uses ‘intimacy’ as a validation of feeling, an avenue to trust, and a confession of emotion.

ANYWAY — that was a total tangent. I just really liked seeing Dean flirt, kiss (*pauses a moment to sigh at warm feeling in belly* — seriously, the way his jaw worked and how he like… drinks them in…), and enjoy being with the opposit sex. Yum.

Let’s see… I didn’t really catch the part with the werewolf, other than the fact that the horny teenager got eaten, and the boys had to look in a gunky body bag. The mummy murder had me smirking with the dry ice and the prop house tags. And I know this is a bit out of order, but Dean’s musing that it would be “awesome” if the vampire could turn into a bat with the follow-on beer foam mustache was fantastic!

But the part that had me cackling (inside, of course, because I couldn’t show that I was *gasp* enjoying such drivel) was Dean’s fight with Dracula, the ripping of the ear, the hilarious run through what looked like a soundstage, and Drac running away on a Vespa. BWAH! That was wonderful. *claps*

I love this show!

I called the dark haired bar wench as the shapeshifter the moment Sam snuck up on the Ethan Hawke-look-alike playing the organ (and was he in his underwear??). By that time, you’d seen the lipstick thing twice. It was just too odd.

Okay, lemme segue into Sam for a moment. I can’t wait until we find out more about his 4 months without Dean. He’s just such a different guy now. And Dean, obviously, recognizes that. He leaves Sam with the weirdo Mummy thing to go meet Jamie. He tells/lets Sam go investigate the organ-playing non-shape-shifter guy by himself after they have the sit-down “X-files is a show, this is real” conversation with Jamie.

I mean, it’s just… very cool, actually. Seeing Sam come into his own. Seeing Dean accept that. Not to say that there won’t be more of the big bro/little bro cone of protection in epis to come, but I like seeing capable Sam.

Almost as much as I like seeing doh!MyBad!Sam… that twisted lip smirk of apology is adorable.

Drugged!Dean? Do I need to say it? Okay, maybe I don’t need to, but I will. His struggle to fight the effects, the left hook when he couldn’t even see straight… and then his eyes rolling back in his head while he takes a header. Hee. I love him. *giggles* A lot.

The confession of his realization after his Really Really Near Death Experience–that he’s saved people. That he does good. That he’s maybe actually possibly worth something. I got all teary. I know, it was supposed to be a funny one, but Jensen Ackles can pull emotion from a rock with a slight softening of his voice, a tick of the corner of his mouth, and those big friggin luminous eyes.

Okay, I’m done. For now.

This shapeshifter was… well, sad, actually. I mean, a killer, yes. AND?! He committed the MORTAL SIN of putting Dean in *gasp* lederhosen (sp?). SHORTS, dude. That’s just all levels of wrong. ‘Course, it did offer the moment of hilarity for Sam to say “hey Hansel” and Dean’s immediate “shuddup.” Heh.

But, yeah, sad. And, don’t hold it against me, but… in a way? I kinda identified with him. The idea of reality being so hard to bare that you escape into the movies, you wrap the safety of fiction around you and find your light in make-believe… it’s not that hard to imagine. ‘Course Drac took it one step too far.

The boys going to save the girl was funny — Sam kicking the door “down” and their exchange of WTH looks… hah! Dean’s glance back at the set was just… hee. And I loved that Sam got knocked out, Dean was getting the crap beat out of him, and the girl saved the day! Go Girl!

I missed the exchange between Jamie and Dean — but did see him kissing her, so I gathered that she, um… de-hymenated him? But I did catch the boys talk about what movie Dean would pick.

Dean’s choice of movies… I chuckled at the exchange, thought it VERY brotherly… but something caught me. Dean was so adamant that there was no way Sam would guess what his movie would be. No way. And Sam cracks out with “Porkey’s 2″… and Dean pauses.

Okay, so you may all point and laugh, but in that pause, what I read was, “Yeah, okay, that’s safe, and actually plausible given the night I just had with Jamie, so I’ll go with that and not have to confess what I was really going to say, which would potentially open a can of worms I’m just not ready to deal with right now.”

I may be giving the character too much emotional leeway… but, I just had to say that.

Okay, so that’s all I got this go-round. I apologize for any and all typos as this was written in rather a bit of a haired frenzy.

The previews for next week look delicious and things should be back to normal, so I hope to have a bit of a better review for those of you who read this.

Thanks — and have a great weekend! It’s gonna be a great fall!!

I love this show. *smile*



Guest Stars



Todd Stashwick
as Dracula | gallery

Melinda Sward
as Jamie | gallery

Holly Dignard
as Lucy | gallery

Michael Eklund
as Ed Brewer | gallery

Gary Chalk
as Sheriff Deitrich | gallery

Todd Scott
as Security Guard | gallery

Carmen Lavigne
as Anne Marie | gallery








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Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, by Bach






Jamie: (talking about Dean and Sam’s life) That must suck. I mean, you’re giving up your life for this terrible… I don’t know. Responsibility.
Dean: Last few years, I started thinking that way, and you know, it started sort of weighing on me. Of course, that was before… a little while ago, I had this… let’s called it a near-death experience. Very near. And I… when I came to… things were different. My life’s been different. I realize that I help people. Not just help them, you know, I save them. I guess it’s… it’s awesome. It’s kind of like a gift. Like a mission. Kind of like a mission from God.

Jamie: What can I get ya?
Dean: Oh, he doesn’t drink. He’s a Christian Scientist. Yeah, he doesn’t even take aspirin. He’s a real drag on stakeouts.

Sam: (pulling at Ed’s ear) It’s supposed to come off.
Ed: No… it’s not!

Dean: Room’s paid for and it’s Oktoberfest. C’mon, brother! Beer and bar wenches.
Sam: Pretty sure women today don’t react well to the whole “wench” thing, Dean.
Dean: Hey, bar wench! Where’s that beer?
Jamie: Coming up, good sir.
(Sam rolls his eyes)
Dean: Dude. Oktoberfest.

Jamie: Try again tomorrow, g-man.
Dean: I wish I could. I don’t think we’re stayin’ on the case.
Jamie: What? Is it too weird for you?
Dean: Not weird enough.

Jamie: You’re funny.
Dean: I’m a lot more than that. I’d love to get the chance to get to show you the rest. What time do you get off?
Jamie: Ha, ha. Like I said, funny.

Dean: Hey, you think this Dracula can turn into a bat? That’d be cool.

Jamie: So, is this what you do, you and your partner? Just tramp across the country on your own dime until you find some horrible nightmare to fight?
Dean: Some people paint.

Pizza Delivery Boy: Uhh, pizza delivery.
Dracula: Ah, you have brought a repast. Excellent. Continue to be of such service, and your life will be spared.
Pizza Delivery Boy: Uh-huh. That’ll be $15.50.
Dracula: Tell me…
Pizza Delivery Boy: Yeah?
Dracula: Is there… garlic on this pizza?
Pizza Delivery Boy: I don’t know. Did you order garlic?
Dracula: No!
Pizza Delivery Boy: Then no. Look, mister, I’ve got four other deliveries to make. You want to just pay me the money so I can go?
Dracula: Of course. Yes. But I have a coupon.

Dean: Hero gets the girl, monsters gets the gank. All in all, happy ending. With a happy ending, no less.
Sam: Real classy, Dean.

Sam: What, he was making his own special effects?
Dean: A mummy with good showmanship.

Jamie: So, you guys are like Mulder and Scully or something, and the X-Files are real?
Dean: No. The X-Files is a TV show. This is real.
Jamie: Oh.

Jamie: Wait a minute, you’re a Fed? Wow, you don’t come on like a Fed. Seriously?
Dean: I’m a maverick, ma’am. A rebel with a badge. One thing I don’t play by… the rules.

Dean: We still got to see the new Raiders movie.
Sam: Saw it.
Dean: Without me?
Sam: You were in Hell.
Dean: That’s no excuse.

Dean: I can’t get over what a pumpkin-pie-eyed, crazy son of a bitch you really are. You’re not Dracula. You get that, right? Or even if you think you are Dracula, what the hell’s up with the mummy?

Dean: Oh, thank God. Just in the nick of time. That guy was about to Frankenstein me.

Dean: Son of a bitch!
Dracula: You should not use such language in the presence of my bride!
Dean: …okay.

Dean: Which leads me to conclude, sadly, that my virginity is intact.
Sam: What?
Dean: I’ve been re-hymenated!

Dean: It’s about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black-and-white case.





When Dean says this line after taking the ribbon out of his pocket to show Sam in the bar after his fight with Dracula: “This, I uh, pulled it off during the fight” his lips don’t move, and the volume is different from the rest of his line, you can clearly tell this line was added in post as a voiceover.

When the brothers arrive in town the first night, there’s a crescent moon in the sky. However, the second night when the werewolf strikes, the moon is full. The moon doesn’t change phases that fast from crescent to full in a single night.

Injoke: This episode opened and closed with credits reminiscent of the old 1930s Warner Bros. and Universal horror films, and featuring an intermission.

This is the first episode filmed in black & white.



Dean: It looks like we stumbled upon a midnight showing of Dracula Meets the Wolf Man.
In actuality, there is no film entitled Dracula Meets the Wolf Man. Dean must have mixed up the title of another monster match-up film, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943), starring Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi. It detailed the Wolf Man’s attempt to use the science that created Frankenstein’s monster to finally kill himself.

Sheriff Deitrich: I mean some Satan-worshiping Anne Rice-reading Gothic psycho vampire wannabe.
Referencing Anne Rice (born 1941), a Louisiana writer who rose to fame writing about vampires. Her first novel, Interview With The Vampire, was turned into a movie in 1994 starring Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat, and co-starring Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst. She has also written under the pseudonyms Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure.

Sam: Agents Angus and Young.
Referencing Angus Young, the lead songwriter, guitarist, and co-founder of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. Along with his older brother Malcolm, he formed the band in 1973, along with Colin Burgess, Dave Evans, and Larry Van Kriedt.

Dean: We got a Dracula and a Wolf Man monster-mashing it in this town?
Monster Mash is a popular novelty song from 1962. It is musician Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s best-known work.

Dean: We need to find this guy before he Creature from the Black Lagoons somebody.
This is a reference to the 1954 film Creature from the Black Lagoon, starring Richard Carlson and Julia Adams. In it, an amphibious creature known as “Gill-man” kills research scientists seeking to find fossil evidence of the legendary creature’s existence.




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