Writers: Eric Kripke
Director: Kim Manners
First aired: Thursday September 18, 2008.

It’s four months later and Dean (Jensen Ackles) wakes in a pine box. He’s been freed from Hell. He has a joyful reunion with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Bobby (Jim Beaver), but it isn’t long before the three wonder what exactly pulled Dean from Hell and what it will want in return.

Kim Manners directed the episode written by Eric Kripke.



Recap by Smallvile-29

4.01 – Lazarus Rising

Intro “The Road So Far”.. Music – “All right now” by Free.. featuring clips from “The Magnificent Seven”, “Jus In Bello”, “Malleus Maleficarum“, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Red Sky At Morning”, “Long-Distance Caller”, “Fresh Blood” and “No Rest For The Wicked” Now, Flashes of blood, red and light blur the screen and we see Dean’s eyes… cut to black, Dean lights his lighter and starts yelling “help”. He’s in a box.. and under ground… we see a cross that’s marking a grave.. Dean’s hand comes out from the grave and he pulls himself out. He looks around and the camera pans out, the whole area around the grave has been knocked back in a circle formation.

“Lazarus Rising”

Dean it walking down the road when he approaches a gas station, he knocks and when nobody answers he breaks down the window and lets himself in to get a drink. He look around and finds a newspaper with the date on it.. “September 18th” after seeing that he washes up and finds that he has no scratches from the hell hounds but has a burn on his arm.. in the shape of a hand, he grabs some food and the news issue of bustie Asian beauty’s and some cash when the TV suddenly turns on.. he turns it off and as he does the radio comes on.. suddenly every thing’s going wacko and we hear a eerie sound… he grabs salt and goes to the window, the sound keeps getting louder and louder until all the windows blow out. Dean gets up and looks out.. nobodys there, he goes to the pay phone dials and nobody picks up.. dials a second time and Bobby picks up, he says “It’s Dean” and Bobby hangs up.. he tries again with the same outcome.. after hot wiring a car he’s on the road. Knock, knock… Bobby answers and Dean says “Surprise”… Bobby picks up a knife and goes after him, Dean mumbles out some facts about Bobby and Bobby start walking towards him just to lung the knife at him again. Dean backs off and cuts himself with a silver knife to prove he’s not a shapshifter or anything.. Bobby walks over and the two embrace. Bobby steps back and hits Dean in the face with holy water… Dean goes “I’m not a demon either” and Bobby apologies.. there trying to figure out how he’s out, Dean asks about Sam and Bobby says “he’s fine as far as i know.” Apparently Sam got very quite after Dean died and wouldn’t let Bobby salt and burn Dean’s body because he was going to find away to get Dean back.. after a few weeks Sam just got up and left and Bobby hasn’t been able to reach him since. Dean assumes that Sam was the one that got him out and that it’s bad mojo.. the presence at the gas station… and then he shows Bobby the mark on his arm. (in a rare mistake.. at first glance at the gas station the mark is on his RIGHT arm, now it’s on his LEFT) Dean calls a cellphone company and using a name and code tracks Sam’s phone.. Dean knows it because it’s one of there set names, There going to get Sam. He’s in Pontiac Illinois. They get there and knock, a girl answers asking “where is it?” she thinks there the pizza men.. Sam walks out and sees Dean and pulls his knife, Bobby stops him and tells Sam that it’s really him… The brothers embrace. The girl Sam’s with assumes there together.. she gets her things to go and leaves… she asked Sam to call her and he says he will, he also messes up her name. Dean asks what it toke to get him back.. Sam says that he didn’t make a deal but Dean still doesn’t believe him. There arguing and Sam says he tried everything.. opening the devils gate, talking to demons, etc. But nobody would let him out and Sam says he’s sorry.. There all now trying to figure out what got him out.
Commercial #1
Apparently Sam’s been hunting down Lilith to get some payback. He’s been following some Demon tracks here from Tennessee… They think it has something to do with Dean, Bobby asks Dean how he’s feeling and says “how many times do i have to prove I’m me?”.. Bobby knows a psychic a few hours away and there going to go meet her, Sam give Dean his amulet back and asks what hell was like, Dean doesn’t remember… Dean is looking in the mirror and flash back to the flashes of blood, red and light blur the screen and we see Dean’s eyes… There going to meet her, Sam gives Dean the keys to the Impala back, Sam’s installed a ipod into the radio, Dean grabs it and throws it in the back after hearing gay music when the car starts. Dean asks how Sam made it out in “No Rest For The Wicked” he explains how Lilith’s powers didn’t work on him and how he was immune. Dean asks about Ruby and Sam says hell.. Dean asks about Sam and his abilities and Sam tells Dean he hasn’t used them… Dean says “lets keep it that way”. They get there and meet her, she wants to do a seance.. shes preparing it and flirting with Dean before the start. They link hands and she grabs Dean where the hand mark is… (this time it’s on the left arm.. LOL) she starts to summon it and the TV turns on.. she says “Castiel” and apparently it told her to stop… shes says “show me your face” and all the sudden her eyes light up and she falls to the ground and her eyes have been burnt out and she can’t see.
Commercial #2
“Johnny Macs Dinner” Dean and Sam order some food.. Dean wants to summon Castiel but Sam says no cause he thinks that Castiel is to powerful.. Until then though they gotta find out where the demons are in this town.. There waitress comes and sits down, Dean says “you angling for a tip?” she responds “sorry i thought you were looking for us.” and flashed her eyes… all three other people in the restaurant are demons. Dean ask if they know how he got out, and he finds out that they don’t know either and that they wont do anything to him because there afraid of how powerful the thing that got Dean out is… He says if the send him back it will be the end of them to because it’s more powerful then them… there scared. Dean and Sam get up and walk out. Dean’s all for not messing with them but Sam says there demons and we need to take care of them… for now there doing nothing. Back at the apartment Dean is sleeping.. Sam sneaks off with the Impala… after leaving the TV by Dean turns on and so does the radio… the noise is back. Dean grabs his gun but falls to the ground because his ears are hurting… all the windows blow out.. including the one above the bed.. Dean’s ears are bleeding when the noise stops and Bobby walks in.

Commercial #3

Bobby and Dean are in Bobby’s car driving.. Dean calls Sam and asks where he is.. Sam says “he went to get a burger..” but he’s really outside “Johnny Macs Dinner”.. Sam asks what there doing and he says “Just getting a bear”.. Dean says Sam can’t know cause he would try and stop them but he wants to summon the demon. Sam goes into the restaurant and one of the demons is on the floor… it’s eyes have been burnt out, just then he is attacked by one of the other demons… who’s eyes are gone but could “smell him from a mile away”… the two fight and Sam says she saw it.. She says “we’re all dead”.. Sam then uses his hand to release the demon and send it to hell, he obviously has been using his ability’s… he couldn’t save the possessed girl… Dark haired girl appears and Sam calls her “Ruby”. He asks what she knows and shes not sure… She says no demon could bring Dean out of hell.. Bobby and Dean are getting the summoning ready, they have a stake, silver, salt, a knife, etc.. Bobby calls it and they sit down ready.. Sam and Ruby are talking, she asks when he’s going to tell Dean about the ability’s and he says he’s working on it.. Apparently him and Ruby have been saving people and stopping demons and Sam wants to continue it. Bobby and Dean are waiting… the buildings roof starts to blow around, and Castiel is coming… the lights all pop out and the doors open and a man walks in… they shoot at him but it doesn’t affect him. Dean grabs the knife runs up and stabs him, he pulls it out.. nothing. He touches Bobby’s forehead and Bobby lays down unconscious. He turns to Dean and says “we need to talk Dean, alone”

Commercial #4

Castiel Tell’s Dean that Bobby will be fine.. Dean asks “what are you?” he says “an angel of God”.. Dean doesn’t believe him.. lights flash and you can see the reflection of wings on him.. Dean says that he burnt out that Lady’s eyes and he tells Dean he told her not to look.. and that his true form is blinding, he is possessing someone that asked for it and that’s why Dean can see him now. And that when the TV, and radios went funny he was trying to talk to Dean… Dean asks “why’d you do it?” he looks at Dean and says “Because God commanded it.. and because we have work for you.”

The End

Jesus responded, “Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?”  So they rolled the stone aside. Then Jesus looked up to heaven and said, “Father, thank you for hearing me.  You always hear me, but I said it out loud for the sake of all these people standing here, so that they will believe you sent me.”  Then Jesus shouted, “Lazarus, come out!”  And the dead man came out, his hands and feet bound in graveclothes, his face wrapped in a headcloth. Jesus told them, “Unwrap him and let him go!”

Review by Gaelic

I would say… I have no words, but if you click the link below for a review/recap of the premiere, you’ll see that I found some. 😉

I warn you. This will be long.

Like all of you, the countdown to this premiere was like…foreplay for me. And the pay off at the end of the ticking clock was more than worth it. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an hour of television this much in MONTHS. Not since, well, the finale.

Okay, *deep breath* I posted a previous pondering about the opening splash screen… WINGS… dude… freakin’ awesome. Some of you know that birds TOTALLY freak me out. I can’t explain it. Not anymore than I can explain why watching fish in a tank make me feel suffocated. But that opening screen told me all I needed to know about this season. It. Is. Going. To. Rock.

To start, an opening to AC/DC’s best high-school dance song for midwest farm kids? To cool, man. I was grinning the whole recap quietly screaming “shook me alllll niiiight loooong” along with Angus.

Those quick flashes of wide, scared eyes in a blood-stained face, screams of torment beating quickly across our ears… *shiver*. And then… the coffin. Holy. Shit. I didn’t know. I mean I suspected that Dean’s return would be phenominal with all that talk about the first five minutes… but when his lighter flicked on, I gasped. When he croaked in that raspy, unused voice, my insides quivvered. And then to see his hands reaching toward the sun, watch him literally be birthed from the earth… I think my eyeballs bounced a bit. I couldn’t take everything in. I can’t wait to watch this again.

I have to pause a moment because, people? The man is beauty. Dirty, disheveled, confused, lost, and BEAUTIFUL. One glance around at the “blast zone” where all the trees fell in an outward spiral and I realized my hero had returned. Dean was back and I wanted to bounce for joy on my couch. But, um, my husband was in the next room.

ANYWAY, where was I? Oh, right. Perfection. As in the image of Dean walking down a deserted road with his shirt tied around his waist. Oh, I LOVED the touch with today’s date being on the newspaper. I think there was something else I should have seen on that paper, but I was too busy looking at him.

Then… he lifts the shirt. GUH. No scars, tat still showing. GUH. I doubt you’re going to believe me, but, well, when I saw the handprint on his shoulder, I knew his savior was going to have been an angel. I sent a speculation to a friend about what I thought Kripke meant by “this is going to change the brothers’ relationship” in that interview earlier this summer, and I thought… if Sam was fighting against being the Boy King of the Underworld, then I’d have Dean saved by an angel.

Have the “fates” attempt to pit the brothers against each other, only to have the brothers overcome it because, hey, they’re BROTHERS. Unlike any others we’ve ever seen. *hugs them*

Moving on… Loved Dean scavenging for food, grabbing the jerky, grinning over his busty Asian beauties. I probably should have been formulating theories and postulating possibilities, but all I could think was “God, he’s beautiful.”

The whine of sound that had the windows breaking and him grabbing his ears and diving for the ground twisted my gut up something fierce. Something about the sound of him crying out… *shakes self*

Forgive me, I’m literally operating on 1 hour of sleep and lots of caffeine…

I loved the look on his face when he saw the car that he had to hotwire. You can see paragraphs of dialog in one look from this man. *quiver*

The reunion with Bobby… Tore. Me. Up. I think I stopped breathing for a minute when Bobby finally believed it was Dean after he (whimper) cut his own arm with a silver knife. That shaky, trembling hug had my eyes burning. The “Good to see you, boy,” almost spilled them, and then I choked on a laugh when Bobby made extra-special sure he wasn’t a demon by splashing Holy Water on Dean.

Once he was no longer alone, Dean may have been anxious, confused, borderline scared, but he wasn’t lost anymore. The quips came out like firecrackers. “…Thriller video reject…” for one.

I remember with the Season 3 premiere I found that I identified with Dean’s dissassociation and slightly irreverant “high” at only having a year left. I realized that a similar connection to the character was missing for me at this point. I was just enjoying having him back.

The conversation with Bobby revealed some things that I believe is going to come back and haunt us (and them) a bit. Bobby turned to liquor (“your parents out of town?” hee!) when he essentially lost both of his boys (sounds a tad bit like his friend, John)… Sam insisted on keeping Dean’s body intact for “when he brought him back”… There is sooo much more than just Dean’s torture in Hell that is to be revealed to us over the coming season.

Oh, the Star Wars geek in me laughed LOUDLY when Dean knew to use Sam’s chosen alias of [i]Wedge Antilles[/i]. Good ol’ Wedge… saving Luke’s butt time and again… 🙂 Loved Dean’s “What don’t I know about that kid?” My thinking? A lot more than you think…

Okay, so the girl at the door when the go to Sam’s motel room was a surprise. The moment that tore tears from me, though, was Sam’s shaky gasp and his inability to catch his breath at the sight of his brother. [i]Oh my GOD[/i]. I think I died a little right then.

When they held on so tight, I had a hard time swallowing past the lump in my throat. Dammit, boys. But, then, Sammy’s little coy grin and his “Cathy/Kristie” mix-up. Funny. And… rather revealing. What’s he been up to these last 4 months?

Boy, he can pull the heartstrings, though can’t he with the “I tried EVERYTHING…” opening the Devil Gate, making a deal, he wanted SO BADLY to be the one to save his brother. I am almost sad that it wasn’t him. That he wasn’t able to give his brother that. But, ladies and gents? Who of us didn’t utter an “awwww!” when Sam pulled off the amulet and gave it back to his brother.

*pauses to flick a tear*

Dean not remembering Hell is going to be soooo interesting this year. Especially when he sees those tormented eyes, hears those tortured screams when he looks in the mirror. And is it me? Or did his eyes become even more captivating? Sorry. Sorry. I can’t help it, though!

I think my mouth dropped open a bit when Dean confessed that he “almost forgot” about the Impala. That was a “you did WHAT?” moment for me. Hee. OH, and seeing that iPod? I laughed so hard. I just had a reviewer comment to me recently about Dean upgrading the Impala to a CD player and I didn’t think he would. But that timing was just PRICELESS.

This began some nice back and forth with the brothers. Dean’s “Really?!” at Sam’s choice in music. Sam’s little-boy “what?” grin. The first Big Lie. I mean, we all knew Sam was lying about using his mojo, right? No matter what he said to appease Dean. Especially after he confessed to having “immunity” to Lillith’s White Light of Doom.

Loved that the psychic lady could lift Bobby. Hah! The whole exchange with Dean/Pamela/Sam when he saw her tat and tapped Sam to get his attention… their twin grins of appreciation… the “I’m so in”… and the topper “You are NOT invited”… *laughs* I love it when boys are just boys. Hee.

Sam’s poor face when he saw the handprint scar. I wanted to pet him. Dean peeking in the seance. Feeling kinda weirded out… then the name Castiel. Dude, I read my Bible. I got all tingly when she whispered that.

I was NOT expecting her eyes to melt, though. Holy special effects, Batman! I slapped my hand over my mouth on that one. Now, getting locked in the diner with the demon trio was honestly the first time I got truly nervous for the boys. I curled up in my habital ball in that moment. Even though I did giggle at Dean’s “perky nipples” comment.

I curled my toes at the silent exchange between Sam and Dean when the demon threatened Dean and Sam tensed forward, stopped only by the lift of his brother’s fingers. Sam may have been a bit of a Force-weilding, demon executioner while Dean was in Hell. He may have been going after Lillith alone, cutting all help, all family from his life for four months, but he spent years as Dean’s kid brother. Taking his cues from Dean, learning from him. And those instincts just don’t vanish. I loved that moment.

Dean’s one-liners just tumbled out: “…vaseline and a firehose…”, “…bad mo’fo’…”

Sam sneaking out while Dean was (adorably) asleep had me really, really worried. I mean, we knew he was going back to get those demons, but I did NOT see that whole Force hand exorcising thing coming. Eyebrows went up then. AND I had speculated that we’d see “Ruby” again, even if they couldn’t afford Katie Cassidy. I just didn’t realize it would be this soon — and I TOTALLY didn’t see it as being Kristie. That was a nice twist.

I’m worried about Sam — using the demonically-given powers. Even if he is doing “good” — saving people. Even if he is sending them to Hell. He’s using powers given to him by a demon and that just makes me nervous for where he’s going. I mean, there’s a reason why the “darkside” is so appealing. What did Yoda say? It was easier, faster, more seductive. You could do more, or so it seemed. (Hey, I told you I was a geek).

Just because the end result is something “good” doesn’t mean the means being used to get there are honorable. And I don’t think that Sam sees that, so blinded by the need to fix things. To do good. To save people. To save himself. To save Dean. He just wants so badly to be… well, good. I’m gonna be watching him closely. Last season he caught my attention, this season he has my concern.

Back to my boy, the whine/glass breaking scene was nicely played. I loved Bobby breaking in at the last minute, then checking on him later with a “How ya doin’, kid?”

I wanted to shake both brothers, though — lying to each other to protect each other is a mistake. An honorable effort, but a mistake. I mean, at least Sam did say that he wanted to tell Dean what he and Ruby were doing, but… eeek.

I loved Dean’s fidgety-ness when they were waiting for the summoning spell to work. Then… when Castiel showed up… I think my heart stopped a bit. I freakin’ LOVED that effect with the wings. (SJ, if you’re reading this, I KNOW you grinned, too).

I can just hear the controversy over this direction for the characters, but holy CRAP I am loving it. LOVING it. They have focused on the dark side of this fight for three seasons. The demons and the beasts and the monsters and the pain. There is another side. How can there NOT be? Ying and Yang, right? Light and Dark? Heaven and Hell?

Dean has no faith. He doesn’t see his worth. And we’ve seen evidence of this time and again and it’s made my heart literally hurt. Yes, I know he’s not “real” but I (and so many others) have identified with him on so many different levels. The issue of faith is no different. It’s something we all struggle with — and living the life he’s lived, no wonder Dean doesn’t believe in angels.

The voice of the angels has been described as “terrible” and I loved that the breaking glass, pain in the ears effect was Castiel’s real voice. They have work for Dean… holy… yeah. I’m sucked in.

And I know that with Bobby down for the count, and Dean the only one hearing it, and neither Sam or Dean telling the other where they were… this is going to be something that hangs over them (us) for many an episode. My stomach is tight in antcipation for how this is going to play out. It has such fantastic potential.

Bottom line? The boys are back. Good vs Evil has never been more potent. We have our heros back on the wall and something to look forward to every week.

If you’re still here… thanks for reading.


Guest Stars


Jim Beaver
as Bobby Singer | gallery

Misha Collins
as Castiel | gallery

Genevieve Cortese
as Ruby | gallery

Traci Dinwiddie
as Pamela Barnes | gallery

Jen Halley
as Demon Waitress | gallery

Marc Gaudet
as Fry Cook Demon | gallery

Scott Parsons
as Diner Patron Demon | gallery



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Official Trailer



You Shook Me All Night Long, by AC/DC

Visions, by Jason Manns

Fight Song, by The Republic Tigers

Wrapped Around Your Finger, by Martyn Laight



Dean: So tell me, what did it cost?
Sam: The girl, huh. I don’t pay, Dean!
Dean: It’s not funny, Sam.

Dean: (over loud rattling and banging) Wishful thinking, but maybe it’s just the wind.

Dean: You sure you did the ritual right? (Bobby glares at him) Sorry. Touchy, touchy.

Dean: It’s a hell of an art project you got going there.
Bobby: Traps and talismans from every faith on the globe. How you doing?
Dean: Stakes, iron, silver, salt, knife, I mean we’re pretty much set to catch and kill anything I’ve ever heard of.
Bobby: This is still a bad idea.
Dean: Yeah, Bobby, I heard you the first ten times. (Bobby glares at him) What do you say we ring the dinner bell?

Bobby: (about Sam) How’d you know he’d use that name?
Dean: Are you kidding me? What don’t I know about that kid?

Dean: Look, pal, I’m not buying what you’re selling. Who are you really?
Castiel: I told you.
Dean: Right. And why would an angel rescue me from Hell?
Castiel: Good things do happen, Dean.
Dean: Not in my experience.
Castiel: What’s the matter? You don’t think you deserve to be saved.
Dean: Why’d you do it?
Castiel: Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.

Dean: Some angel you are. You burned out that poor woman’s eyes.
Castiel: I warned her not to spy on an angel. It can be…overwhelming to humans. And so can my real voice. You already knew that.
Dean: You mean the gas station and the hotel. That was you talking? (Castiel nods) Buddy, next time lower the volume.
Castiel: It was my mistake. Certain people, special people, can perceive my true visage. I thought you would be one of them. I was wrong.
Dean: And what visage are you in now, what, holy tax accountant?

Dean: Who are you?
Castiel: Castiel.
Dean: Yeah, I figured that much. I mean what are you?
Castiel: I’m an Angel of the Lord.
Dean: Get the hell out of here. There’s no such thing.
Castiel: This is your problem, Dean, you have no faith.

Dean: Who are you?
Castiel: I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.
Dean: Yeah, thanks for that.

Sam: I tried everything, that’s the truth. I tried opening the Devil’s Gate, Hell, I tried to bargain, Dean, but no demon would deal, all right. You were rotting in Hell, for months, for months, and I couldn’t stop it. So, I’m sorry it wasn’t me, all right. Dean, I’m sorry.
Dean: It’s okay, Sammy. You don’t have to apologize, I believe you.

(Bobby throws holy water on Dean)
Dean: I’m not a demon either, you know.
Bobby: Sorry. Can’t be too careful.

Demon Waitress: So you get to just strolled out of the Pit, huh? Tell me, what makes you so special?
Dean: I’d like to think it’s because of my perky nipples.

Dean: (in the Impala) What the hell is that?
Sam: That’s an iPod jack.
Dean: You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up.

Bobby: Dean, your chest was ribbons, your insides were slop. And you’d been buried for four months. Even if you could slip out of Hell and inside your meatsuit.
Dean: I know. I should look like a Thriller video reject.
Bobby: What do you remember?
Dean: Not much. I remember I was a hellhound’s chew toy. Then lights out. Then I come to six feet under. That was it.

Dean: Dude, I’m so in.
Sam: Yeah she’s gonna eat you alive.
Dean: Hey, I just got out of jail. Bring it.
Pamela: You’re invited too, Grumpy.
Dean: You are not invited.

(after seeing “Jesse Forever” tattooed on Pamela’s lower back)
Dean: So who’s Jesse?
Pamela: Well, it wasn’t forever.
Dean: His loss.
Pamela: Might be your gain.



The painting of the tiger on the wall of Sam’s hotel room is the same tiger that was on the wall of Andy’s van in the episode “Simon Said” (season 2).

When Dean looks at the newspaper in the gas station, the date on the paper is September 18, 2008. This is the same date that the episode premiered.

This episode marks the first time in the series that the “The Road So Far” montage starts off a season premiere and not a season finale.

Genevieve Cortese takes on the role of Ruby, previously played by Katie Cassidy.


Dean: I know. I should look like a Thriller video reject.
Referencing the Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1983), a 13-minute music video for the song of the same name. Thriller was a horror film spoof featuring choreographed zombies performing with Jackson, and directed by John Landis.

Dean: The name’s Wedge Antilles.
Referencing Red Two (Denis Lawson) in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and the two subsequent sequels.

References the biblical story of Lazarus of Bethany, who in the New Testament in the Bible was risen from the dead as one of the miracles of Jesus Christ, the event is recounted fully in the Book of John.


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