Writers: Nancy Weiner
Director: Jim Conway
First aired: Thursday November 12, 2009.

Super fan Becky (guest star Emily Perkins) uses Chuck’s (guest star Chuck Benedict) phone to trick Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) into attending a Supernatural fan convention, complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean. One of the activities is a live action role playing game, but things quickly turn sour after a real ghost appears on the scene.

Jim Conway directed the episode with teleplay by Eric Kripke and story by Nancy Weiner.



Sam and Dean are tricked into attending a Supernatural convention by their super-fan Becky. Sam and Dean are in for a shock when many of the fans are dressed up like them.
Full Recap
Dean and Sam arrive at the Pineview Hotel after Chuck Shurley calls them. Dean pauses briefly when he notices other Impalas in the parking lot. However, they find Chuck and asks what’s going on. He has no idea why they are there, and they explain that he texted them and said it was a life-and-death situation. Chuck realizes that Supernatural book fan Becky called them, just as Becky comes out. He realizes she took his phone and apologizes to the brothers as he goes into the hotel. They follow him and find one man dressed as Dean, and another as a scarecrow. They realize that everyone there is dressed like characters from their lives. Becky explains that it’s the first Supernatural convention.

The convention begins and an embarrassed “Carver Edlund” (Chuck) takes the stage. He takes questions and the first one is where he got the idea of Sam and Dean. Finally asks what happens after the last book, and Chuck says that thanks to a Scandinavian investor, they’re going to start publishing again. Afterward, Chuck tries to approach Becky but Sam and Dean interrupt to tell Chuck they don’t have the time to deal with his issues. They ask who gave him the right to publish more books, but Chuck insists that he needs the money. He gets them in private and explains that he’s neither a hero nor a talented writer, and he needs to live until the world ends. Suddenly a scream rings out and they go to investigate. A maid says she saw a ghost in an old-fashioned dress. The brothers soon realize the maid is an actress, and Becky explains that the attendees are holding a live action role-playing game. Becky figures Sam and Dean will win.

The game begins and the convention manager explains that the ghost of Latisha Gore butchered four boys and continues to torture their souls. Sam and Dean go for drinks while one Sam fan, Alex, finds a Latisha Gore player. He “captures” her and then calls his friend, and a boy ghost appears behind him, asks for help, and then disappears. The fan runs away in terror, pauses, and the ghost of Latisha Gore appears to slam him into the walls before vanishing.

At the bar, Dean hits on the Latisha actress and hears Alex warning his friend Tim that he saw a real ghost and they should both get out. Dean figures Alex isn’t acting and the Winchesters talk to the hotel manager. He admits that the building was an orphanage in 1909 and Latisha killed four men. The convention committee chose the hotel for its authenticity. Two of the convention goers listen in as the brothers pay the manager to tell them that the ghost sightings have occurred in the attic. Sam and Dean go upstairs and pick up traces of ghosts.

Downstairs, the two fans figure its part of the game, and a ghost appears in front of them. They ask where Gore’s body is and the boy points behind them to a wall. They find a painting with handprints on the back and a map of the grounds. They chortle briefly and then study it.

In the attic, the brothers find a ghost who insists his mommy loves him, and reveals a gaping head wound before disappearing. They go back downstairs and Becky tries to flirt with Sam, unaware that Chuck is watching her. Sam finishes his call with the historical society and confirms one of the four boys was Latisha’s son. They realize their two fans have the map and its real. Dean is ready to shoot them but Sam negotiates a deal where they team up.

As they go to the cemetery, Sam and Dean play Bobby and Rufus and have to listen to the fans play out their version of the brotherly rivalry. Dean finally has enough and asks why they’d possibly want to play the Winchesters. He explains that the Sam & Dean story is crap and insists that Dean and Sam don’t want to be viewed as circus freaks. The fan Sam and Dean have no idea what he’s talking about.

The foursome arrives at the cemetery and find the five gravestones. The two fans are surprised when Sam and Dean prepare to start digging to find the bones, but Dean insists that’s how they win the game. A wind picks up and the fans realize they’ve dug up a real grave. They figure Dean and Sam are nuts. Latisha’s ghost appears and knocks Sam down, and then goes after the fans. Dean salts and burns the bones just in time, causing the ghost to dissipate.

Inside, the fans drink heavily and admit the whole thing was awful, just like Dean says. As they prepare to leave, the fans wonder how they knew what to do, and Sam claims they read the books. Dean tells Chuck to drop dead and try to leave the hotel, but discover the doors and windows are locked. They hear a scream and go to find the Latisha actress coming out of a room. They send her downstairs and find Latisha’s son, who wonders why they send her mother away. He explains that someone else killed him before disappearing.

The other three boys appear to the Hook Man fan and say that with Mrs. Gore gone, they can have fun. The fan yells and Dean and Sam come running to find him dead, scalped.

Chuck is calling the night to a close when Sam tells him what’s happening. Sam asks him to stall as long as possible so no one realizes that the doors are locked. Dean gets all of the hotel staff and the LARP actors into the room and then the brothers salt the doors to keep the ghosts out. Sam and Dean figure that the three orphans were playing Cowboys & Indians, scalped Latisha’s son, and then Latisha went berserk and killed them. She was the only one keeping the ghosts under control. Now they have to get to the cemetery, but Sam points out they’re locked in and the orphan ghosts are only scared of one thing. They talk to the Latisha actress who is reluctant to help. The Sam and Dean fans ask to help, insisting that’s what the real Sam and Dean would do.

The actress agrees and calls the boys. While they’re distracted, Sam and the fans try to get through the door. She tells them to open the doors and starts to get through to them, but her cell phone goes off and they realize she’s a fake. The two fans get out but Sam is still trapped inside. Dean runs in and tells the actress to run, and then he prepares to fight them off with an iron poker. He’s quickly overwhelmed but Sam arrives to grab the poker and temporarily drive them off.

As the Sam and Dean fans dig in the cemetery, Chuck begins to wane and the hotel manager opens the door. A ghost appears to scalp him, but Chuck uses a mike stand to dissipate it. he closes the door and tells the fans to salt it, while Becky looks on, impressed.

The two fans try to get their cigarette lighter to spark.

The orphan ghosts manage to get the upper hand on the brothers, but suddenly disappear at the last moment. The brothers realize the fans at the cemetery succeeded.

The next morning, the police take away the Hook Man fan’s corpse and Dean congratulates their counterparts. They introduces themselves as Barnes and Damian, Dean finally admits that he’s the real Dean but they don’t believe him. As he goes, Damian tells him that he’s wrong. Their lives suck, and they read the Supernatural books because they want lives like Sam and Dean’s. Dean notes they make a good team and the two men admit they’re life partners. he wishes them well and makes a hasty exit.

Becky tells Sam that despite the chemistry between them, she’s going with Chuck. Sam assures her that he’ll try to find a way to keep living. Before he goes, Sam tells Chuck not to ever publish any more stories about them. However, Becky remembers one thing and tells him in that in the book with Bella, she didn’t really give the Colt back to Lilith, but gave it to Crowley instead. Sam asks her to tell him everything.

Later, Sam meets Dean, who admits he’s good. Sam explains they have a lead on the Colt and they head out.

Chuck wraps up the convention by talking about his crush on Nancy McKeon, the Benders, his favorite movie, and jumping the shark.

Review by Gaelic

5.09 – The Real Ghostbusters – Gaelicspirit review

Stream of Consciousness, episode review 5.09


Anyone who read my earlier post this afternoon? Ignore the part about not getting this done tonight.

I’m just going to say it up front. I can’t do my regular ramble with this one. I thought I was better than that. I didn’t think I took myself so seriously. And I really tried not to watch without rolling my eyes or shaking my head. I tried to just let this be a lighter, MotW episode.

I failed. And I know I should lighten up. And maybe by the time I finish this I’ll have a different reaction. Let’s find out.

I spent 45 mins of this episode trying to figure out the point. I have been able to find salvation in every episode—every one. I even liked Bugs. I know, I know, daylight and time frame and blah. But hey, I liked it.
Would I have been as bothered by this episode if I didn’t write fanfic? Who the hell knows. Because I can’t go back. I do write fanfic—and I enjoy it. I enjoy making up stories. I enjoy writing about the boys saying things at the same time and building up the angst of what compels them to do what they do. I love that car and their little personality quirks. Obviously, I’m not the only one, and I know I should have just shoved my tongue firmly into my cheek and taken the “convention” with a grain of salt, but… well, there you go.

I really tried to see the humor. And I laughed. I’m not that far gone. I did laugh. But enough, okay? Enough. We’ve had the Prophet and Becky the Super Fan and now the convention, so we’re covered. We don’t need to bounce off that 4th wall anymore. Just let the boys be out there hunting evil and let us pretend they’re real in that world. I mean, crimeny. Star Trek had rabid fans and conventions. I don’t recall an episode where a Super Fan found their way onto the holodeck. Just… let us be fans and enjoy. That’s all.

I tried to look at it this way: this is their (the Winchester’s) reality and these… exuberant convention goers are fans of Chuck Shirley’s book series, Supernatural. If I did that, then I didn’t want to find a way to hide under my couch while I watched.

So… what was the point of this episode? Besides some writer (who I didn’t take note of, sorry, Irish) showing us all how clever he/she is with the innuendos and the entire cast and crew letting us know that they pay attention to how into this show we all are? Here’s what I got.

1) Dean got some reaffirmation about the purpose of their lives and the uniqueness of his connection with his brother. It helped to cement his new-found balance and faith in their struggle against destiny.
2) Sam got a lead on the Colt from Super Fan Becky. Which I didn’t realize they were actually still looking for until they tossed off a complaint to Chuck that they have real issues to deal with. Like finding the Colt.

Really? The first we kinda got after Changing Channels and the 2nd? Could have been handled with a phone call. Even the creeptasticness of the kid ghosts didn’t do it for me. And kid ghosts usually do me in. Seriously. (Ha! *laughs at self*)

The only other possible point I got was the fact that “normal” people were exposed to ghosts and real ‘ghostbusting’ on a level larger than just one person here, one person there. And with the apocalypse breathing down their necks, it’s possible that the Winchester brothers are going to need help from “regular folk” down the road. And who better to help fight off devils than a slew of people who’ve read and know by heart their lives all the way from leaving Stanford to going to Hell?

So, since I don’t have a true stream of consciousness in me, I’ll just ramble as best I can. And I do, very sincerely, apologize that I can’t do better. But… there was laughter. And the previews gave me hope, as dark as they were…

And above all? Dean (our Dean… the real Dean) was a balm for the eyes.

A Pseudo Ramble

Okay, so here’s the first thing I wondered: where the hell did all these book fans find so many authentic-ish Chevy Impala’s?! Good grief. Not only that—they were 90% male fans. Male. I thought that was interesting. So… if you didn’t see these guys (meaning the pretty that is JA and JP)… if you just read about the characters… their story would seem to be more appealing to a male audience.

Huh. Food for thought, that. Especially for a writer, yeah?

Chuck apparently hearts Becky. Which is how she got his cell phone from his pants. (And did he lose his virginity to her?? Is that what he was referring to?? Ye Gods, Chucky. Step out from behind the computer once in awhile, man!) The LARPing was… creative. I mean for those individuals that set up this convention. I could see that being fun convention-wise. Go on a ‘hunt’ like that. And, hey, who doesn’t like Sizzler?

But… ack, I just had a hard time getting past things like Becky’s delighted squeal at Sam and Dean saying things at the same time. Mainly because I do like it when they do that. What?? I do! It’s a nice character quirk that just sets these brothers apart. Dude, I liked it when Rick and AJ Simon did it, too. *shrug* The whole FBI Agents with rock star alias’ and Dad’s journal… *sigh* I mean, I know that Chuck’s books were written based on the Winchester’s real lives. I get it. So, of course fans of those books would pick up on the same thing we pick up on.

I just… I don’t like this particular plot device to bring about the points I could see as purposeful for the episode. Sorry. I will try to continue this without harping on that.

Except, one last thing… WHY when they figured out that it wasn’t Chuck who texted them and it wasn’t a life-or-death situation… WHY DID THEY STAY?? I can’t figure out a plausible explanation for why they didn’t just say, next time you need us, send an angel and get the hell out of there. I mean, even after they heard the ghost story that set up the LARPing nothing real was happening until the German Hookman got killed. I suppose, ultimately, based on the last bit from Becky, it was good that they didn’t leave, but come on!

Okay, the first time I actually full-on chuckled was when one of the “Sam’s” was hunting for Letitia’s bones on the LARPing hunt, saw the creepy-assed ghost boy, and exclaimed, “HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP!” *chuckles just thinking about it* I mean, he got flung about by the ghostie, but still. It was funny.

It takes seeing a bad actor not act for the boys to engage in something they probably really shouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about and they figure out that the ‘ghosts’ in the hotel that the LARPing story was based on were real and had been seen in the attic by hotel staff. Fake Sam and Fake Dean (using ridiculously deep voices that had me shaking my head practically the whole time) follow our boys and while our boys encounter a creepy, scalped kid in the attic (who kept insisting his mother loved him), Fake Sam and Fake Dean find an old blue-print-map-thingy behind a picture.

Come to think of it—even the ghost story was a bit hinky. Scalped ghost boy said his mother loved him “this much” and revealed the gag-worthy bloody scalp wound. But… it turned out that Letitia didn’t kill her kid. The three freaky ghost boys scalped him. So… what was up with that, huh?

Fake Sam and Fake Dean run into our boys and after some chatter, our boys decide to ‘fake it’ and work with them, since they’re not going to be able to shake them. They use the map thingy to find the graves. On the way to the hotel (which used to be an orphanage, apparently) cemetery, Fake Dean and Fake Sam are exchanging actual lines of dialog—really angsty stuff that is hard to listen to in that way.

Dean cuts in with: “Why would you choose to be these guys? I think the Dean and Sam story sucks. Their pain is not for your amusement. Do you think they enjoy being treated like circus freaks?”

Fake Dean is like, dude, I don’t think they care ‘cause they’re fictional characters. But Dean cares. A lot. And that scene kinda helped me. ‘Cause I cared, too. So, they find the graves, dig up Letitia, Fake Sam and Fake Dean freak out. Letitia takes exception to being toasted and attacks, knocking Sam aside and doing the reaching-into-the-chest-for-the-heart thing on Fake Sam and Fake Dean. Dean torches the grave, and Letitia goes up in smoke.

Fake Sam and Fake Dean are shaken and stirred, but our boys feel that their job is done here, so they toss Chuck a ‘screw you very much’ and try to head out, only the doors (and windows) are locked. Of course. Long story short, it’s the kiddo ghosties that are the real baddies and they just torched the one spirit that was holding them in check. One Dead German Guy later and they’re keeping everyone—con goers and hotel worker people—in the same room while Chuck tries to keep them entertained.

And if that’s the best he can do? I’m already smirking at what his time on stage will be like in Chicago… The ‘outtakes’ from his on-stage Q&A at the end were cute. Especially when the brothers mimed killing themselves rather than listening to any more. I think my favorite was Chuck musing that the Benders wouldn’t make skin clothes, really. Maybe a skin scarf, but that was probably it… Hee.

Anyway, the brothers hatch a plan—send Fake Sam and Fake Dean outside to dig up kiddie graves and our boys keep the ghosties occupied. Dean uses the Hooters waitress portraying Letitia for the Con to distract the ghosts for a short time (following his “I got your back, this will work, I promise” with a cute mouth quirk of doubt), but he inevitably gets knocked around but good by the kiddie ghosts. Sam cuts through them with an iron fireplace poker and steps in to haul his brother off the ground.

Fake Sam and Fake Dean are digging graves and complaining about how the books make this seem easy but it’s not. Um… duh?? Chuck is boring the hell out of the people trapped in the room and the manager gets up to leave, knocking the salt line loose and encountering one of the kiddie ghosts wielding a knife. Complete with Six Million Dollar Man theme motion music, Chuck sprints in and uses the (apparently iron) microphone pole to banish the ghost, ordering someone to replace the salt line. Hee.

Becky is like, yowza. She apparently hearts Chuck right back, now. Good for Chuck.

Fake Dean is struggling to light the bones and says, “How come Dean can always light this thing on the first freakin’ try?!” Hee. Okay, that was a little funny.

Bones are torched, ghosties vanquished. Con goers are saved to mock enjoy another book.

The wrap-up speech that touches Dean actually touched me a bit as well.

Damien (formerly known as Fake Dean): “You’re wrong. No offense, but I don’t think you get what the story is about. […] Our lives suck. To wake up every morning and save the world…. To have a brother who would die for you… who wouldn’t want that?”

Okay, writers, so maybe you do get why we have fallen so hard for the characters you created and the universe you put them in. Because you pitted regular guys against an impossible situation and you allowed them to react like human beings and yet stay close. I only wish I could have something like that with my sibs. Even one of my sibs would be nice.

But… they kinda took a bit of the shine off of Damien’s speech with turning he and Barnes into ‘partners.’ Not that them being lovers is weird—just how they presented it. With the hand holding and the head on the shoulder. Kinda turned a potentially good moment for the forward motion of character development into a parody of homoerotic awkwardness (especially since they mentioned that particular panel at the onset).

Oh, well.

Sam’s ‘goodbye’ with Becky was… awkward. And God love her, she’s so earnest. I’m happy she has Chuck. She can burn off that pent-up Sam-passion on the Prophet. But Sam’s parting line to Chuck teased out a little grin from me. Starting off by saying Chuck could write more books, then jerking back the permission with, “No, not really. We have guns and we’ll find you.” Hee.

Becky gives Sam the clue by saying that Bela didn’t really give the Colt to Lilith like she said she did—she gave it to a hunter guy named Crowley (who Becky thought was Bela’s lover). Chuck never really thought to mention that, not being as big of a fan as Becky.

And the dissatisfied part of me says that he never mentioned it before because they just made it up so that they could justify this whole episode. Seriously—does anyone else remember Bela mentioning a Crowley? Or even the possibility of the Colt being given to anyone like that? ‘Cause I don’t. Then again, I’m not exactly a Super Fan like Becky…

There is a real guy named Crowley that was an occultist (among other things) way back in like… the early 1900s that was once declared “the wickedest man in the world.” Wonder if there’s any connection there…
Best moment for me was seeing Dean lean on the roof of the Impala with that little half-grin playing across his mouth, thinking back (I’m assuming) on the way other’s see their lives. The life he’d survived and more often than not struggled against was actually an inspiration to some people. Son of a bitch. *smiles*
Sam tells Dean he has a lead on the Colt, and they drive off.

So, the previews for next week look fantastic—and apocalyptic. Which, it’s about time, honestly. And since it’s the last episode before the (what is it, 6 weeks?) holiday hiatus, I’m betting they’re going to rip our hearts out a bit. And good, because I need to get my heart back into the game. I’d really like to remember what it feels like to be emotionally engaged with my hero. I do enjoy the humor—don’t get me wrong. But… that’s really not why I watch.

Okay, so now that I’ve relived it a bit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I laughed more than I realized, and while I still contend that the only points of the story that they truly brought forth could have been done so much differently, this is the way they chose to do it, and, well, what can you do but decide to relax and have a good time.
I think part of my reaction stemmed not only from being a fanfic writer—who is essentially exclusive to this show—but also because of Chicago this weekend. I am very much looking forward to seeing friends—and I’ve met so many through this fandom and genre of writing. Really wonderful, amazing people that I wouldn’t otherwise have had occasion to meet. And I’m looking forward to getting away from my life for a short time. And reveling in the fun that is mutual enjoyment of a piece of entertainment.

But I have this nagging… itch. I thoroughly enjoy the characters and the story. And I do truly admire the real people who work so hard to bring that about so that once a week for an hour, I can turn off the demands of my life and fall into a make-believe world that offers me a hero. But… there’s something about connecting the actor with the character in a real-life setting that has me squirming. Like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. I don’t want to know much about the actor’s real lives—beyond the assurance that they’re decent people whom we won’t see a mug shot of anytime soon, y’know?

Once I start learning too much about their habits and proclivities, it makes them too vivid and it’s hard to get lost in the character. I mean, from the moment Tom Cruise jumped on that couch, I stopped being able to really enjoy Top Gun.

But that’s me.

I just need to get over it—get over myself, and go to have fun. Get my autograph and my picture. Say (if I can manage it) that it was nice to meet them. And leave it at that. Anyone who has someone they admire—from actor to singer to… race car driver—would want to do the same thing. And what’s wrong with that? Right?

Slainte, all. 


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No music in this episode


Chuck: Like all authors I started writing because of love. I had a huge crush on Nancy McKeon who played Jo in The Facts of Life. I must have written her forty to fifty letters. She never wrote back.

Con Manager: Welcome to the first annual Supernatural convention. Uh, at 3:45 in the Magnolia Room we have the panel “Frightened Little Boy to Secret Life of Dean.” And at 4:30, there’s the “Homoerotic Subtext of Supernatural.” And of course, the big hunt starts at 7 p.m. sharp.

Dean: Well, you sure look lovely tonight. Especially for a dead chick.
Latisha Actress: Buddy, I have heard that line 17 times tonight, okay? And all from dudes wearing MacGyver jackets. But you seem different.
Dean: How so?
Latisha Actress: Well, you don’t seem scared of women.

Chuck: (to the fans) So what does the future hold for Sam and Dean? Well, uh, how do you feel about angels? Yeah. you know, because let me tell you, they’re not nearly as lame as you think.

Chuck: Uh, no, there’s really no such thing as a Croatoan Virus for… down there. You really should see a doctor.

Becky: Look, Sam, I’m not going to lie. We had undeniable chemistry. But like a monkey on the sun, it was too hot to live.

Sam: Oh, hey, Chuck, look. If you really want to publish more books, I guess that’s okay with us.
Chuck: Wow. Really?
Sam: No, not really. We have guns and we will find you.

Becky: Sam!? You made it!
Sam: Ooh…uh… Becky? Right?
Becky: Oh. You remembered. You’ve been thinking about me.
Sam: I uh…
Becky: It’s okay. I can’t get you out of my head either.

Sam + Dean: See what?
Becky: Ooh my god, I love it when they talk at the same time!

Sam: Dean.
Dean: What? They’re freaking annoying.

Dean: No, I’m not a fan, okay. Not fans. In fact, I think the Dean and Sam story sucks. It is not fun, it’s not entertaining. It is a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nuthouse! So you listen to me. Their pain is not for your amusement. I mean, you think they enjoy being treated like-like circus freaks?
Demian: Ahh, I don’t think they care. Because they’re fictional characters.
Dean: Oh, they care. Believe me, they care a lot!
Sam: He uh… He takes the story really seriously.

Dean: Maybe that guy was right. Maybe we should put this thing on a bungee.

Becky: Like a monkey on the sun it was too hot to live.

Demian: I’m not sure you get what the story’s about.
Dean: That so?
Demian: In real life, he sells stereo equipment. I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But Sam and Dean. To wake up every morning and save the world. To have a brother who would die for you. Well, who wouldn’t want that?
Dean: Well, maybe you’ve got a point.

Barnes: Oh, well… We met online. Supernatural chatroom.
Dean: Oh… Well, must be nice to get out of your parents basement, make some friends.
Demian: We’re more then friends. *takes Barnes’ hand* We’re partners.
Oh.. Well, howdy partners.
Barnes: howdy.




One of the Chevy Impalas parked outside of the convention has Texas tags as a nod to lead actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s home state.

The title of the episode refers to a 1980s animated TV show based on the movie “Ghostbusters”.

In reality the first Supernatural Con held was WinchesterCon in Nashville in October 2006 attended by 200 fans. Asylum 2007 was the first Convention attended by actors.

LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing.

Gore Orphanage is the site of a number of local ghost stories and legends in Ohio (Kripke’s home state).

In the DVD commentary for 4.03 In The Beginning, Kripke talks about how Sam and Dean always seem to be dropping their guns, knives etc at crucial moments.

Jared and Jensen always say to us like the joke is they always say to me and Bob, “Why don’t Sam and Dean have bungee cords on their wrists?”
For the amount of times that guns and knives are knocked out of their hands. Here’s a good game, count how many times Sam and Dean lose their weapon and the reason we do it is a really important blocking reason, they’d be stupid to walk in unarmed but we still have to put them in enough danger for the bad guy to monologue or to feel like they’re in danger before someone else unexpectedly walks in with the weapon that the other person dropped.

Demian and Barnes – the fans LARPing Dean and Sam respectively – are the names of the recappers and moderators on the Supernatural forums at Television Without Pity.

The episode aired the night before the start of the Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009.



Chuck: It’s not jumping the shark if you never land.
A reference to the phrase “Jumping the Shark” a reference to the gimmicks used by a show in its death throes. See 4.19 Jump The Shark for why Kripke called an episode after this trope.

“Hookman”: Yeah, how original. Supernatural bringing in more creepy children. Sigh.
Creepy children, the evil innocents, are a stock character in horror movies, In Supernatural creepy children include Peter Sweeney in 1.03 Dead in the Water, Missy Bender in 1.15 The Benders, Melanie Merchant in 1.19 Provenance, Maggie Thompson in 2.11 Playthings, the Changelings in 3.02 The Kids Are Alright, the Girl in the Wall and her brother in 4.11 Family Remains, Jesse in 5.06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future and Lilith in 3.12 Jus in Bello, 3.16 No Rest For The Wicked, and 4.06 Yellow Fever.

When Dean gets angry with the fans for not taking the “story” of Sam and Dean seriously, it could be seen as a reference to the phenomenon of Serious Business, used generally on the internet but in fandom to refer to fans who take matters related to their fandom in a uber serious, humorless manner (aka Fandom is srs bsns). Dean’s reaction would in fandom would be termed a “flounce”. This behavior is often mocked – see the fan vids Downfall.

Dean: Just give her the puppy dog thing, okay?
Fans have long referred to Sam’s Puppy Dog Eyes – the pleading look he gives someone, frequently Dean, when he wants something.






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